Steady Moves With the Best Pool Glove (Top 7 Picks)

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Does your hand tend to slip when you shoot the cue ball?

If so, you need the best pool glove!

I bet you have seen a lot of ardent players wearing one and wondered what their purpose is.

Besides looking trendy, billiard gloves can offer a great advantage to players looking to get a firm grip and a stable hand.

They can keep your hand steady and allow the cue stick to glide with ease without causing friction.

Now that we have covered the basic reason you should get a pool glove, let's help you pick out the best one!


Top 3 Recommendations

Top 7 Best Pool Gloves on the Market

Anser Show Gloves - Best Pick

The Anser billiard gloves are just the right pick to show that expensive is not always the best.

These top-notch gloves are pretty budget-friendly and used by the most professional pool shooters!

They offer excellent quality for a cheap buck, and we are all here for it!

The first feature you should know about these billiard gloves is that they are made out of breathable quality material to ensure your hand does not get sweaty during longer matches.

Another feature of the design is stretchy lycra material and an adjustable velcro wrist strap that offers the most snug fit!

This pool glove can be used either by right-handed or left-handed players.

The reversible fit is super popular nowadays, and Anser made sure to incorporate it in their deal!

The pool glove also allows for optimal flexibility by exposing the middle fingertip, ring finger, and pinky. You will be mastering the bridge technique in no time!

Lastly, you have to admit that the most attractive feature of these billiards gloves is the price.

They are a great budget choice if this is your first time purchasing billiard gloves.

  • Suitable for steady moves
  • No sweaty hands
  • Adjustable velcro strap material
  • Not as durable

CUESOUL Billiards Gloves - Runner Up

If you want to get a great bundle deal and still end up with a high-quality billiard glove, then our recommendation is the Cuesoul billiards gloves.

They are getting more and more popular due to their attractive design and even better affordable price!

One of the features you should know about the Cuesoul gloves is that they are durable but not indestructible!

If you are a regular pool player, know that these gloves will last you for several months before you even have the desire to replace them.

However, be aware that the design of the gloves is relatively thin. Even though a slimmer design offers a comfortable fit, it can get torn off easily.

But, considering the deal arrives with ten pcs of gloves in the pack, you will even have some pairs to spare.

The Cuesoul 3 finger gloves include an elastic strap on the wrist. Unlike the velcro one, this one might not offer the best fit to all.

However, the design does have one advantage over the velcro strap. It's easier to take off and on when you are in a rush to start another match.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent grip
  • Great for left and right-hand players
  • Not so durable
  • Gloves available in only one size

Scott Edward Billiard Gloves - Best Comfortable Fit

Next up, we have the very well-known Scott Edward Store brand that offers a fantastic bundle deal!

For over a decade, the brand has provided a reliable source of billiard equipment to many players worldwide, and not it's time to review one of their best items.

These billiard gloves come in a 3 finger design that allows flexibility when mastering the bridge hand.

Plus, this fantastic deal offers you ten billiard gloves which will last you for a long time!

The glove is made out of sweat-absorbing material.

Even if you get sweaty during the game, the gloves will absorb everyone and leave your hands fresh for the rest of the match.

The breathable design will feel like the most snug fit.

The Scott Edward pool gloves come in several different colors, so you can easily match them with the rest of your pool outfit.

What's more important is that this unique design is suitable for right-handed and left-handed pool players, so a perfect fit is guaranteed.

  • Affordable deal
  • Suitable for left or right-hand players
  • Made out of lycra material
  • One size fits all
  • Elastic strap
  • Some find that the thumb is ‘too exposed.’

Roaming Quick-Dry Breathable Billiard Gloves - Best Sizes Selection

Do you want a billiard glove that is made specifically for sweaty hands? You have just found your best pick.

The Roaming quick-dry gloves are excellent if you need optimal breathability and quick-dry design.

Plus, they are super affordable, so they are bound to be your best purchase of the year.

Firstly, the billiard glove is made out of lycra and spandex, delivering the best fit for both men and women.

The billiard gloves are available in several different sizes so you can easily find your perfect fit.

Furthermore, these billiard gloves include an anti-slip pad that will keep your hand stable during the bridge move.

Not only that, but the billiard gloves feature an open-finger design that allows for flexibility with each shot.

The Roaming billiard gloves offer adjustability all the way.

With their unique design, you can easily adjust the quality velcro closure and get that 'second skin' effect. No more loose ends, not with Roaming gloves at least!

However, note that these pool gloves are only suitable for the left hand.

  • Affordable price
  • Great flexible design
  • Open fingers
  • Available in different sizes
  • Better grip
  • Only suitable for the left hand
  • Seams can tear easily

IBS Three Fingers Billiard Gloves - Best Three Finger Desing

The IBS pool gloves are another cheap gloves on the market that you cannot help but love!

We did not expect them to have such a good grip and relative flexibility, considering the construction material.

There is no chance you can resist this deal, not when it's affordable and will offer you a better performance.

These pool gloves are made out of nylon and spandex fabric combination that results in better grip, breathability, and most of all-elasticity.

If you want to get a sleek glove that will fit nicely, then we recommend these.

They sure feel comfortable and luxurious as some of the more expensive pick, so if you need to stay on the budget but want to upgrade your playing style, you know what to do.

Moreover, the pool gloves are super durable. A lot of the players commented that the pair of gloves lasted them for a long time!

However, we did notice a slight disadvantage.

Since the glove is so sleek, it can get slippery sometimes. But, if you want a faster movement when playing, this can serve as an advantage!

  • Durable
  • Different colors in the pack
  • Comfortable
  • Great grip
  • They can be slippery on the old felt

Champion Sports Billiards Gloves - The Best Color Desing

Champion Sports is a well-known name that has been in the industry for a while now. So, why not choose from one of the most reliable brands?

Let's find out what these trendy pool gloves have to offer.

The very first thing we notice about these pool gloves is the outstanding design!

Not only the shape but the great deep blue color will make you feel and look like a true champ.

Plus, you will be dressed on a budget and look like a million dollars while playing!

This is a one size fits all glove, so you cannot go wrong with it either way!

It will offer the best fit even on large hands, so consider this one of the safest purchases.

These Champion Spots pool gloves have the smoothest grip.

They impressed even some of the most demanding players with their comfortable material and breathability feature.

Plus, the anti-slip feature is there to make sure your every move is controlled and stable.

Lastly, these are some of the best-looking pool gloves we have come across. If you want to introduce a bit of style in your pool attire, these are the perfect pick.

  • Great style
  • Breathable fabric
  • Navy blue color
  • Only suitable for the left hand

Molinari Billiard Glove - Best For Large Hands

Lastly, we selected the highly popular Molinari billiard glove.

Even though another brand model is a favorite of many players, we decided to give this one a look and see how it performs.

You won't believe it, but the results were outstanding!

The Molinari pool gloves fit perfectly on the right hand! Consider this one of the disadvantages of the glove.

Even though it's a great fit, it does not fit the right hand, so not all players will get to experience the magic Molinari offers.

They even offer a handy size chart so you can choose from small, medium, or a size that fits all.

Plus, there are several different colors in the selection, so you can indeed find your favorite one.

Due to the great color selection, both men and women get to enjoy these billiard gloves!

Furthermore, the Molinari gloves have a double-stick mesh fabric that allows for breathability and prevents your hands from getting sweaty when playing.

If you need stability, the tacky pad is there to offer you all the control you need when you shoot to win.

  • Great fit for left hand
  • Breathable fabric
  • Adjustable strap
  • Suitable for large hands
  • The stitching is not great

Buyer's Guide

1. The importance of wearing a billiard glove

If you are a beginner pool player learning to master the bridge technique, you will often find the cue stick offering some resistance to your hand.

For this reason, you need to wear a billiard glove.

If you desire to get those smooth, almost effortless shots that come from pure talent, a billiard glove can be your best friend.

During the game, your hand will get sweaty, and that humidity will prevent the cue stick from gliding with ease.

Luckily, most of the best billiard gloves on the market are budget-friendly so that you can solve this issue for cheap!

2. Materials

best pool billiard glove

One of the major features that determine the quality of the best pool gloves is the material used.

You will often find that billiard gloves are made out of lycra or spandex.

The material is comfortable but, most of all, super stretchy. Therefore, a lot of the gloves that come in universal size will be made out of lycra.

Believe it or not, lycra can stretch up to several sizes and go from small to large in seconds.

What's even better is that the fabric is less likely to tear than nylon.

However, when it's combined with polyester or nylon, for instance, it can even be increased in elasticity, and that is a huge plus!

The combination of the materials is super breathable as well and can collect moisture like a pro!

It's firm and offers an excellent grip to those with sweaty hands.

3. How to choose the best size?

Before we go any further, when you buy the best pool gloves, you need to choose between a left and right-hand glove.

However, most players mix things up and accidentally buy a billiard glove for the hand that holds the cue, aka "the shooting hand."

When buying the best pool gloves, you are buying them for the "bridge hand". Therefore you can choose between the ones made for the left and right hand.

Best billiard gloves also come in different sizes. But, what if you don't have a clue what size first you best?

Don't worry; we can help you.

Generally, you can never go wrong with "one-size-fits-all" gloves. They can be worn by both genders and expand to every hand size.

Also, the billiard glove that has the open fingers design is usually made to fit both right and left hand.

Overall, almost all brands of best billiard gloves offer a handy size chart by which you can determine what works best for you.

4. Features worth having

The adjustable wrist strap is one of the best extra features you can have in a billiard glove. It allows you to fit the glove if the wrist is too loose neatly.

After all, you don't want a loose wrist fit that interferes with your bridge technique.

Another handy feature that some of the gloves include is the "nonslip padding."

This is usually located on the palm that ensures your hand is stable at all times. Such models are the Champion Sports Billiards Gloves.


What is the best pool glove?

When searching for the best pool glove, you need to consider a few factors: materials, flexibility, elasticity, nonslip design, and price.

We will go into detail about them in our buyer's guide below, so make sure you stick around.

Why do pool players wear a glove?

best billiard glove

Most of the pool players who prefer the "bridge" technique opt to wear a billiard pool cue glove. Why is that, you wonder?

Well, while performing this movement, your hands may get sweaty, and the dampness will interfere with friction.

If you want to get less friction and more smooth motion, your best choice is to purchase a billiard glove.

What's the best way to clean a pool glove?

To clean a pool glove, throw it in the washing machine. Once it's out, make sure you air-dry it!

Do not put it in the electric dryer, it's way too rough, and it will tear off the stitching on the billiard glove.

What is the best pool shooting glove?

The best pool shooting glove is the Anser Show Gloves.

These gloves are made to offer every player maximum flexibility, elasticity, and comfort while playing.

They have an adjustable strap to quickly get the best fit for your left or right hand.

One of the most irresistible trademarks of this billiard pool cue glove is the affordable price!

Final Words

Sweaty hands are a big NO when you are on your way to master the bridge technique.

To get those smooth glides of the cue stick, you need your hands to be stable and dry!

In other words, you need to get your best pool glove that can help you achieve the perfect move on the pool felt.

Our top choice that will keep you comfortable and fit like a dream is the Anser Show Gloves.

They are budget-friendly, stretchy, and super-durable!

Anser M050912 Man Woman Elastic 3 Fingers Show Gloves for Billiard Shooters Carom Pool Snooker Cue...*
  • Only 1PCS in the Packaging,It Can be Used for Right or Left Hand
  • HIGH QUALITY:Breathable and Stretchy Spandex Design Maximizes Shaft Movement
  • FLEXIBILITY DESIGN:Middle Finger Tip is Exposed,Thumb and Index Finger are Closed
  • GOOD FIT:with Velcro at the Wrist to Adjust
  • CUE STICK PARTNER:They Fit Nicely and Allow the Cue Stick to Glide Smoothly while Easily Maintaining Control

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