The Best Foosball Balls You Need to Know About (Top 6 Picks)

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If you are on a search to find the absolute best foosball that will improve your playing style, then you are in the right place.

Many beginners are not aware that there are several types of foosball balls you can get, and for that reason, we have prepared a detailed guide.

Down below, you will find all you need to know about foosballs and which one you should get based on your playing style and preferences.

We also reviewed the top six models of the best foosball balls, so you might want to check them out to see what's all the hype about!


Top 3 Recommendations

Best Foosball Balls Money Can Buy: My Top 6 Favorites

Tornado Official Foosballs Balls - Best Pick

Meet one of the most respected names in the foosball industry!

The Tornado tournament foosball balls are a high-quality pick you cannot miss.

If you are looking to get a smooth ball with a slight texture and reliable performance, there is no better pick than Official Tornado foosball balls.

Firstly, these classic pink Tornado professional foosball balls offer a unique design.

They are textured foosball balls, and therefore best suited for American foosball tables.

Those tables have a 3-man goalie style and are usually fast-paced.

One of the most natural features of any ball is the sound they offer.

A lot of them can be pretty loud and unpleasant to play with, but not these.

These Tornado balls are made from 100% urethane consistency and are quieter than usually plastic balls.

Due to their textured ball design, the Tornado balls grip the playing surface much better and roll pretty quickly.

If you wish to have a successful tournament play, then these are the ones you should go for.

The Tornado foosballs are small and sturdy and work on almost all table sizes so that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

  • Textured surface
  • Roll nicely
  • Great grip
  • Tournament suitable
  • They can get stuck in the corner sometimes

Colonel Pickles Novelties Foosball Balls - Runner Up

Next up, we have the black and white soccer ball by Colonel Pickles Novelties.

If you are searching for quality replacement balls for your traditional foosball table, then these ones will do the trick.

They come in a bundle deal of 14 and are pretty cheap so that you can renew your collection for less!

These table soccer balls offer a premium design for all foosball fans.

They are made from high-quality plastic, and they provide the perfect replacement deal.

Unlike foam balls, these are much more durable but not so quiet.

However, these foosball balls are great if you need to replace the oversized traditional foosball balls or if you want to improve your game by purchasing a practice set.

Most of the bundle deals offer only 12 foosball balls, but these ones add two more for added fun!

The standard soccer balls measure out 36mm in diameter, so they are great for most foosball tables.

One flaw we found is that they can be pretty loud to play with.

If this bothers you in the long run, you should check out our best pick instead.

  • Affordable bundle deal
  • Authentic design
  • Thick plastic design
  • Loud

Qtimal Table Soccer Foosballs Replacement Balls - Best Replacement Foosball Balls

Are you looking to introduce some color in your game of foosball? What better way than these colorful Qtimal table soccer balls?

Here we have another bundle deal you need to check out if you are tired of constantly purchasing expensive football balls.

These ones will last you for a very long time due to their quality design and even better performance.

The foosball table balls measure 36mm in diameter, meaning this type of ball is suitable for most traditional foosball tables.

As for the materials, the foosball ball is made out of durable ABS material, which makes the design heavy-duty and not brittle!

Not only that, but the creation of the ball and the coloring will not fade away that quickly.

As you can notice, the Qtimal table soccer balls offer a traditional soccer ball design, which makes the game so much more enjoyable!

The bundle deal is available in 14 unique colored foosball balls.

There are seven carefully chosen balls in the bundle, and each of them is available in two balls.

  • Affordable
  • Great replacement balls
  • Unique colorful design
  • Great roll
  • ABS made
  • They can be loud at some tables

Super Z Outlet Table Soccer Foosballs - Best Budget Deal

Coming up, we have another traditional soccer ball design that most of the foosball players will love!

The Super Z Outlet foosball balls come in a pack of six, and they are made out of heavy-duty plastic that will last you for many games!

If you did not enjoy our previous two replacement ball picks, these ones will definitely wow you.

These foosball balls make an excellent replacement for those foosball balls that got worn off or broke during the game.

The ball size measures 36mm in diameter, which is a pretty standard measurement for most foosball tables.

Moreover, the Super Z Outlet balls can be used for more than just professional foosball tables.

You can use these plastic balls for DIY decorations, birthday parties, or party favor bags. You name it; the list goes on and on.

But, as far as playing foosball goes, these ones offer excellent ball control and grip.

Even though they are made out of plastic, they are super sturdy and weigh around 24 grams.

  • Budget-friendly deal
  • Great ball control
  • Suitable for most standard tables
  • Standard measurements
  • Some found them ‘too big’

OuMuaMua Foosball Table Balls - Best Heavier Balls

The OuMuaMua foosballs are a trustworthy pick, tested by many players and praised for their durability and performance.

These types of balls are great if you want excellent ball control and balance.

So, let's see how they work and what exactly they can offer you.

These table soccer foosballs are made from hard plastic material, making them much more durable than some of the other plastic foosballs on the market.

They are sturdy enough for long-term use and offer a great deal of the family fun game night.

The foosballs come in a pack of nine traditional balls.

The ball size measures 1.42 inches in diameter and fits most of the standard types of tables.

Each of the foosballs weighs 0.85oz, so they are slightly heavier than traditional foosball balls.

However, because they are more serious, they cannot fly off the table that easily.

The foosball balls' set is designed to be vibrant colored so your playing experience can be enjoyable and exciting.

  • Vibrant colored set
  • Nine foosball balls included
  • Roll nicely
  • Great control
  • Not recommended for competitional tables

Fat Cat Foosball Balls - Best Smooth Ball

Lastly, we have the Fat Cat foosball balls.

If you are familiar with gaming equipment, you know that the Fat Cat brand is a trustworthy companion to many players.

It offers high-quality products for a lower price and even better performance.

These foosball balls are no different! Let's check them out.

The Fat Cat foosball balls come in a regulation-sized white design.

If you are not a fan of colorful foosballs, then these ones are your best pick.

They are solid, and the ball's size is 36mm in diameter, making them fit for most of the foosball tables.

Moreover, they are great for both casual players and those who like fast-paced tournament foosball games.

With the glide tech boost, these smooth balls glide with ease and offer less friction by increasing the foosball table's speed.

These smooth foosball balls' surface area is increased, enhancing the grip on the foosball table surface and allowing for much better control during the game.

The standard design has a reinforced shell which makes these foosballs super durable.

  • Standard white design
  • Smooth reinforced shell
  • Glide tech for sleek glide
  • Regulation size
  • Some balls don’t roll easily

Types of Foosball Balls

As I mentioned in the FAQ section, there are four different types of foosball balls you should know about.

So, let's talk about each of them individually so you can decide what works the best for you.

1. Traditional

best foosball ball

Traditional foosball ball is named like this due to the high resemblance with the big-sized soccer ball.

You will usually find traditional types of balls on the lower quality foosball table.

They are typically sold in bundle deals and can be an excellent choice for beginners or need a replacement set.

However, we do not recommend these ones for competitions or if you want to get serious with the foosball game.

They are made out of plastic and quite slippery. Therefore you do not have excellent ball control.

Also, they are very noisy, which mess with your concentration during the game.

2. Smooth

Smooth foosball balls are a step-up in terms of quality and design.

However, they are not a considerable upgrade.

Softballs are also not recommended for beginners due to their slippery design and lousy control.

You cannot pin them or catch them with ease.

Like traditional balls, they are noisy and can affect your style of play.

3. Cork Balls

Cork balls are something you think of when you play the European style of play.

Logically, cork balls are made from cork and are a simple upgrade from smooth balls.

They are known for their smooth and sticky texture, which makes the ball control much better.

Also, a cork foosball ball is excellent if you are looking for precision.

If you are a strategic player, you will adore cork foosball balls.

They are designed for pass downs and can improve your game for the better.

Although they are slightly expensive, a cork foosball ball is best for serious players looking for improvement in the European-style tables.

4. Textured Balls

Textured foosball balls are primarily used in tournaments and are the most reliable choice for serious players.

These textured balls are great for fast-paced games and offer excellent control on any foosball table.

What Criteria to Look at When Choosing Best Foosball Balls?

1. Weight

best foosball table ball

We already covered the ball's size; now it's time to mention that their weight can also affect your gameplay and vary from the type of ball.

For example, cork balls and traditional foosball balls are much lighter since they are not so dense in design.

But, the textured foosball type of ball is a lot heavier due to its design.

A general rule of thumb says that heavier balls are faster, while light ones are great for control and accuracy.

2. Noise

A general disadvantage to most of the foosball balls is the noise they make when you play.

The noise essentially is not something that affects the gameplay, but it sure can be unpleasant.

And, talk about messing with your concentration!

From experience, plastic balls make a lot of noise, while the ones made of cork or textured ball design are on the quiet side.

If you want your focus to be on the game and not the noise, textured balls are better than plastic ones.

3. Friction

When it comes to friction, you can be sure that smooth, plastic balls are difficult to pin or grip on the foosball table.

If friction is something that matters to you, and I believe it does, then I would stay away from a hard plastic foosball ball.

Instead, search for a foosball ball that has a sticky surface.

In this way, you can play with an excellent grip and have great control.


What are the best foosball balls?

The best foosball balls are the Tornado Official Foosballs Balls.

These foosball balls are perfectly round, textured, and do not create too much unpleasant noise.

They grip the foosball table surface nicely, so you have an enjoyable playing experience.

Plus, you can use them on tournament players since many of them rely on these high-quality foosball balls.

What are foosball balls made of?

Usually, foosball is made out of two common materials - plastic or cork.

Based on those materials, foosball is further divided into four other categories so that you can find textured foosball balls, traditional balls, smooth foosball balls, and cork foosball balls.

Can you use ping pong balls for foosball?

You cannot use ping pong balls for foosball.

If you want an authentic play style, you should get standard foosball balls that fit the purpose.

Ping pong balls are way too light, and they can fly off the table.

Plus, they are much more significant in diameter, so that they won't fit most of the standard tables.

best foosball table to buy

Where can I buy foosball balls?

You can get the best deal on foosball balls on Amazon! They offer a wide selection for excellent prices.

Even though the choice can be overwhelming for some, we selected the top six picks all players will love.

Can the right foosball ball improve your game?

The right foosball ball can improve your game, but what truly makes a difference in your technique and play style.

A quality foosball ball is only halfway done with the job, so you should practice daily if you want to improve your class.

What size is a foosball ball?

Usually, the size of the foosballs depends on the player's preferences.

The foosballs that are ITSF approved usually measure out between 36mm-38mm in diameter.

Take into consideration that each foosball table is constructed differently, and what works best for some may not work the best for you.

Final Words

Best balls for foosball can make or break your result!

Although your style of play is essential, it sure does help when you have the appropriate accessories.

If you want to play like one of the big guys, then it's time to remind you of our Tornado best pick!

The best foosball balls on our list are the Tornado Official Foosballs Balls.

These classic pink Tornado quality balls are one of the most popular picks on the market.

It's for a reason as well. They offer you an outstanding playing experience no matter what your style is.

They grip the table nicely and are great for ball control.

What more is there to want?

Tornado Official Foosballs Tournament Balls Commercial Quality - Play Like The Pros (6 Balls, Pink)*
  • Official Tornado OEM replacement balls with 1.365" outside diameter
  • Durable pure 100% urethane consistency.
  • Near perfect roundness - Within .001" from center all the way around the ball
  • Made in the USA
  • Used in every sanctioned foosball tournament in the United States

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