Best Table Tennis Glue You Need to Know About (Top 7 Picks)

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Did you know that choosing the best glues can change your performance for the better? This is one of the most underrated helpers but very crucial for your game and technique.

Ultimately, picking the best glue for table tennis rubbers will decide on your spin, the table tennis racket rubber's longevity, and increase the speed.

This review will touch upon different types of ping pong glue and mistakes you should avoid. Below, you will find a helpful review of the top 7 picks that promise greatness.


Top 3 Recommendations
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Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue - Perfect for Assembling Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle...*
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JOOLA Table Tennis Rubber X-Glue (37 mL)*
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Best Water-Based Glue
Best Selling
Butterfly Free Chack II Table Tennis Racket Glue - Designed Specifically for use with Spring Sponge...*
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Best Speed Dry

The Best Table Tennis Glues Available: My Top 7 Picks

Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue - Best Pick

Whether you are buying the best tennis table rubber, conversion top, or glue, you know that Butterfly offers advanced and trustworthy table tennis equipment. Therefore, our top pick goes out to Butterfly Free Chack glue.

One of the many features that will attack you to Butterfly Free Chack is that this tennis glue is ITTF approved. Therefore, if you are a pro player, you are free to use this glue on your racket.

It's also a great option if you are playing with a custom-made paddle and you need something trustworthy to get you through the match.

The Butterfly Free Chack tennis glue is extremely easy to apply!

You can apply the glue evenly on the rubber and blade using the applicator sponges and the clip you get with the purchase!

You don't have to buy the following accessories in bulk when you have everything you need in one glue pack!

Once the glue dries, press the rubber and the blade together. It's relatively easy to use afterward as well.

When it's time to reapply, the glue peels off easily, although it can clump if you apply too much.

  • ITTF approved
  • Easy to remove
  • It sticks well to the blade, and the rubber
  • Can clump sometimes

JOOLA Table Tennis Rubber X-Glue with Green Power - Best Water-Based Glue

Meet the green power!

The JOOLA Table Tennis Glue Green Power is a water-based glue that surprised us in many ways. With its many pros and cons, this table tennis glue may not go up to everyone's ally, but it will be a lifesaver for some of you.

Let's see if this glue is the right pick for you.

The JOOLA Table Tennis Glue is completely solvent-free glue! What does this mean? It means that you can apply the glue evenly without creating bubbles or damaging the rubber and blade.

If you are playing with a custom-made or some expensive paddle, you want to make sure you get this type of glue and preserve the blade's longevity.

However, unlike the Butterfly Free Chack glue, this one dries down relatively slow. It will take a few minutes for this one to the dryer on the rubber sheet, but it will not budge!

However, the real problem with Glue Green is the smell! Even though the performance is outstanding, the pungent odor put off some users.

  • A fair amount for a reasonable price
  • Water-based table tennis glue
  • Strong smell

Butterfly Free Chack II Table Tennis Racket Glue - Best Speed Dry

Another pick from Butterfly is the Butterfly Free Chack II. The newly formulated type of glue is a favorite of many table tennis players, so let's see if you will like it as well.

If you already own or think of getting the Tenergy rubber from Butterfly, you will need this glue. The Butterfly Free Chack II is the ultimate solution for their Spring Sponge, Dignics, or Spin Art technology rubbers.

The most significant difference between this one and Butterfly Free Chack, the original version, is the stronger bond to the rubber sheet.

This is also a water-based glue formula, but the advanced features make the glue easy to use and spread on the blade and rubber.

Also, it's relatively easy to remove, as well!

The original Butterfly glue can create some clumps if you apply too much, but this one will not allow that.

The blade and rubber's ultimate bond is created if you use a thin layer of glue but spread it multiple times.

When the glue has dried, apply the rubber to the blade and press lightly to secure the bond.

  • Available in 500ml bottle
  • Speed dry
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-based glue
  • Runny formula

GEWO Hydro Tec - Top VOC-Free Glue

The VOC-free glue is an absolute hit among table tennis enthusiasts! Why?

Well, not only does it create an excellent bond between the rubber and the blade, but it preserves both and prevents any damages from developing.

Now, let's get into the detailed info of the Gewo Hydro Tec tennis glue's fantastic technology. Firstly, this is a water-based glue that is also solvent-free.

We already discussed the importance of incorporating solvent-free glues in your tennis routine. If you don't want any damage done to your racket or rubber-this is the best pick.

Moreover, Hydrotec is a new-released glue designed to upgrade the performance. All of your playing techniques will be supported by this glue, especially if you own a large-pored sponge.

Since this kind of sponge is present nowadays rubbers, you will have no problem whatsoever.

The Gewo table tennis glue is easy to use, and it has a short drying time. Come on; not everybody has the time to wait around 5 minutes for the glue to dry.

With Gewo, you will get back to your match in no time!

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • VOC-free
  • It comes with a sponge and a clip
  • /

Donic Vario Clean Glue - Best Bond Power

Another impressive ITTF approved tennis glue is the Donic Vario Clean Glue. Like most of the tennis table rubber glues on our list, this is water-based and VOC-free.

The Donic Vario Clean Glue truly impressed us when it comes to bonding power. However, we still found some drawbacks to it. With that being said, let's start with the pros first.

This is our favorite budget-options when it comes to quality table tennis glues. It did not shock us when we learned that some of the most advanced table tennis players use this very glue.

It's much cheaper than our top pick, Butterfly, and still offers excellent performance. Where the Donic Vario Clean Glue did not impress us was the drying. It will probably take around 15-20 minutes for the glue to dry. Or, wait until it turns transparent.

Even though these are some of the better picks, 20 minute drying time is a lot! Mostly if you wanted to glue the rubber before the match.

Also, the table tennis racket glue is troublesome to remove. If you put a thin layer of glue, expect to get a bit physical.

  • Affordable
  • water-based
  • It takes to long to dry

Angelhood Table Tennis Glue - Convenient Apply

The Angelhood Table Tennis Glue takes a whole new spin to the traditional water-based glues.

Not many players have heard of this table tennis glue, but we are here to deliver a detailed review and help you discover a new type of glue for your upgraded performance.

The very first feature you should know is that this is a liquid glue.

It will ultimately offer high performance to your game by securing the ping pong rubber to the blade.

The increased flexibility is what impressed us the most, along with the ball speed.

As soon as you get to use the glue, all you need to do is brush it evenly on the rubber and wait a few minutes. After that, the tennis glue will become translucent and dried; that's when you know it's time to press the rubber sheets to the blade.

For ultimate results, it's recommended you shake the bottle well before using. Along with that, you should use the provided brush and apply the glue only in one direction.

A pro tip for keeping your supply neat is to clean the sponge brush with water after every use.

  • Increased flexibility and ball speed
  • Low adhesion

GEWO Glue Clean Stick Table Tennis Glue - Best Stick Glue

If you are not a fan of sponge and liquid combination glues, check out this Gewo offer. The unbelievably convenient package is suitable for every player in a rush!

If you were impressed by the Gewo Hydro Tec glue, I bet you will appreciate the simpler version that serves as a back-up trick when your racket needs a quick fix.

Due to its smaller size (25 g), this may not suit those who need a large amount of glue to fix all of their rackets. But, when you need something convenient to keep in your sports bag for emergencies, this is the top pick.

The Gewo Glue Clean comes with a sponge head applicator and utilizes VOC-free technology. The sponge head allows for straightforward application!

All you need is to do is squeeze the bottle, and the necessary glue amount will appear at the top.

After applying the glue to the rubber, please wait for it to dry and press the blade and rubber together. Just like the Gewo Hydro Tec, this table tennis glue offers incredible bonding power!

Plus, it's easy to remove, and you will not damage the sponge or the paddle along the way.

  • Convenient sponge applicator
  • Easy removal
  • Easy use
  • Only 25 ml in a product

Buyer's Guide

If you plan on joining a tournament, here is some useful information you should know about table tennis glue.

For example, did you know that some of them are banned by ITTF? Stick around to find out.

1. VOC Glue

best table tennis glue best glue for table tennis rubber

Glues that have VOC technology or volatile organic compounds are not safe to use. They contain dangerous chemicals, and so in 2008, they were banned by ITTF.

The way to determine whether the glue you are using contains VOC is by the smell and weight.

They have a noticeable unpleasant odor and are significantly heavier than some water-based glues.

2. Speed Glue

Table tennis speed glue is another type of glue that is prohibited from using!

Like VOC glues, these ones also contain a lot of harmful components. However, they were increasingly popular before ITTF banned them.

Back in the day, speed glue was used by players who wanted to perfect their performance.

The glue vapors made the rubber expand and create a higher tension, significantly improving the spin and speed.

3. Water-Based Glue

You've seen a lot of water-based glues on our list, but are they any good? Absolutely!

This type of glue is authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation and is safe to use.

This is the glue used by some of the top table tennis players and can upgrade your performance for the better.

When you are working with this glue, it's best to keep it at room temperature to avoid freezing.

4. Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

best table tennis glue best glue for table tennis rubber

Not waiting for the glue to dry

One of the most common mishaps among beginners is applying wet glue on the racket blade. When you do so, you are trapping the air inside and not letting the glue dry.

Once you spread a thin layer of glue, let it air dry for a couple of seconds before reapplying a second layer.

You will know the perfect time to connect the blade to rubber when the glue gets a bit tacky.

Don't forget the edges

The edges of the ping pong rubber are the ones most prone to tear.

Usually, beginners tend to forget the edges and place the glue strictly in the sponge middle.

Therefore, when you purchase a new ping pong paddle and rubber, make sure you go around the edges to avoid peeling off.

No remembering the rules

Are you playing just for casual fun, or are you planning on joining a tournament?

If you go in the professional line, you should know the ITTF rules beforehand. They do not allow for every paddle, rubber, or glue to be used, so make sure to read the rules.


How many layers of glue do you need for table tennis?

Depending on the types of glue you use, you will need several thin layers.

After you apply each layer, please wait for it to dry before reapplying fully. In this way, you are avoiding the clumping and bubbles from developing.

With some glues, one layer should be enough. However, those with runny texture need around three or four layers.

How do you use speed glue in table tennis?

best table tennis glue best glue for table tennis rubber

Speed glue is used in table tennis to fix the blade and rubber around 30 minutes before the match.

Usually, speed glue was known for its ability to increase flexibility and offer excellent ball spin.

You would apply speed glue as you would regular one.

Spread a layer and wait approximately 30 minutes (depending on the room temperature) and do the same step after the first layer has dried.

How to glue table tennis rubber?

Apply the table tennis glue on the rubber with a supplied applicator and wait until dry or transparent.

After that, do the same but this time repeat the process on the blade. Press the rubber and the blade together to secure the bond, and you are done!

If this is your first-time experience using glue for the table tennis racket, you might need to trim the rubber edges after gluing them to the blade.

How to remove glue from table tennis rubber?

The best way to remove glue from table tennis rubber is to use acetone. It will successfully dissolve the residue without damaging the rubber.

What is the best glue for table tennis rubber?

The best glue for table tennis rubbers is the Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue.

It dries down pretty quickly (within 5 minutes) and creates a superior bond between rubber and blade. Moreover, this is the best table tennis racket glue for a spring sponge.

Final Words

For the final part, we would like to remind you of our ultimate winner. As the best table tennis glue, we have picked the Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue.

The highly-rated table tennis racket glue offers incredible bonding power between rubber and blade while you work on your performance.

The Butterfly Chack glue also comes in an affordable price and convenient package so you can equip your collection on a budget.

Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue - Perfect for Assembling Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle...*
  • TABLE TENNIS GLUE: Glue for assembling table tennis rubber and sponge to wooden blade
  • MAKE YOUR OWN RACKET: Great for assembling your ITTF ping pong paddle
  • EASY TO APPLY: Apply the glue evenly on blade and back of the rubber sheet using the clip and sponge provided. When glue dries clear, apply the rubber to the blade. Gently press and roll the rubber on the blade. Cut excess rubber from racket
  • EASY TO REMOVE: Easy to remove from sponge and racket when changing rubber sheets
  • 100% liquidized natural caoutchouc

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