The Best Table Tennis Nets You Need in Your Collection (Top 7 Picks)

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Are you in need of a replacement net and post set, or are you trying out a new (soon-to-be favorite) hobby that requires the best ping pong net?

If so, you have arrived in the right place.

I have prepared a helpful review of the seven best ping pong net you can currently find.

Hop on the review, and let's help you find the best table tennis nets for your collection.


Top 3 Recommendations

Best Table Tennis Nets on the Market: My Top 7 Picks

PRO SPIN Portable Ping Pong Set - Best Portable Net

Guess what? You no longer need full-size table tennis and net to play table to play the game!

With a Pro Spin portable ping pong table set, you are free to make your adjustments and take the fun anywhere you go.

If your buddy's house does not have a table tennis post, you can bring your net and have hours of enjoyment wherever you are!

The Pro Spin Net is designed for competitors worldwide with its high-quality design and easy adjustment system. It's suitable for tables that are up to 72" wide and not thicker than 2".

All you need to do is a clamp and click the ping pong table net into the desired place, and voila, you are good to go.

The feature that stands out the most is the quality of the net. It's designed from premium materials that make it durable and convenient for both indoor and outdoor matches.

Lastly, the Pro Spin offers a 1-year warranty! For a sound mind and a budget-deal, this is not something you want to miss.

  • Clip-on net
  • Retractable table tennis net
  • Portable net
  • Quality net
  • Retraction may not always work

STIGA Premium Clipper 72" Regulation Table Tennis - Runner Up

Our runner up pick goes out to the great STIGA Premium Clipper 72". This ping pong net is one of the highly-rated nets on the market, and it's for a reason.

You will get both the net and a clamp net style post for an easy setup installation for a fantastic price.

The net and post set is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, meaning you can use it for tournaments and professional matches.

With an exceptional cotton blend, the net set is one of the quality offers of the 2021 market. Moreover, the STIGA Premium Clipper 72" features an adjustment system.

Additionally, you can determine precise tension adjustment and height adjustment for your performance needs.

The tension adjustment is supported by the string on the top of the net that connects both ends of the chain.

With STIGA Premium Clipper ping pong net and post set, you will also get a regulation measuring tool. With the help of it, you can measure out the tension of the net and the height of the net.

  • Full Tennis net post set
  • Clip attached to the table
  • Easy setup
  • Tension adjustable net
  • Includes a height and tension measuring tool
  • Low-quality net metal posts

JOOLA Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net - Suitable For Beginners

JOOLA does not cease to amaze us when it comes to table tennis equipment!

The Premium Avanti table tennis net and post is no different than their high-quality products, and it's one of Amazons' best sellers! Let's check it out.

Starting from the setup, the JOOLA net offers a screw-on attachment system along with the rubber-padded tightening clamps. You can further adjust them to your likings and make sure it stays put once you set it up.

Furthermore, you can adjust the height and the net tension for optimal performance. Once you set the tennis table net, use the ball and chain at the top of the net to check if the net is at preferred tension.

The JOOLA tennis net and post is an ITTF approved by following 72 inches in length and 6" in height.

A secure connection is made with sturdy but lightweight posts.

They are made from quality materials and made to last! You won't be expecting any breakage soon from this one.

Each of them is created to fit tables 1.5 inches thick, which is the standard size, so that compatibility won't be a problem.

  • Easy to set up
  • Height and tension adjustment
  • Sturdy posts
  • The net post is prone to tear
  • Faulty adjustment system

Comesee Kioos Collapsible Table Tennis Net - Best Collapsible Tennis Net

If you search for a suitable table tennis net and post for recreation practice, you have found the one. The Kioos Collapsable Net post set features a clip-on net you can take practically anywhere!

This whole design offers the most realistic features for tournament play. It's the real deal if you want an authentic feel.

Moreover, the tennis net post set measures 72 inches in length and is made out of a premium cotton blend. Along with the quality net, the heavy-duty metal posts will make sure your new net stays put once you install it.

Additionally, taking the net post set off and on is extremely easy!

All you need to do is engage the spring-activated clip-on system, and you are free to play table tennis on any flat surface.

The compatibility is out of this world! No matter your regulation size tables, the ping pong net post is designed to fit most of the 1,5 thick tables.

Overall, there are high chances of the nets and posts fitting your 60-inch tennis tables.

  • Spring activated clip
  • Collapsable net
  • Realistic design
  • Cotton blend net
  • Heavy-duty steel posts
  • The clamps can go off the table sometimes

Hipiwe Retractable Table Tennis Net - Best Replacement Table Tennis Net

The Hipiwe is the ultimate solution when you need to replace your existing net and turn your dining table into a table tennis tournament!

Why did I mention the dining table? Well, let's be honest.

You will probably use it AND damage it in some way (unless you are using a table tennis conversion top). But, the Hipiwe makes sure to protect your table tennis table as best as possible, leaving no marks whatsoever.

This is one of my favorite back-up options when it comes to replacement.

Usually, when you purchase a ping pong table and following equipment, the nets do not scream quality. For this reason, if you want to replace the one that came with the tennis table, then Hipiwe is the best net pick.

The ping pong net expands up to 6 feet and can fit most of the 2" thick ping pong tables. However, the posts on this ping pong net are quite a bit, so they may not work all tables properly.

This is a significant net set for recreational purposes, but we would give it a thumbs down for professional ones.

  • Affordable
  • Heavy-duty steel posts
  • Clip-on net
  • Large net posts

JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net - Best Tennis Net And Post

The JOOLA Retractable table tennis net offers a realistic feel to those who play professional table tennis. The measurements follow very closely the standard regulation table tennis net used for competitions.

Without further ado, let's see if this tennis ten is the right pick for you.

One of the best qualities of this tennis net and post is that it's retractable and can fit most of the standard tennis tables. Meaning, you don't have to sign up for ITTF to use this tennis net when you can do the same in the comfort of your home.

Even though it fits the 1.75-inch tables, this net post set expands up to 5.75 feet, which is more comprehensive than most of the standard nets!

This JOOLA table tennis net and post set allows you to make your adjustments while also easy to set up.

It features a clip-on system and protective rubber clamps that prevent any damages to your playing surface.

When you finish the match, you can neatly store the JOOLA ping pong net post since it's retractable and does not tangle in the process.

  • Retractable
  • It extends longer than most tennis nets
  • Follows regulation measurements
  • Compact storage
  • The spring tends to break

Kettler Table Tennis Net - Best Indoor And Outdoor Net

Another excellent replacement net is the Kettler ping pong net. If you wish to renew your collection or have a spare table tennis net just in case, this is the right pick.

The Kettler ping pong net turns a simple game of tennis into hours of family fun!

I admire that the ping pong net is suitable for both indoor and outdoor matches.

It's perfect when you're planning a barbeque in your backyard and want an extra activity like table tennis. But you can also play indoor table tennis on a rainy day.

The Kettler table tennis net measures 70 inches in length and is suitable for most net posts on the market.

Plus, it features a high-quality nylon material that makes this ping pong net durable and sturdy.

For the installation, slide the net into the existing post, and you are good to go.

However, you should know that this is just the net set. If you want a table tennis net post, you need to purchase it separately.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor games
  • Sturdy
  • It does not include net tension adjusters
  • It does not come with a table tennis net post

How to Opt for the Best Ping Pong Nets? A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

I said I would give you the full tour of different types of nets, so let's fulfill that promise.

Here is what you should know to pick the best ping pong nets.

1. Types of Table Tennis Nets

best ping pong table nets

a. Retractable Nets

Retractable nets are a lifesaver if you don't want to get tangled up in the net.

They have a convenient and straightforward design that allows you to fold them and store them away safely easily.

The cylinders on each side of the net retract one into another while the release mechanism will enable them to expand to the desired length.

I find that retractable nets are perfect for beginner or intermediate players who want a quick table set up.

b. Clip-on Net Sets

A clamp net is another convenient system for players who don't want the hassle of setting up the playing surface.

Clip-on nets "bite" the edges of the table and are much more stable than retractable net sets due to their sturdy fixture.

Another big plus of the clip-on table tennis net sets is that they are easier to replace. You have a better chance of finding spare nets on the market than you do finding a retractable one.

If you tear it open by any chance, you can easily purchase a new one and not have to buy additional posts.

c. Screw-on Net and Post Set

ITTF requires screw-on nets, mostly used in tournaments.

Unlike clip-on or retractable ones, this net and post set requires you to put in a bit of work.

When you install the screw-on table tennis nets, you need to make sure they are attached to the table by long screws.

2. Professional Table Tennis Net Requirements

If you are only purchasing the ping pong table tennis net for recreational fun, you can skip this part. But, those of you who want a professional table tennis net, listen up!

You cannot just go and buy whatever is the cheapest and call it a day. ITTF has strict regulations you need to follow, and those refer to ping pong nets as well.

A professional table tennis net must have:

  • Suspension system
  • Post and clamp system
  • A quality net

The regulation size of a professional table tennis net is:

  • Length: 6 feet or 1.83 m
  • Length of the post: 15.25 cm or 6 inches outside of the playing surface
  • Net height: 15.25 cm or 6 inches.


What are the different types of nets?

3 types of table tennis nets:

  1. 1
    Permanently Fixed
  2. 2
    Spring Loaded Clip
  3. 3
    Hand Tightened Screw Clamp

Depending on the type of tennis table you have, you will determine what kind of net set you need. Read our buying guide above for details.

How to set up table tennis net?

If you own clip-on nets, attach the clip to the table. They have an easy setup, while the hand-tightened screwed nets require more work.

You would usually screw them directly on the table and determine the height adjustment right then and there.

How tall is a ping pong net?

best ping pong table nets

Usually, ping pong nets should be 6 inches above the playing surface. Later on, you can determine your desired height adjustment, but most players prefer this one.

What happens if a table tennis ball hits the net?

When the ball hits the net during the service in table tennis but still reaches the opponent's side, the move must be replayed.

But, when the ball hits the net and stays on the player's side, the player is awarded a point.

What is the best table tennis net set?

The best table tennis net set is the PRO SPIN Portable Ping Pong Set.

Suitable for both advanced and casual players, this table tennis net and post is the perfect option for anyone who wants to play the game and not be limited by space!

It's portable and allows you to play table tennis anywhere you want.

How to maintain the shape of the tennis net and post set?

best ping pong table nets
  • Avoid exposing the ping pong nets to high temperatures. This can cause them to lose shape over time and burn some areas, which will later tear apart.
  • Use indoor ping pong nets ONLY for indoor matches. You might think that table tennis nets are multi-seasonal, but trust me, they are not. Some are meant strictly for indoor use, while others are waterproof and can be in your backyard. If you expose the net and post set to damp weather or god-forbid, rain, they will rust and even develop mold.
  • Don't overstretch them. After you take out the net set from the box, you can stretch the mesh just a bit to make sure you get even coverage. However, overstretching them will result in them losing shape, and after that, it's impossible to tighten them.

Final Words

So, how did I do? Did I help you find the best ping pong nets on the market? If so, leave a comment below to tell me your favorite pick.

For now, I will end the review by reminding you of the best table tennis net and post it on our list.

The ultimate favorite pick is the PRO SPIN Portable Ping Pong Set.

You can have hours of enjoyment with this one because guess what? It's portable! Pack it up and take it to your buddy's house or surprise your guests at the next family barbeque.

Whatever the occasion is, the Pro Spin will not disappoint.

PRO-SPIN Retractable Ping Pong Net – 72" Table Tennis Net with Clamps | Portable Ping Pong Net for...*
  • PORTABLE TABLE TENNIS NET - Turn any table into a ping pong table with our retractable net. No need for a full-size ping pong table! Versatile and lightweight, enjoy ping pong fun wherever you go. Experience thrilling matches and friendly competitions on any table, anytime!
  • FAMILY FUN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Create lasting memories with our portable ping pong net. Play indoors or outdoors - whether on your dining table, at home, office, parks, birthdays, picnics, work events, the beach, or anywhere! Gather loved ones and friends for hours of exciting gameplay.
  • SETUP IN SECONDS - Hassle-free setup with click-and-clamp posts. Attach the net to any table up to 2” thick in a breeze! No tools needed, saving you time for more ping pong action. Get ready for quick and easy fun without any fuss.
  • FITS WIDER TABLES - Our high-quality net extends up to 72”, ensuring a seamless fit for extra-wide tables. Enjoy uninterrupted play indoors and outdoors, enhancing your ping pong experience wherever you play!
  • REPLACEMENT NET - Our retractable ping pong net meets all size regulations for standard table tennis. Can be used as a replacement net on any regular size ping pong table.

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