Perfect Throwing Skills With The Best Dartboard Stands

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Darts has quickly taken over our hearts as one of the most popular games. If you are a beginner at darts, we recommend you purchase a dartboard stand and amaze your friends with your skills.

However, assuming you are a beginner, you probably do not know what kind of stand is right. If you think you can nail a dartboard on a wall and you are good to go, you would be wrong.

Getting the best dartboard stands means saving your walls from the annihilation of drilling and missed darts. If you have a roommate, this is not a way to get on their right side.

Therefore, getting a good stand for a dartboard can make a crucial difference in your throwing skills. Also, it can be quite therapeutic when you want to take your mind off things. And, what better way to do so than playing darts?

Lastly, have we mentioned that we had included some models that are lightweight and portable? Well, what are you waiting for?

Hop on the review and find your best pick.


Top 3 Recommendations
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WINMAU Xtreme Dartboard Stand 2*
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Gorilla Stands Unisex's Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand, Black, 96x15x14*
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Best Dartboard Stands Money Can Buy: My Top 6 Favorites

Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit - Best Pick

The first one is Winmau, one of the most popular brands when it comes to dartboard accessories.

Their products have been taking over the world ever since they stepped on the market. Here is why you should consider this dartboard stand.

We all know that when you are playing a game of darts, some players can be, well, competitive. This is the reason you need a sturdy and robust dartboard to stand for those aggressive throws.

The Winmau stand features a lockable height setting that allows you to adjust the position’s height to your likings.

One of your favorite things about this stand is how easy it is to collapse. When you want to take the game somewhere else, loosen the hinges, and you have a dart stand ready for transportation.

Do we need to mention how convenient it is to pack the stand once you turn the legs inside? Talk about space-saving.

Of course, if you decide on transportation, you would be pleased to know that this stand weighs only 16 pounds. There you have it, a lightweight but sturdy portable dartboard stand for all your gaming adventures.

  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • /

Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dartboard - Budget-Pick Choice

Another fantastic pick is the Gorilla Arrow Pro Dartboard stand if you are trying to stay on the budget. For such a low price, you will bring your dart game sessions to a whole other level.

Many people would not expect a robust build quality design for a budget-friendly choice, but you should know better than this.

The Gorilla Arrow Pro dartboard stand is known for its incredible build and the advanced features. You can take the stand anywhere you would like to since its principal characteristic Is the lightweight portability.

The stand is made of robust steel with a black finish, giving a luxurious look.

Another convenient feature is that the stand has a 360 rotation bracket, which allows you to rotate the board any whey you like.

Whether you are a dart beginner or a pro, you will surely enjoy the dartboard stand. It is bound to fit the décor in your gaming room or pub area and securely hold the dartboard.

The stand also comes with a free carry bag for more comfortable transportation.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • The instruction manual is vague

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet - Best Dartboard

This is one of the best dartboard cabinets you can find. The model is not exactly a budget pick, but you would be amazed by the features it provides for this price range.

The Hathaway Outlaw Centerpoint cabinet is a dartboard stand accompanied by the complete game station packed with features and advantages.

Firstly, you will be getting a complete and functional electronic dartboard with soft tip darts. You can think of this as money well spent since not all dartboard stands come with aboard.

Furthermore, the vintage-looking cabinet is bound to give off a luxurious and delicate vibe to your gaming room.

The size of the cabinet is 15.5 inches, and it comes with a built-in LCD. You can also keep track of your dart score and the score of eight players.

Not only this, but the Centerpoint keeps track of a larger group of players and comes with a wide selection of dart games.

The voice message system supports the cabinet unit through a built-in sound system. Pretty impressive, right?

I think it’s time to give your room an arcade aesthetic and enjoy a game of darts as one should.

  • Sound system
  • Up to 90 game variations
  • Heavy

Darts Master Dartboard Stand - Ultimate Lightweight Pick

If you did your dartboard stand research, you would know that Darts Masters stand is becoming increasingly popular with the audience.

Due to its price and sturdy quality, this is one of your favorite picks when it comes to simplicity and convenience.

The darts masters are made from high-quality steel, which ensures you get as much use as possible out of this stand if it will surely last for numerous gaming sessions and all of your dartboard tournaments.

Moreover, when you are looking for a portable stand, you need to make sure you are getting a lightweight pick. There is no reason you should strain your back when trying to move the stand to a more convenient spot.

For that reason, the Darts Masters stand is exceptionally lightweight by only 9 pounds.

When you want to adjust the board to your likings, adjustable features come in.

With all the adjustability such as height, you are free to enjoy a darts game as you rightly should.

It also comes with a bracket holder, which means you can attack any dartboard size you want. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor game sessions.

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Bracket holder
  • Needs drilling for specific dartboards

Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand - Highly

Next, we have the Unicorn Dartmate stand. We always aim to include a budget-friendly choice, and this dartboard stand happens to fit the category.

Although It is not the best of the best when it comes to dartboard stands, the Unicorn Dartmate still has its advantages.

For starters, the stand is portable and lightweight. When you decide to move the game of darts to another room, you can easily do so.

The mechanism on the stand is designed for convenient portability. You are free to play darts wherever and whenever you want.

The Unicorn stand is completely adjustable, allowing you to set the desired height. However, you should know that dartboard and surrounds are not included.

Then again, this is one of our budget-picks, so we were not surprised that it lacked a few accessories.

That being said, you should buy a surround if you want to keep the board in place. As for the stand, it’s quite durable and sturdy even for such a low price.

When you finish the game, fold the stand and carefully store it away. You would be amazed at how little storage it takes.

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Wobbly when you try to remove the board

GRAN Dart Board Stand - Best Portable Dartboard Stand

The Gran dartboard stand is your best option if you want to get your money’s worth. This affordable option promises to deliver only the best support for your favorite dartboard.

Firstly, we mentioned that getting a lightweight dartboard stand is vital if you know you will be moving the darts a lot. The Gran stand weighs only 3 pounds and is exceptionally light and portable.

When it’s your turn to carry the darting equipment to your pal’s house, you will have no problem whatsoever.

Also, the carry bag that comes along will make the process of transportation so much easier!

Moreover, the steel construction is what makes a stand durable and stable. However, it’s known to shake a bit after some aggressive throws, so have that in mind.

It comes with multiple brackets, including the O-type bracket designed for general purpose.

What’s even more outstanding about it is that it is compatible with most electronic and bristle dartboards, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility.

All and all, this is a fantastic option for any player who is looking for an affordable, portable, and lightweight dart stand.

  • Affordable
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with an O-type bracket
  • Shaky

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Dartboard Stand

1. Materials For Stands

You should know that dartboard stands come in different styles. By being made of different materials, their price goes according to the quality of build material.

The most common constructing materials for dartboard stands are wood, steel, and aluminum.

best portable dartboard stand

a. Wooden Stands

This is one of the common construction materials and the cheapest ones.

They can quickly transform any room and give it a vintage-arcade vibe.

Since most of the dartboards are made out of foam, they can blend in with ease into the stylish wood finish.

Moreover, the wooden material can improve the overall look of the set and make it look like you spend hundreds of dollars when, in reality, you were shopping on a budget.

However, wooden stands are known for being quite substantial.

We would recommend you carefully pick a spot for your new dartboard set and let it be. When you try to transport it, you risk damaging the flooring.

Plus, they are on the heavier side, so they would not be suitable for a portable stand.

b. Steel Stands

The steel stand is another heavy pick but for a reason.

Unlike aluminum, steel is less likely to rust if it gets in touch with water. Hence, it will last you for a longer time.

It is also more convenient for outdoor use since it gives stability when you need it the most. Again, you can take them anywhere you want to be prepared to lift some significant weight.

Depending on the manufacturer and the instruction manual, steel stands are sometimes tricky to assemble.

Then again, you will rarely find this to be true.

c. Aluminum Stands

If you want a lightweight stand that is easy to assemble and does not take up much storage space, then you should consider aluminum stands.

Unlike steel and wood, aluminum is known for being extremely lightweight and ready to be transported anywhere.

However, some would say that easy portability does not always mean excellent stability.

We would recommend aluminum stands mostly for indoor use. Imagine the mess if you took it outside. One blow of wind, and you can say goodbye to your darts.

2. Free Standing Vs. Self-Standing

best dart board stand uk

Now that we have covered the materials for dartboard stands, we move on to other crucial features.

That is, which is better for you-free standing or wall-mounted design?

The self-standing design looks like a tripod.

They usually have adjustable features to adjust the height or rotate the board in any direction.

One of our favorite things about freestanding stands is that they are easy to set up and assemble.

You could be playing a game of darts within a few minutes of unpacking your new stand.

However, self-standing stands are not that stable. You will find them to be wobbly when the dart hits the board.

But, this can hardly impact the game. It all comes down to the manufacturing and the build quality of the stand.

Also, they are convenient due to their adjustability. This is helpful if you are playing with a big group of friends or having a family night.

As for the wall-mounted stand, these are usually found in pubs or tournaments halls. Unlike freestanding ones, these are stable against aggressive shots.

Also, they are more substantial, so don’t even think about DIY-ing them into a portable stand.

3. Mounting Brackets

best dartboard stand uk

Always check if the stand comes with a mounting bracket.

The mounting bracket will determine whether your dart set is compatible with the stand you just purchased.

Stands usually have a U-shaped metal bracket that allows the dartboard to slide into it.

Once you get it on, you can simply rotate it in any direction you like.

Not all stands are compatible with all types of boards. You need to make sure to get a suitable one before you go on and splurge on an expensive model.


What is the best dartboard stand?

The best dartboard stand is the Winmau Xtreme Dartboard Unit.

With the robust build, Winmau offers, even the most aggressive throws will not harm it! It features a lockable height option, which allows you to play darts securely.

Additionally, the collapsable design is a real space-saver and can save you the trouble of dissembling the stand every time you have to put it away.

How do you attach a dartboard to a stand?

Once you take out the dartboard stand out of the box and assemble it, you will notice it comes with a bracket. Install the bracket on the stand and take out your dartboard.

Install the other side of the bracket behind the dartboard but make sure you measure out the dead center first.

After that, connect the two brackets, and you are done.

How to make a portable dartboard stand?

With DIY portable dartboard stands, you can genuinely get innovative.

You can make one out of some wood pieces and create the shape you prefer; make sure you reach the recommended 5 ft 8 in height.

Here is a video demonstration if you decide to get creative.

Final Words

You see, choosing the best dartboard stands out of these fantastic 6 models was not an easy job. However, we have to include the ultimate dartboard for the sake of making your choice easier.

In our opinion, the Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit takes the win.

Many customers have words of praise when it comes to this stand, and it is for a reason.

The robust build and stainless steel finish are guaranteed to be your best companion in keeping the dartboard in place.

WINMAU Xtreme Dartboard Stand 2*
  • Portable and compact unit allows you to play wherever you go
  • Adjustable with a lockable height setting to get the perfect dartboard height
  • Easy to assemble and includes wall stabilisers to reduce movement
  • 4 legs for additional stability
  • Dartboard and surround not included

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