A Perfect Hack: What Do People Use to Protect Wall From Darts?

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Playing darts at home is undoubtedly fun. However, a bad aim can lead to occasional holes and dings in the walls and furniture. These damages can eventually look worse as time goes by, making your wall and stuff destroyed.

Remember that even a really good player may experience errors and mistakes. Bouncing off and hitting the wall may occasionally occur when there are dart rebounds from the wire.

So, what do people use to protect the wall from darts?

Walls can be protected from darts by placing an appropriate cover, such as a cabinet or surround, behind the dartboard. Keep in mind - the thicker the cover, the better the protection that it can give. Be sure to correctly position the cover with proper width and cushioning to ensure optimum protection of the walls against dart holes.

There is indeed a wide range of options that will suit your style and budget. Let's check out some of the high-end, DIY, and budget-friendly solutions that you can try!


Dartboard Cabinet

best way to protect wall from darts

The use of a dartboard cabinet is definitely the best option to protect your walls. Not only can it protect the wall, but the dartboard as well. The bigger the cabinet, the more protection it gives to the wall.

Besides being decorative, a dartboard cabinet offers other benefits as it can hold stuff, act as a scoreboard, and protect the dartboard when not in use.

However, most cabinets do not provide full protection due to the space above and below the board. Thus, to avoid damage and offer complete wall protection, combining a dartboard cabinet with other options is highly recommended. 

Dartboard Surround

A dartboard surround is a foam ring or border that is precisely cut to fit around the dartboard. Its use provides immediate wall protection against any stray darts that misses the board.

Usually, there is no installation or mounting required to put the surround in place. It just takes a couple of seconds to put it on and remove it after a game.

However, the problem with dartboard surround is the limited protection due to the narrow width dimensions.

DIY or Custom-Made Solutions

Using a DIY backboard to your darts corner will protect the wall and create a sense of style and uniqueness.

When planning the set-up, you should consider the qualities of the materials that will be used.

  • Thick enough to prevent darts from going through
  • Soft enough to allow darts to stick on it and to avoid fall or damage on the tips
  • Lightweight enough to ensure quick installation and smooth movements
  • Moisture-resistant to avoid holding moisture which can damage the dartboard in the long run 

The list of materials that you can use to protect the walls against darts is very long. Here are some of them:

1. Pallets or Wooden Boards

how to protect your wall from darts

Any wooden planks and salvaged wood can be modified and used as wall protection against stray darts.

This material is recommended as it prevents damage to the darts' tips in case they happen to land on it.

Old Doors

An old door lying around can do the trick as it offers a more extensive range of coverage.

It can protect all the right places while adding a sense of style to the area.


Cork is an excellent material that can be used to surround the dartboard. It is not too hard, thus preventing the tips of the darts from any damages.

Wine corks allow easy positioning in various patterns.

A corkboard acting as a dartboard surround can neatly protect the walls and the doors.

Cork floorings wrapped on a carpet is another good idea to catch and hold darts that didn't stick on the board.


Another exciting solution to protect the walls is to use a rope. This material is not difficult to run down and wrap around the board.

2. Low Budget Materials

how to protect wall and floor from darts

Since not everybody can justify spending so much on wall protection, we've also included some quick and easy materials that will not break the bank.


Styrofoam or polystyrene foam offers excellent protection due to its cushioning and insulation properties.

It is readily available, affordable, and easy to dispose of when replacement is required.


Cardboard is another easy solution that is always available. It may not be a be-all and end-all safety solution for the walls, but it can definitely work.


A piece of extra insulation lying around the house can adequately do the job of protecting your walls.

It can be used behind the dartboard to provide the much-needed protection and stop darts from falling to the ground.

Towels and Clothes

This makeshift option can reasonably do the job if there is nothing else around.

Try hanging several layers to achieve the desired thickness, which can deflect any unwanted misses.


Carpet is another decent option that you can place behind the dartboard.

However, you should ensure that it is thick enough to keep darts intact while stopping them from going through.

Things to Avoid!

There are certainly some materials and objects that you should refrain from placing behind your dartboard to prevent any damage and problem.

1. Hard Materials

what can i use to protect my wall from darts

Avoid using any hard materials such as metals, concrete, and tiles. These will wear off the tips of the dart pretty quickly.

Hard floorings can also be bad as the darts will be falling directly to the ground.

2. Fence

Outdoor games might require hanging the dartboard on a fence. Be sure to place something between the board and the fence to prevent damaging the fence and the darts as well.

You can use a blanket, mat, or cardboard to ensure the safety of your stuff.

Final Thoughts

Protecting the walls when playing darts is possible. All you need to do its proper planning and creative thinking to ensure that your walls and darts are intact and in good condition.

Consider the different options available such as a dartboard cabinet, dartboard surround, custom-made solutions, and budget-friendly options. There's certainly a few that will work best for you!

Happy playing!!!

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