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My first memories of me playing table games as a kid are related to foosball. I remember feeling overwhelmingly powerful as I was trying to manipulate the players’ and the goalkeeper’s rod at the same time.

It has remained one of my favorite arcade games ever since - only the size of the table has changed.

No matter whether you like playing games with your family, friends, or this is more than a hobby for you, and you compete in tournaments, what you need is the best foosball table.

Foosball tables come in a lot of varieties, and you will need a different table for different purposes, of course.

Playing foosball can also be an engaging game for team building, so you might need a sturdy table to handle all of the breaks at work, or you may want a mini version for your kids.

Stay with me and learn about the best foosball tables in each category!


Best 3 Recommendations

But, if you don't have that much time on disposal, here are the top 3 picks I find the worthiest of your attention.

12 Best Foosball Tables On the Market in 2021

I compiled this list by examining more than 50 foosball tables available.

While it was a daunting task, and a big responsibility to find the best football table on the market for each category, I sure had a lot of fun since half of the testing was predominantly playing the game and noting things down.

Whether you want the best foosball table to improve your team spirit in your office, or you want one for your house to improve your skills and practice the rules, you are in the right place.

Without further ado, let’s go to the foosball table reviews!

Tornado Elite Foosball Table - Best Foosball Table Overall - Editor’s Pick

The undeniable winner among foosball tables comes definitely from Tornado, which is to no surprise, they are the best of the best when it comes to making and producing foosball tables.

The brilliant balance of its features fuses practicality, functionality, and professionalism together. Its sleek design accompanied by MDF wood vouch for the brand’s recognizable durability.

This powerhouse of a foosball table is not only heavily built but also sturdy.

With its 56 inches when it comes to length and 30 inches in width, this table does take up a lot of space. It weighs around 255 lbs, which certainly does not scream “portability”, but if need be, two people can move it.

Its significant weight, of course, has a plus side.

Tornado, as the best foosball table brand, made sure that it is sturdy and grounded enough so that players will have no issues when it comes to swaying, budging, or any sudden movements.

You can definitely come down with all of your force while you play, as it can stand even the hardest of the hits because the leg levelers are more than solid, and they prevent any sudden movements.

The steel rods used to enrich this table are hollow enough to provide lighter user experience, upgrading the overall play into a much smoother and faster feel.

Another key feature - the ball return - is placed conveniently on the side, which further improves the speed of the game.

  • Top-quality construction
  • Perfect rods
  • Best value for the price
  • Premium materials
  • Great leg levelers
  • None!

Kick Triumph 55’’ Foosball Table - Best Budget-Friendly Foosball Table

If you are looking for something easier on your pocket, the best foosball table for you is definitely Kick Triumph 55’’.

With this one, all of your gaming needs can be fulfilled on a budget-friendly note.

When it comes to the design of this table, the core lies in their leg levelers. The unique design consists of the silver lining, which fully adds to the smooth black design of this table.

The legs are sturdy and enforced with silver bars between them, so the overall stability of the table is good, and it can stand a good portion of aggression.

The stable and straight playing surface equals best table football play experience you can get.

This table features stainless steel rods enforced with no-slip wooden handles to ensure maximum comfort while playing.

Another cool feature of this foosball table is that it has some professional foosball table qualities, like cupholders, counterweighted players, and a scoring table.

The only downside to this table is probably the amount of time it took for it to be assembled. The instruction manual is not the most precise I’ve ever encountered, but once I set it up, it was great to play on.


You should definitely have a pair of helping hands when you try to assemble it so that the entire experience is easier and more enjoyable for you.

  • Smooth playing surface
  • Best in this price range
  • Packed with features
  • Durable & reliable play
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Instructions on assembling were not clear

Giantex 27'’ Foosball Table - Best Entry-Level Foosball Table

For all the shy beginners out there, I’ve selected Giantex 27'’ foosball table.

The innovative structure of this foosball table makes it as resilient to being transported and stored around wherever you may need it, as well as tough enough for it to sustain the untrained hands and spirits of beginner foosball players.

The combination of quality and strong wood, along with sturdy steel rods, is the pass-code of durability. Additional support and stability are provided by the beginner construction of 27 inches.

This portable foosball table will be equally fun for children as well as for adults. Its design is suitable for a children’s game room or a man cave, and it is equally easy to store it in your garage.

The price of this foosball table is another feature that makes it great and accessible to all foosball lovers.

It reflects the quality of the table (dare I say that it even slightly exceeds it?), and it is a prime example of excellent value for money.

This foosball table makes for an excellent gift for someone who needs a light steer in the direction of foosball play!

Overall, it is quite easy to put together (it takes as much as 15 minutes), all of the parts fit nicely, and you also get two footballs for the play.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for smaller spaces
  • Well-built and durable
  • Great price
  • Excellent for beginners of all age
  • None!

Warrior Soccer Pro Foosball Table - Best Professional Foosball Table

For those among you that can be called aficionados, I have prepared and selected a special delight.

For starters, the classic design was highly improved by barely noticeable tweaks in terms of stability.

The core construction of this foosball table is made from the top-quality MDF wood and topped off with PVC laminate to secure sweet finishing touch.

The playing rods are unlikely to warp and bend under pressure as they are made from solid steel and upgraded by rod guard. Your hands will not tire quickly while you play, and the rods will only provide more power and torque.

One of the superb features of the Warrior foosball table is its uniquely and specially designed, counterbalanced players. Their construction is of high-quality ABS plastic, is excellent for faster, professional play.

The foot of the men is slightly enlarged so that it allows for better ball control, something that is crucial for best foosball tables.

And finally, when it comes to the assembly time for this foosball table, you should be at ease.

Some foosball tables (especially the ones which are considered professional) take hours to assemble and require a group of people to do so. This table, however, is relatively easy to put together - no fuss guaranteed!

  • Strong, sturdy and stable
  • At the top of the best foosball tables for professionals
  • Reasonable price for a professional table
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Classic design imbued with significant innovations
  • Safe to say – none!

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table - Best Kids Foosball Table

Foosball is also immensely popular among kids, and it’s an excellent game for developing their motor skills and improving their reflexes.

For younger children, as well as for the total beginners, it’s better to start with a compact, mini-sized foosball table. That’s why I chose the FX40.

This foosball table delivers a surprising amount of features for under $100, starting from the chrome-plated steel playing rods and sturdy MDF design to the goals with a built-in ball return feature.

The rods are hollow, but very solid and durable, meaning you won’t have a feeling that you’re dealing with amateur foosball tables.

There are also the anti-slip rubber handles that ensure a comfortable touch, which is very important for kids who have not mastered all of the moves (yet).

You’ll get three 35mm-balls, which is bigger than the standard size of balls for tabletop foosball tables, but this is good because it somewhat slows the whole game, allowing kids to take their time in learning and playing.

A potential downside I want to mention is the fact that this table has to be positioned on a flat and hard surface because the legs are not very stable. A table or the floor will do.

  • Pre-assembled players on the playing rods
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight
  • Quality construction
  • The flexible pace of the game for the kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • The players are somewhat “skinnier” than usual
  • Has to be positioned on a surface that is stable, or else it will shake a bit

Rally and Roar Foosball Table - Best Mini Foosball Table

Apart from the standard-size tables, there are miniature versions of the game, nicknamed tabletop foosball games, that are, nevertheless, as competitive and fun.

Mind you, this type of foosball table is not only for kids - in fact, adults play it more often, deciding to go for this compact version because it is easier to fit it on any tabletop you want. And it is so easy to transport!

My pick in this category is a mini-sized foosball table made by Rally and Roar, and apart from having shorter legs and no leg levelers, it differs from regular foosball tables in its size (40 x 20 x 9 inches).

This tiny foosball table looks the same as the best football tables out there: the playing field and the players are so realistic, and the three-person goalie configuration is better for this kind of foosball tables.

You’ll also get two authentic soccer balls (1.25’’ in diameter).

As you can see, its size does not come at the expense of durability and sturdiness.

In addition to the excellent physical features, this table comes with chrome-plated steel rods with ergonomic rubber handles for an excellent grip and handy scorekeepers on both goals.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • High-quality construction
  • Great for both kids & adults
  • Quick ball return feature
  • Authentic playing experience
  • You will probably need some adjusting to the tabletop size, but this is not always a con!

Kettler Weatherproof Outdoor Foosball Game Table - Best Outdoor Foosball Table

What sounds better than spending a Sunday afternoon playing games with your friends and family on the open air?

With Kettler Weatherproof Foosball Table, you can also include foosball amongst your outdoor activities.

As you can probably tell, the most prominent feature of this table (and the reason why it is the best for en plein air action) is the fact that it’s weatherproof. This means that this durable table won’t get damaged by the rain or the sun rays thanks to its sturdy construction.

This table features hollow steel rods with integrated anti-loosening technology, as well as the ball-drop at the middle, blue and grey score cubes, and the quick ball return due to ball pockets.

The built-in leg levelers mean that you also get the adjustable leg function, which is very useful with this one, as the terrain can often be uneven.

As for the goalie configuration, they are the only figures that don’t rotate 360 degrees, as their feet hit the ground.

Once you’re done with playing, there is no need to bring this foosball game table into your home, as you’ll also get an excellent weatherproof outdoor cover for it.

What you also get with this purchase are five balls; this should be enough to keep your game lively and competitive!

  • Great for any playing surface
  • The high-speed glass playing field looks great
  • A very sturdy table
  • Rods are made of durable chrome-plated stainless steel
  • High-quality cover included
  • You cannot fold the legs once you install them

Best Choice Products 48’’ Wooden Soccer Foosball Table for Home - Best Household Foosball Table

Foosball isn’t just a game - it’s a way of connecting to your household members and spending some quality time with them.

To gather all kinds of players, from youngsters to adults, I tried my best to choose a quality table that resembles the one that I had back at my house when I was a teenager, and the perfect pick was Wooden Foosball Table by Best Choice Products.

It is the best-selling foosball table, and for a good reason.

Firstly, it simply looks great and goes well with any interior - though this, of course, was not of prime importance.

What was of prime importance, instead, was the fact that this table brought unlimited fun to my team and me!

As for the dimensions, they are as follows: 48 x 24 x 33 inches, which categorizes this table under mid-sized foosball tables, just how you want it for indoors. The whole family can play, as it is neither too short for the adults nor too tall for the kids.

In total, there are eight rows of rods, so 11 red and white players in a team (just like in the real game).

The manufacturers even included cup holders on each side, so players can enjoy their favorite drinks while playing!

  • Great value for the price
  • Solid wood was used
  • Stainless steel playing rods that slide well
  • The goalie configuration allows you to rotate it 360 degrees
  • There is the adjustable leg function
  • None!

 Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table - Best Office Foosball Table

As I’ve mentioned earlier, foosball can be an ultimate entertaining activity for your colleagues and you at work.

It won’t be another distraction-game, but instead an excellent game for creating a healthy competitive and team-oriented atmosphere between coworkers.

For this purpose, you will need a sturdy table that will handle many games and many players, but not too-spacious so that it can fit into one of the rooms at your office.

My pick here is Garlando G-500, a model that belongs to the Evolution series manufactured by Garlando.

If you’ve sometimes used Carrom signature foosball table, a popular option that was my runner-up for this category, I want to explain why Garlando G-500 beats Carrom's signature foosball table in almost all the aspects.

It comes in three modern varieties: Pure Black, Grey, and Pure White.

Though the latter looks really elegant, the players come in white and really light grey colors, so they are sometimes hard to distinguish. I suggest getting one of the former two, as they both feature red and blue players.

The goalie configuration is such that it allows you to rotate it 360 degrees, and the same goes for the telescoping stainless steel rods.

Finally, you’ll get ten foosball balls with this purchase, which should be enough even if you lose a few somewhere in the office!

  • Sleek design
  • High-quality rods
  • Free accessories
  • Quick ball return
  • The leg leveler included
  • Great price
  • I wish it had an electronic scorer instead of abacus

Goplus 54’’ Foosball Table - Best Foosball Table Under $200

If you want quality and durability for a low price, I made sure that you get precisely that - with the Goplus 54-inch game table, your game play will be next level!

It was made from high-quality solid wood particle board, with chrome-plated steel rods and anti-slip rubber-coated wood handles, which will ensure no friction and easy rotating while you’re playing.

I want to emphasize that the 54-inch models usually come at a much higher price so that you know that the compensations that you’re making are minimal.

For instance, there is the abacus scorer, instead of the electric, and visual-wise, I didn’t like the players because they are a bit unrealistic.

But the most important thing is, the playing experience is fantastic - this is a perfect family foosball table, and kids seem to love it.

A little detail that I liked is that the two balls that come with this foosball table fully resemble the real-life football ball. Also, all the parts are quality: there are leg levelers, 13 black and 13 ivory players, and pockets for quick ball return.

The rod with the goalies contains three figures, which might disappoint you if you’re the one-man goalie type - this all boils down to your personal preference.

  • A cheap foosball table, considering features that it offers
  • Great ball control
  • Smooth playing surface
  • Hollow steel rods
  • Suitable for both adults & children
  • It takes around 3 hours to assemble it
  • Some users might prefer the one-man goalie foosball tables

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table - Best Expensive Foosball Table

In its category - 56-inch commercial foosball tables - you’ll be paying a steep price, but in return, you’ll get authentic game play experience and hours of fun.

Its size makes it ideal for all players, from beginners to professionals, and the premium design with an attractive playing surface means this table can easily fit into your homes, offices, or even game rooms and sports center.

The fact that it is among the first top-3-selling foosball tables though it is expensive stands as a clear proof of how great this foosball table is! So, let’s see what it’s got.

There is a learning curve to the figures because they are somewhat oddly shaped if you’re used to playing on the standard foosball tables. I didn’t see this as a con because it allows for enough ball control and more speed, meaning you’ll improve your playing skills, too.

This commercial foosball table can also be used for entry-category competitive tournaments.

But its killer feature is the quality of the rods - they are chrome-plated, and the handles are ergonomic.

As for the material of the table itself, it is a combination of wood with a PVC laminate finish, painted nicely to resemble the real soccer game.

There are 26 players in total, in black and red colors, and the threefold goalie configuration. You’ll get two soccer balls with the purchase.

  • The most versatile option
  • Extremely durable
  • 5-inch leg levelers
  • High-quality rods
  • No adjustable leg function
  • (Obviously) a bit pricey in its category

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table - Best-Looking Foosball Table

I was thinking a lot giving Hathaway Playoff foosball table the “best-looking foosball table” title because some of you may think that it looks better than it performs, but it simply looks too good not to name it so.

So, off the start, I want to make it clear - this table did not find its way on my top list ONLY because it’s the best-looking foosball table, but it does look unreal.

I mean, where should I begin?

Realistic players, with full kits, a realistic playing field, a beautiful logo on the sides, even the crowd… This is truly a complete soccer experience.

Let’s break down the other features and see how this table really got here.

The quality wood construction with the glossy surface touch and stainless steel rods provide smooth, fast-paced, and pleasurable game play.

As for its main purpose, I’d say this is a house table. With a good cover, it could also serve for your yard, as it is lightweight and can easily be moved.

However, it is not the best for a tournament or arcade rooms - if this is your primary goal, search elsewhere!

The balls that you get with the purchase are smaller than usual, but you can use the ones that you already have or buy regular foosball balls since these can move a bit too fast.

  • Incredibly realistic design
  • Packed with features
  • Suitable for both kids & adults
  • Great price
  • The smaller size of the balls than expected

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Foosball Table

Before you decide to make an investment, it is always a good idea to investigate some key factors that make a great foosball table.

As always, I've got you!

1. Type

best foosball table for home

Precisely for its communal spirit, foosball is something that enriches any workspace, and it is also a fantastic addition to any bar or any pub and sure to attract a lot of customers that like to play.

However, you need to know what you're looking for.

There are various types of foosball tables on the market, and to pick the most suitable one, you should check out the following list.

  • Standard – Standard foosball tables are the ones that you most frequently see, as they are the most popular of the bunch. Along with its popularity comes the much less popular side, and that is the fact that this type is the most expensive one on the market.
    Of course, there are variants even to this, as there are less costly options, as well as more expensive ones.
    Standard foosball tables are made of quality materials and, in turn, are quite heavy and take up a lot of space. If your housing situation is such that you do not have enough space to place a standard foosball table, other options could be better for you!
  • Tabletop – If your needs are such that you want a flexible foosball table, but also full of features, there is no better option for you than a tabletop foosball table. It is quite mobile and easy to move around in addition to demanding much less space than a standard one.
    Tabletop foosball tables are less expensive than standard ones.
    Still, they also have one downside in terms of material quality that is used in manufacturing (they are frequently made of plastic).
    Of course, I made sure to select only those that come with premium features for my list!
  • Combination – These so-called “combination” foosball tables aren’t exclusive to one game but can feature several games in one, some of them being pool, chess, shuffleboard, bowling, etc.
    They are ideal for those of you who are fans of multiplayer games and like to host game nights with family and friends as they offer a variety of entertainment options.
  • Coin-operated – The type of foosball tables that you commonly see in pubs and bars, coin-operated tables certainly aren’t the type that you want to place in your home.
    They are, of course, worth the mention, as some of you might be interested in opening a bar of your own!

2. Size

best foosball table for home use

As mentioned before, standard foosball tables take up a significant portion of space.

If you are keen on getting a full-sized foosball table, you will need to have enough room for a playing space that consists of 7 ft by 8 ft.

If this exceeds the size of your free space area at home, you can always opt for other options, such as a tabletop.

3. Height

When it comes to the table height, you want to be on the lookout for the table that features adjustable table legs, as this quality will make the foosball table more suitable for a family-friendly environment.

Legs of the foosball table are also the key factor that provides stability. The thicker the legs, the more stable your foosball table is.

4. Material

best foosball table brand

The top-quality material for a foosball table is solid wood, but there are tables made of plastic and particle boards.

Of course, the price revolves around the material that was used in its construction, with solid wood tables being more expensive (and, consequently, of more quality).

The less expensive ones are made of particle boards.

You should pay attention to the surface material as well, and make it your mission to steer clear of stick-on designs if you want a more professional feel to your table.

Solid wood and laminate are much more desirable for a surface than anything else.

5. Goalie Configuration

One-man goalie or a trio?

One of the most prominent features of foosball tables is the goalie body count. This area falls smoothly in the preference hoop, as the number of goalies undoubtedly depends on what kind of game you want to play.

If you want a game that requires both skills and precision, definitely look for a table that has one goalie.

If you prefer a lighthearted but a fast-paced game, you should select a foosball table with three goalies.

Frequently Asked Questions

While at the topic, I wanted to address some of the most frequently asked questions related to foosball tables!

How big is a foosball table?

best foosball table amazon

A common misconception is that a good foosball table has to be big and sturdy, or that it cannot fit into your apartment easily.

However, in all honesty, I must say there is no quite a straightforward answer to this question because it depends on the purpose. But I’ll try to provide you with a short overview of that.

If we’re talking about the standard, the average foosball table dimensions are as follows: 30 inches (width), 56 inches (length), and 36 inches (height). Thus, if you want to get a regular foosball table size that will account for most of the players, you should aim for something like this.

For those of you who want to save up on the space, there are plenty of smaller options available - just make sure to position your hands approximately at the height of the foosball table that you want to buy to see if the position is not uncomfortable for you.

Finally, when measuring the space where you want to fit your foosball table, don’t forget to count in the actual space for the people who are going to be playing!

How much is a good foosball table?

best foosball table for the money

Another illusion is that a good foosball table costs a fortune.

Sure, if you want to approach foosball playing professionally, you’ll have to invest around $700-1200 to a professional foosball table.

But other than that, there some quite affordable and quality foosball tables in the $150-300 price range.

For instance, at just under $200 the Goplus 54’ I mentioned is half the price of most other foosball tables in the range, making it an inexpensive investment for those of you who want to dabble into playing foosball occasionally.

Final Comments

I hope that I helped you find the perfect foosball table for you. In the end, all that is left is to answer the burning question: What is THE one, the best, foosball table?

Tornado Elite answers the question by itself.

Not only does it offer quality rods, but also impeccable playing surface and premium bonus features, thus it can be used on pretty much all occasions. Its attractive design cannot go unmentioned, too.

Everybody will envy you if you own this one!

Tornado Elite Foosball Table - Commercial Tournament Quality Table Soccer Game for The Home*
  • The Tornado Elite Foosball Table is Made In Richland Hills, Texas USA by Master Craftsmen
  • 1.5" Thick Cabinet Walls - Extreme Durability For Home or Commercial Use
  • Patented Counter Balanced Foosball Players Stay Exactly Where You Leave Them
  • Beautiful Victorian Cherry Laminate Provides Rich, Elegant Styling
  • Leg Levelers Make Sure the Game is Fast and the Foosballs Roll Smoothly Across the 3/4" Laminate Playfield

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