What is The Best Darts Drinking Game to Play?

Best Dart Drinking

Let's face it, drinking games have been the heart and soul of every awesome party since the dawn of time, and truthfully, they will never go out of style.

On the other hand, playing the same game every single time simply kills the vibe. Hence, it is always good to have an ace in the sleeve to spice the things up a notch.

Here's what I'm thinking: darts drinking game!

Now, I'm sure you heard of many different dart drinking games, but what we selected here is guaranteed to add the needed zazz to your party!

Just make sure you don't get soused before you read our instructions, okay?


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How To Aim Darts Quickly And Accurately? – Interesting Tips To Know!

how to aim darts

"A dart game a day helps keep stress away" should really be made an official phrase because dart is, beyond all dispute, one of the best anti-boredom means of recreation you can ever get.

Feeling down after being tossed from here to there by your packed schedule? Grab your darts and find a good target, and your mood is uplifted in an instant. In addition, playing darts can help you relax and soothe the muscles in the shoulders, neck, eyes, back, or wrists.

Thus, you should know how to aim darts quickly and accurately because only by doing so can you maximize all the results in the best way possible and enjoy the game to the fullest.

In particular, some helpful tips to consider in this article below will take you from rock bottom to top when it comes to dart aiming.

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How to Build a DIY Dartboard Backboard? – The Best Guide to Perfection

DIY Dartboard Backboard

Whether you're going on a vacation or you're a darts enthusiast that spends a lot of time playing, you'll need a backboard. A delicately designed backboard is an eye-candy, but it also serves a much larger purpose.

Having a quality dartboard backboard not only protects your wall or the surface you decide to hang it on, but it also helps preserve your darts, especially if they are soft-tip. However, darts equipment can be quite expensive, but that's no reason to start panicking.

Below, we'll offer you detailed instructions on how to manufacture a DIY dartboard backboard, and once you read it, you'll see that there's nothing to worry about.

Even if you're not a handyman or merely not gifted enough to work with wood, this article will make you feel like a true craftsman.

Stay tuned and learn all about it!

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How to Play Cricket Darts Like A Professional?

How to Play Cricket Darts

Darts has gained worldwide popularity over the years. Nowadays, you can seldom walk into a bar without a dart board hung up on the wall. In no time, you'll see darts flying, people having fun, shouting, and writing numbers to keep the game's score.

But, while just anyone can throw darts into a board and goof around, cricket darts requires a bit more professionalism.

The game itself is not at all challenging, but you need to learn a couple of ground rules to know what part of the board you're aiming at and how to keep the score.

In the article below, we have deconstructed the game of cricket darts to the most straightforward rules, and once you read it, you'll learn how to play cricket darts like a professional! Also, we included one bonus game, so you get the best out of your dart board!

Let's get to business, shall we?

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The Ultimate Darts Rules Guide: 10 Popular Games & How To Play Them

Darts Rules

Whether you choose to call it a sport or a game (you’d be surprised at the amount of dust this topic can stir up among darts enthusiasts), you’re going to have to learn some darts rules before you even think of playing.

Don’t worry, though – you’ll be a pro in no time!

We have a long list of rules ahead of us, so let’s get to it!

Is Darts a Sport? (The Answer Will Surprise You)

Is Darts a Sport

The question “is darts a sport?” has been a debate for decades.

The game of darts has moved from the confinement of local pubs to call itself a sport. Leaving many people to wonder if it has earned the right to be regarded as one.

In this article, we will consider reasons why this beautiful throwing game deserves to be classified as a sport and why people have claimed otherwise throughout its existence.

First, let’s clarify what a sport is.

How To Be The Best Player By Following Baseball Darts Rules

Baseball Darts Rules

You may already know this, but let's repeat: darts is a game that requires much patience, concentration, and focus. However, it can be funny and exciting with multiple players, especially if you're playing with your friends.

But, you might get tired of 301/501 Darts or Cricket darts game since you master the rules and strategies. What can you do next?

It's easy - change the game! It might be challenging since you need to follow other rules and strategies, but if you want to succeed, it shouldn't be a problem. 

That's why I'm here - I can show you another popular game that will blow your mind. Stay with me, and learn all you can about baseball darts rules and strategies

Baseball darts are another excellent darts game for beginners, but professional players, as well as they, can practice their skills more.

Therefore, let's not waste our time and focus on baseball darts rules!

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Top 10 Darts Players and Best Places to Play Darts in NYC

Best Dart Players And Dart Spots In NYC

New York is a top tourist destination. But did you know that it is also one of the best places for darts enthusiasts to visit?

There are fantastic places to go for a game.

If you are visiting this city, you need to check out this list of 5 of the best dart players and dart spots in NYC that any dart enthusiast should know.

How to Win Darts : Top 10 Tips From Professionals Players

How to Win Darts

Darts is a popular game and no surprise. It is great fun to play with your friends or against others in a tournament.

Winning is always exciting. After a couple of games, you are probably asking yourself what you can do to win.

Luckily, there are some fundamental guidelines you should know and skill you can hone to come out on top.

Take a look at these tips from the experts themselves to become a pro.

What Should You Know About The Numbers On The Dartboard?

numbers on the dartboard

You are in a bar, throwing some darts, and all of a sudden, you hear the famous ‘’why are the numbers on the dartboard lined that way?’

Wait for a minute, when you come to think of it, what is their meaning? Whether you are a darts professional or a beginner, this question is bound to be asked at some point in your dart gaming days.

If you want to wow your fellow players with interesting trivia about the numbers on the dartboard, keep on reading. We have everything you should know about this topic to help you understand the matter even better.

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