Best Tabletop Pinball Machine: Limitless Fun for All Ages (Top 5 Picks)

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One of the world's most popular games has found its form as a tabletop version!

The pinball machine has been around for centuries now, entertaining generation after generation. Now, it's time to move to a modern version that your little ones can also enjoy.

Meet-tabletop pinball machine!

Your best companion when it comes to home entertainment on a budget.

These table versions are prevalent nowadays due to their affordable price range, innovative features, portability, and sounds effects!

Check out what are the top 5 models of our choice and get ready for endless fun!

Are you getting impatient?

Here are the top 3 recommendations that will make the best tabletop pinball machine pick!


Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
Brio 34017 Pinball Game | A Classic Vintage, Arcade Style Tabletop Game for Kids and Adults Ages 6...*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Pick
Merchant Ambassador MLB Wooden Pinball Baseball Game 14 x 12 x 8 inches*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Runner Up
Best Selling
Buffalo Games - Pinball, 13 IN X 19 IN*
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Great For Solo Players

5 Best Tabletop Pinball Machines of 2021 - My Reviews

BRIO 34017 Pinball Game - Best Pick

Our top pick goes out to Amazon's best selling item - The Brio pinball game!

If you want a tabletop pinball game, you can have hours of fun and not be limited by batteries, the stick around!

The Brio tabletop pinball game is a quality machine made out of wood and designed for both kids and adults!

Its battery-free design is what attracted us the most. You will never again worry about whether you brought a spare pack on your trip. No sir!

However, the lack of batteries does have some flaws. You won't have any sound effects or lights if you are looking for that.

The entire game is made out of durable and sturdy materials and is safe for children. With over 1000 safety tests, the Brio pinball machine is a well-developed game for your young ones.

As for the other design features, it has pretty respective sizing. The 20.5" x 13.5" dimensions make it a perfect companion to your next road trip. Plus, the pinball machine comes with a leg at the back that keeps it upright.

Moreover, the tabletop pinball component includes other 3D elements such as hidden tunnels and ramps that make fun! I bet this will be a perfect little addition to all your family nights.

Although the recommended age is for kids six years and more, we see no reason why adults should pass on the fun.

  • Awesome 3D elements
  • Wood design
  • Convenient dimensions
  • No batteries required
  • Lacks sound effects and lights

Merchant Ambassador Pinball Baseball Game - Runner Up

The runner up pick goes out to the impressive Merchant Ambassador pinball machine game.

This is the absolute best solution when you are in the blue trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your kids. Plus, did you see the price of the game? Pretty cheap, right?

As you can see from the design, this tabletop pinball machine would be an excellent gift for a baseball fan!

When it's raining, and they can't play their favorite open-field game, it's time to bring the fun indoors and have a blast with the Merchant Ambassador.

This is one of those pinball games that are designed to replicate a big-league ballpark. If you want your child to get a realistic feel when playing this game, you have made a mistake-free purchase.

It's so simple but yet so effective when the time of leisure rolls around! You can put it in the kid's playroom or practically anywhere around the home, such as the coffee table or office.

What's great about it is that the game comes with 30 MLB team stickers. Your child can make their favorite team logo in the middle and decorate the rest of the wooden game with the remaining teams.

So what do you say?

Are you ready to hit doubles, singles, and home runs with this super-affordable tabletop pinball game? Surprise your child with the best present ever!

  • Affordable
  • It comes with 30 MLB team stickers
  • Storage compartment for accessories
  • Plastic design
  • No sounds effects
  • Not the ultimate quality

Buffalo Games Tabletop Pinball - Great For Solo Players

If you want a classic arcade-style pinball game, you should check out this from the Buffalo game. It's a tabletop version of your favorite game, offering a realistic feel without the bulky hardware.

Don't like to mess around the house? I get you! Who does?

With Buffalo tabletop pinball game, you will never again have to deal with accessories sprinkled around your floor, just waiting for you to step on them.

Once you or your kid is done playing the game, it's easy to pack it up and store it for the next time!

Oh, and the setup is an absolute delight. All you need to do is unfold the machine and snap the supporter at the bottom. Slide in the backboard, and you are good to go! Can you even believe it's that easy?

Moreover, this product comes with 13 pinballs. Ten of them fit in the launcher, while the remaining three are there for back-up. Because let's face it. As soon as you hand over the game in the young ones' hand, you can say goodbye to a few pinballs.

Once you set the game up, your moments of fun can finally begin.

Are you a solo player? Great, the game has the option for one-person play. Or you can take turns between friends and even form teams to see who has the better game.

  • Great for solo play
  • Arcade-style
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Easy to set up
  • No batteries required
  • Includes ten balls
  • No lights and sounds effects

Matty's Toy Stop Tabletop Lazer Space Pinball - Top Bundle Deal

Coming up next is Matty's ToyStop tabletop pinball machine. If you want the ultimate gift idea on a budget, you have got to take a look at this one!

What makes this tabletop pinball machine unique is that you get the two-pack deal!

You get a Neon Lazer Space pinball game and a Neon Lazer Space Track Games! Now, this is a rare find if you ask me. Plus, the product has a pretty good price for a bundle set.

If you are not a fan of electronic pinball games and want to get something simple that is not a complete hazard, check this out. The first game is person-powered only!

With Neon Lazer Space pinball, you can use the ball and give it a fire start using two flippers. Reach the top score with ease!

As I mentioned, you will only have to use a spring plunger to start the game. This is a classic system, loved by both adults and kids!

Now, let's talk about the second game.

The Neon Lazer Space Track Games allows you to reach a high score by firing the discs through the other side's slots. It's a high-speed mini-game for those who like a bit of adrenaline rush at home.

As for the dimensions, the tabletop pinball machine game measures out 8'' x 16'' and can fit practically anywhere due to the lightweight!

  • Convenient 8” x 16” measures
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to set up
  • Reach high points easily
  • No sounds or lights

WinSpin 2player Tabletop Pinball Machine - Top Sound Effects

One of the ultimate tabletop pinball machines and the one with the most creative effects is the WinSpin!

Recently released, many customers did not have the chance to try it out, but those who did have only words of praise!

Let's see what the WinSpin pinball machine has to offer.

Firstly this is a two-player game!

Meaning, both you and your children can take turns and have a blast! It has a slightly larger measurement of 32"x 25," but it still follows the convenient setup. You can put it in the game room or have fun on the kitchen dining table.

Now, cover the good stuff.

The Win Spin tabletop pinball machine allows you to use your creative side to the max! Exactly, when you play, you have the chance to create your prizes or be the game master.

While some of the other models on our list follow the classic arcade-style, this one is ultra-modern. It contains ringing sounds that scream excitement!

When the ball hits the bell, it keeps you engaged and motivated to play for the win and grab points!

The electronic gaming pinball is an ideal addition to your family get-togethers. It offers an interactive gaming solution to the young and older ones.

The recommended age for the little ones is five years and up.

  • Sound effects
  • Lighter weight
  • Convenient dimensions
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Includes eight balls
  • Spring-loaded plungers
  • Steep price

What to Know When Buying a Best Tabletop Pinball Machine?

Suppose your children are a big fan of pinball machines; it's time to surprise them with a tabletop version of their favorite game.

However, we need to cover a few ground rules before you get carried away and purchase something not worth the hype.

1. Build Quality

As you can notice from the review, some tabletop pinball machines are made out of plastic and some out of wood. These materials are often a basic determinator of the high or low price.

Also, they will indicate whether the machine includes some innovative features such as lights and sounds.

Make sure you pick the material that is right up your alley of expectations. Don't select aluminum and think that it will work the same as some high-quality machine; it won't!

The highly addictive machine also has other components you should advise, such as ramps, playing field, flippers, and bumpers.

There are the ones you should pay attention to if you want a flawless gaming session with your kids.

2. Portability

best tabletop pinball machine for adults

Since you are buying a tabletop pinball machine, you should also consider its portability.

Sure, you can find tabletop versions that are incredibly light in weight, but are they convenient for road trips?

Your kid is bound to want to take its new gift to the trip, so what can you do in this situation?

You can opt for a toy pinball version that will keep them entertained during the car ride. The dimensions of toy pinball machines are ridiculous since you can pack them up in the backpack and not even feel the weight.

Just bring a spare pair of batteries.

3. Price

Investing in your gaming room equipment can be quite the slap on the wallet. Luckily, tabletop pinball machines are less expensive versions of the popular pinball.

The classic pinball machines are the ones you should set some money aside for. Their popularity grows year by year since it's getting harder to find a genuine antique model.

With tabletop pinball machines, the leading indicator of the price will be the features on it. 

For example, if a pinball machine has various lights and sound effects or a bunch of free accessories, you can expect a steep price. They are a good option if you want a realistic machine for your kids.

However, for everyday use, the traditional wooden or plastic pinball machines are not that bad, to be honest.

Some of them lack lights and sound effects and run on batteries, but they still are an excellent option for game nights.


How much should I pay for a pinball machine?

This all depends on your budget status. How much can you pay for a pinball machine? Also, you can decide whether you will go for the tabletop version or the arcade-style one.

Hence, pinball machines can cost between $25 to an even $25,000.

Is a pinball machine worth it?

best tabletop pinball machine for adults

Absolutely! If you want to deal with boredom, pinball machines are a huge hit!

They have been around for years now, starting from the traditional arcade-style ones to modernized electronic or battery-free versions.

What are the best pinball machines of all time?

The best pinball machines of all time are Medieval Madness, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, Twilight Zone, Attack from Mars, Jurassic Park, and many more!

Over the years, pinball machines have developed incredible technology systems that impressed even the collectors of traditional pinball machines.

What is the most valuable pinball machine?

The most valuable pinball machine on our list is the tabletop version of the WinSpin.

This electronic tabletop pinball machine includes some of the top creative components tabletop versions have to offer.

Due to the higher price, you can think of this one as a smart investment in your game room collection.

Final Words

And that's a wrap!

Among impressive styles of pinball machines, we have selected the top 5 best tabletop pinball machines you can find nowadays for your kids.

It's for sure that this machine will be the smartest investment you made for your gaming collection.

Don't forget to look out for different qualities such as price, durability, and building material!

One of the top options for a mistake-free purchase is the BRIO 34017 Pinball.

As Amazon's top pick, the BRIO pinball machine is a favorite of many customers looking to surprise their children with a new table gaming addiction.

Brio 34017 Pinball Game | A Classic Vintage, Arcade Style Tabletop Game for Kids and Adults Ages 6...*
  • Product includes - The Pinball TableTop Game comes with 5 pieces including a wooden base and plastic top.
  • How to play - Pull back the lever and fire away to watch the points add up!
  • Product size - 20.5" x 13.5".
  • Perfect for ages 6+.
  • Safe for your child - We conduct more than 1,000 safety tests a year to ensure that our products conform to all safety standards, and we take pride in developing toys that are completely safe for children to play with.

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