Best Dart Board Backboard: 8 Backboards for the Ultimate Wall Protection

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Your wall is not a dart board.

This might seem obvious to most, but there are still people out there that seem to think otherwise.

However, constantly puncturing holes in your wall with your darts will not only make it look ugly but will also damage it. And you can’t rely on your aim to be accurate all the time. 

That’s why having the best dart board backboard is important – the darts will stick into it instead of damaging your wall, and it will look great to boot.

There’s much more than just that so stick with me and I’ll tell you all about it!


Top 3 Dart Board Backboards: A Comparison Chart

To save some time for you, before I get into detailed reviews of all the best dart board backboards, here’s a comparison chart of the top 3 models available on the market.

Editor's Choice
Dart-Stop 29 inch Tan Octagon Pro Dart Board Backboard | Wall Protector | Dartboard Surround*
Viper by GLD Products Defender III Extended Length Dartboard Surround Wall Protector, Black, One...*
Best Price
Cork Dart Board Backer 36x 24x0.5 Inches*
29”x 29”x1”
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Quality materials
Low weight
Great price
Editor's Choice
Dart-Stop 29 inch Tan Octagon Pro Dart Board Backboard | Wall Protector | Dartboard Surround*
29”x 29”x1”
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Quality materials
Viper by GLD Products Defender III Extended Length Dartboard Surround Wall Protector, Black, One...*
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Low weight
Best Price
Cork Dart Board Backer 36x 24x0.5 Inches*
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Great price
Why You Need a Dart Board Backboard?
best material for dart board backboard

While you might see the obvious advantage of a dart board backboard – keeping your wall from looking like Swiss cheese – it’s still costly.

It’s totally reasonable that you might have doubts about buying one.

So, I’ll break down the three most important reasons why you need one:

1. Wall Protection

Did you ever look at a wall full of holes and think that you’d want your wall to look like that? Probably not.

Moreover, the more holes there are in a wall, the easier for it to get damaged further, especially if it’s plaster.

Fixing your wall can cost a whole lot more than buying a simple dart board backboard to keep it safe.

You shouldn’t feel sorry to spend a bit extra to protect your wall!

2. Keeping Your Darts Safe

If you miss the dart board and hit a wall the first thought that pops into your mind is: Oh no, I’ll have to get a new dart!

That’s one reason why having a dart board backboard is important – it will save your darts, and you won’t need to buy new ones all the time.

3. Aesthetics

A dart board hanging on the wall doesn’t look too pretty and rarely fits the overall feel of the room.

If you see it, you might think something along the lines of: Doesn’t this look like a college dorm room?

That’s probably not the feel you want your home to have, now is it?

With a good-looking backboard, your dart board will look better than ever.

The Best Dart Board Backboards Available: My Top 8 Picks

Now that you know why you should get one, let’s move on to my detailed dart board backboard reviews!

Dart-Stop 29" Professional Dart board Backboard, Octagonal – My Top Pick

If you're looking for a professional-style backboard, this is the one for you.

It’s handmade in the US with high-quality materials. The backing is ¾-inch thick wood, lined with 1/4-inch this plush, making it extremely durable.

The plush makes sure that the look always stays pristine and it keeps the wood from getting damaged, increasing the overall durability.

The look itself is amazing as well. The octagonal shape is sleek and the three colors it comes in – tan, burgundy, and black – are classy.

Mounting it is not too difficult, despite its weight. The mounting system is superb and as durable and reliable as the rest of the board.

Unfortunately, it won’t fit all dart boards despite what the manufacturer claims. If you want to use it for an electronic dart board, you’re out of luck.

Cabinet dart boards might be hard to fit onto it as well.

It fits well with almost all other types of dart boards, whether they’re made out of bristle, wood, plastic or anything else.

  • High-quality materials
  • Highly durable and extremely thick
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes in three classy-looking colors
  • Made to fit professional standards
  • Unusable with electronic dartboards

Viper Defender III – The Largest Backboard

Foam might be thought of as a material for mattresses these days, but it’s also good for wall protection.

The main benefit is how light it is, so it’s easy to set up on more fragile walls. If you have plaster walls, you needn’t worry!

This backboard comes in 6 pieces that are easy to put together or disassemble, without tools.

Mounting a board on it is also a breeze and it can easily be used with virtually any type of dart board, though it’s probably best for bristle and wood dart boards.

It also covers a total of 8.2 square feet of wallspace and is 1-inch thick. Even if you miss the bullseye by a mile it still won’t come close to touching your wall.

Even so, it is a bit overpriced for a simple foam backboard.

Foam also has its negatives – while it is extremely light, you can’t have too much outdoor fun with it since it will dry out and flake. You’ll need to keep it indoors.

  • Covers a huge area
  • It’s extremely thick
  • Light and easy to mount
  • Incredibly easy to disassemble and store.

Jelinek Cork Group Dart Board Backer – The Most Affordable Backboard

If you want to get a quality dart board backboard but you’re on a tight budget, this is the one you need to get.

It’s made out of cork, which is looked down upon as a material only used in smelly, windowless bars, but it works welland it does have a certain charm to it .

The size of this rectangular backboard is huge, and that’s what makes it incredibly efficient, especially for the price on offer. It covers a whopping 6 square feet of wallspace.

It’s exceptionally easy to mount as well, even if you never mounted a board like this in your life. It also works with any type of dart board, but it’s especially good for use with electronic dart boards.

Here’s the catch though: Its thickness is only 0.5 inches.

Because of that, some darts can and will pierce it to damage your wall. Even soft tip darts can do it. 

Also, it’s prone to ripping and breaking, especially at the edges. There have been multiple reports of it breaking in transport.

In the end, you get what you pay for.

  • Covers a huge area
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easy to mount
  • Incredibly fragile
  • Often damaged in transport

Viper Defender Backboard & Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dart board Bundle - The Complete Package

This is not just a standalone backboard, but a full set, containing a dart board, darts and everything you need to set up a game with some friends!

However, the wall protector is the real star here. It’s made out of durable high-density V-foam that’s one inch thick, so it provides decent protection.

It’s also easy to place and take down, like most foam backboards. It can also be reversed when one side is worn out.

The look is sleek, and it fits the dart board that comes with it perfectly. Using any other type of dartboard except a sisal one is also not possible.

Will it fit other dart boards, though? Due to the hole in the middle, it doesn’t seem likely, unless they fit perfectly.

In addition to that, it covers a fairly small area. It extends only 5 inches from the board which doesn’t offer a lot of protection

It’s a good backboard, but don’t buy the whole bundle just to get it.

  • Both sides are usable
  • All the equipment is included
  • One inch thick
  • Easy to assemble and place
  • Covers a small area
  • Only fits the included dart board

Viper Wood Framed Dart board Backboard, Dark Mahogany Finish - The Best-looking Backboard

This backboard is simply a beauty!

The frame is made out of pure wood with a gorgeous dark mahogany finish polished to a shine.

The backing is durable black felt, and it’s one inch thick, so it will protect your walls against most darts.

With that look, it’s bound to make any living room or game room look more sophisticated.

It fits well with most types of dart boards, but for an optimal fit you should use it with a wooden dart board.

It’s not just a decoration – it’s also quite effective and it’s 29 by 29 inches, so it covers a lot of space.

Setting it up is a breeze as well, and it stays put easily.

Due to all that, it’s a bit of a shame that, without a dart mat, it’s quite useless. The darts won’t stick to it and fall out easily, so they can damage your floor.

It’s a bit on the heavy side too, so sticking it on thinner walls is not an option.

  • Covers a lot of wall space
  • It looks beautiful
  • Great price
  • Easy to hang up
  • Quite heavy
  • The darts won’t stick

Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard - Best Sturdy Design

Viper presents the ultimate wood-framed defense against your darts and the wall.

With the high-grade black felt design, those bounce-outs will no longer be an issue.

The design of the Viper backboard helps by capturing the errant dart and protecting your walls in the long run.

We all know how aggressive those last throws are, so it’s good to have these kinds of quality features to protect the surroundings. Moreover, the set has a sleek mahogany finish storage rack with all 12 darts that come with the board.

Now you have a cool new display rack to show off when your game buddies drop by.

The set is followed by the dry erase scoreboard. If you used to track the score on the piece of paper and mistrack it during the game, consider that problem solved.

What amazed us the most about this set is the construction and design. It uses just the right amount of materials and components that offer a rigid surface.

In this way, most of the accurately thrown darts are caught without slipping or falling.

Installation is relatively straightforward with this dartboard. It already comes with a hanging bracket that is installed to the center of the steel tip dartboard.

As for the overall design, I have to admit this is one of those backboards that has it all. Sleek mahogany design that adds a sophisticated detail to your gaming room.

  • Sleek mahogany design
  • Includes dry erase board
  • Includes 12 darts
  • Sturdy design
  • Fits most dartboards
  • Pricy

WIN.MAX Dart Board Wall Protectors - The Lightweight Protector

If you want something that can withstand even the most wicked dart throws, then this board is for you—the Win.Max presents a sturdy and durable backboard that impresses numerous gamers.

Let’s see what it has to offer.

Let’s start with one of the most outstanding features—the weight of the board. If you plan on installing the board manually to show off your independent skills, listen up.

You are going to need a lightweight board for starters, and what better choice than Win.Max? This one weighs a whopping 0.44/.0.97 kg. Can you believe that?

It’s easy to mount and even easier to set up.

Trust me when I say that the installation won’t take you more than 15 seconds. With four interlocking parts, your new backboard will be set up in no time.

All of the right materials and components were used in the construction. The fit and rigid design are just right. Frankly, it has everything that a quality board should have.

The most important thing about the structure is that it keeps darts in place. There is no sliding and falling to the floor; only landing shots are expected here.

With a 450 mm thick diameter, the backboard is designed to fit snugly around the standard 17 or 18-inch bristle dartboards.

It’s perfect for home or bar use while the lifespan and durability are out of this world.

  • Affordable
  • Durable design
  • It fits most standard dartboards.
  • Lightweight
  • Includes six darts
  • Not as thick as other boards

Viper EVA V-Foam Dartboard - Best For Beginners

You already read the review about Viper Defender III that features foam components.

This Viper board includes EVA V-foam, which is a well-known durable material. It’s mostly known for its ability to withstand forceful throws and resistance to breakage in the long run.

A valuable addition to the V-foam is its ability to absorb all the errantly thrown soft and steel tip darts.

The surrounding board measures 28x28 inches, which is quite outstanding compared to other boards on the market.

It offers a support system for most of the dartboards, but it has proved best for bristle and electronic dartboards.

One of the most appreciative features is the customization of the backboard. You can adjust the system to your likings by positioning it in a diamond or square shape.

You can conveniently position it with prolonged corner length where you expect the doubles to be thrown at the most. Logically, this would be the area where the missed shorts are. Therefore there are higher chances of damaging the wall.

As for the installation, the backboard comes with a hanging bracket on the front. That allows for easy mounting of the dartboard and a quicker start of the gaming session.

However, some of the darts won’t stick to the board. The board’s thinner design will prevent them from damaging the wall, but it will not make them all stick.

Nonetheless, it’s a great beginner-friendly protection that is a must-have for practice throws.

  • Affordable
  • Customized position
  • Darts don’t always stick to the board.

How to Choose the Best Dart Board Backboard?

How to Choose the Best Dart Board Backboard

Now you probably have an idea of what makes a good dart board backboard, but here’s a detailed look at how to pick the best of the best!

1. The Materials

Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to finding the best dart board backboard: Consider the materials before you consider anything else.

This is what has the most impact on the performance and durability of a backboard.

The most common materials used to make backboards are:

  • Wood – This is the traditional choice and most homemade dart backboards will be made out of wood. However, the damage can’t be easily remedied so it won’t last long.
  • Cork – These backboards are the most affordable – which doesn’t mean they’re bad. They are light, easy to install and can last for quite a while. While not too aesthetically pleasing, they’ll fit in well in a recreational room or a bar.
  • Foam – Backboards made out of foam are perfect for indoor areas. They’re incredibly light, easy to place and can look sleek while being functional. Don’t use them outdoors, however – they deteriorate quickly if they dry out.
  • Felt – With this material, you get a more professional dart board backboard that will give your space a luxurious feel. They often have a wooden core, so they’re long-lasting and damage isn’t as visible on them. 

2. The Size Should Fit Your Dart board

There’s little point in buying a backboard if it isn’t the right fit for your dartboard.

Remember to measure your dart board as precisely as possible before you go shopping for a backboard.

For some backboards, even an error of ¼” can make a huge difference and render your purchase null and void, so watch out!

Some backboards only function with certain types of dart boards, so keep that in mind as well.

3. Aesthetics Matter

best material for dart board backboard

Though functionality is the most important thing, you should also consider the look of the backboard as well.

Dart board backboards come in many different shapes, including:

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Hexagonal
  • Octagonal

Regulation backboards are usually octagonal or rectangular.

If you don’t need anything that fits professional regulations, there are some backboards with more fancy shapes as well!

They can look quite baroque, but you might have trouble setting them up.

4. Make Sure It’s Within Your Price Range

Here’s the deal: Most backboard manufacturers will try to rip you off.

It’s not fair, but it’s just how the open market works. There’s not a lot of competition so the few manufacturers in the game set any prices they want.

The average price for a dart board backboard is around 50 to 80 dollars.

Still, there are some budget backboards out there, if you know where to look.

If you want to protect your wall properly and make your dart board look good, you’re going to have to pay a bit extra.

It’s up to you to decide which price is acceptable for what you want.


How do you protect the walls behind a dartboard?

By purchasing a high-quality backboard, you are ultimately prolonging the life of your walls. The thicker and wider the backboard, the better the protection will be.

You can also search for extra features such as cushioning that adds upgraded wall protection.

What is the best dartboard backboard?

The best dartboard backboard in our review is the Dart-Stop Dart Board Backboard.

It’s hand-made with all the high-quality materials and is quite durable and thick for all of those outstanding dart throws.

What can I use as a backboard for darts?

Now, this is where you can get creative.

You can protect your walls by creating a DIY project that will serve you well in all of your gaming sessions. For this purpose, you can use driftwood, cable reel, rope surround, cork flooring surround, or even make one out of an old door.

The choices are numerous, and you can never get "too carried away."

How big should a dart backboard be?

If the dartboard’s diameter is around 18 inches, then the backboard should be at least 3 square feet.

It will allow sufficient room for the board and the free surface that protect the wall.

How to mount a dartboard to a backboard?

Most of the backboards offer quick and easy mounting.

Some of the backboards we reviewed, such as Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard come with a hanging bracket on which you can mount the steel tip dartboard.

If your backboard does not have a hanging bracket, you can secure the dartboard with a screw or nail.

The Best Dart Board Backboard You Can Buy is…

All of these backboards are great – that’s why I put them on the list. You won’t go wrong with any of them.

However, I’m sure you want to get the best dart board backboard on the market, and as far as I’m concerned that is the Dart-Stop 29" Professional Dart board Backboard.

It’s made out of great materials and suited for professional and casual players alike. No, if you’re experienced or just learning how to play, it will provide great protection and look great while doing it.

Do you agree with me, or do you think that one of the other backboards is more deserving of the top spot? Give me your opinions in the comments below!

Dart-Stop 29 inch Tan Octagon Pro Dart Board Backboard | Wall Protector | Dartboard Surround*
  • TRUSTED QUALITY. EXPERIENCE | Built to the Highest Standard. Created to Last a Lifetime. Proudly Handcrafted in the USA Since 2004
  • MORE THAN WALL PROTECTION | Enhance your Darts Experience. Improve your Dartboard Appearance. Symmetrical Dartboard Surround.
  • QUICK REGULATION HEIGHT | Just Two Measurements. Secure. Steel-Reinforced Wall Mounting Points. Easy, Clear Instructions. Hardware Included
  • ENGINEERED to PERFORM | Sturdy 3/4 inch Thick Wood; 1 inch Overall. Minimize Bounce-Outs. Plush No-Dart-Holes Fabric Finish. No Wood Finish to be Marred by Darts
  • STEEL-TIP or SOFT-TIP DARTBOARDS | Pre-Installed, Recessed Metal Bristle Dartboard Bracket for Quick Wobble-Free Mounting. E-Dartboards: Install Screw(s) into the Face of the Backboard then Hang it using the Keyhole Slot(s) on the Back; you will not use the recessed bracket

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  1. I recently got a dartboard and my only convenient option ( we live in a small condo) was to hang it on door. Any advice on a backboard which is about 23.5 inches wide?

  2. The best dartboards are made with sisal as the darts will generally not fall or bounce out, Google it if you don’t know what it is, so the best material to use as a backboard would logically be the same wouldn’t it? – so I made one from a few old dartboards.


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