The Best Portable Pool Table You Need to Know About in 2021

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Are you a pool lover who needs a pool table but can't afford to install one in your game room?

If tabletop versions are not your cup of tea, I suggest you take a look at these 8 impressive portable pool tables. They are relatively smaller than your average pool table, and chances are, they will fit nicely in your room. Not only that, but portable pool tables are unique for-guess what? Transport, of course!

If you want to surprise your buddies at a party, I bet that bringing the best portable pool table will do the trick.

Here are the top 8 options to keep an eye out for if your heart desires a quality, smaller-sized pool table.


Top 3 Recommendations

Top 8 Best Portable Pool Tables on the Market in 2021

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table - Best Portable Pool Table

The Hathaway Fairmont portable table is a true marvel of 2021! If you enjoy playing pool occasionally, you will love all the features and benefits Hathaway has to offer.

The attractive table comes in two colors variations-blue and red, enough to enrich any game room setting.

Let's start with the main feature you clicked on in this article-the portability!

This best portable pool table includes durable and sturdy steel folding legs that make any transport 10x easier!

A nifty feature that protects the table when you are not using it is the nylon carrying bag. You can quickly wrap it in the bag and make sure nothing happens to your new pool table.

Worried about the foldable legs and whether they are studied enough when the table is fully assembled? No need for such worries.

The Hathaway Fairmont folding pool table is incredibly sturdy, which allows you to play your favorite game without worrying if the pool table will collapse. The legs are locked in place to make sure you have a stable playing surface.

What I value the most about this table is the size.

The Hathaway Fairmont 6-foot table is an excellent pick for those who can't afford a larger table. It will not, however, be appreciated by those who want to play on a bigger surface.

Moreover, the high-quality table includes accessories every beginner pool player needs!

The table comes with 48" pool cues, two pieces of chalk cubes, a table brush, and a racking triangle. It also includes a 180-day warranty so that you can have a sound mind with this one.

The 6-foot portable pool table is an excellent pick if you have kiddos who can't wait to learn how to play pool!

  • Folding legs
  • Great for smaller game rooms
  • No assembly required
  • Low-quality accessories

Fat Cat GLD Products Fat Cat Trueshot - Runner Up

A true fan of poo or darts equipment, know the actual value of Fat Cat products. The brand strives to bring together excellent quality and price points for customers who want limitless fun in their homes' comfort.

The portable pool table is not any different than what the brand represents. So, let's see what's so special about it.

Firstly, the Fat Cat portable pool table includes folding legs that allow for easy transportation and storage. The innovative design surprised many who wanted to save that extra space in their storage area.

Those with smaller rooms will most enjoy this folding pool table! Why?

Because it's only 6-feet long and genuinely marvelous. It allows fitting a couple of more units in the room while you have complete freedom to shoot pools on a smooth playing surface.

Moreover, this folding pool table features a black cloth design on the surface. I especially appreciate this feature since it can blend into any room decor and look sleek and stylish!

The Fat Cat portable pool table has a lock-in leg system that offers every player a sound mind. You don't have to worry about the billiard table collapsing since it will stay put with the innovative mechanism.

This Fat Cat small pool table includes every accessory needed for a head start.

If you don't have the advantage of buying the pool equipment, you will appreciate these follow-up pieces. That being said, the mini pool table comes with chalk cubes, two pool cues, and one ball triangle.

The high-quality materials allow for this small pool table to be both sturdy and lightweight during transportation.

Plus, it's the perfect size for younger players as well.

  • Great for smaller game rooms
  • Space-saving design
  • Includes pool equipment
  • Easy folding for storage
  • Thin felt

Costzon 47" Folding Billiard Table - Best For Kids

The Costzon folding pool billiard table is not only our best pick for kids, but it's also a great choice if you don't want to spend too much on a pool table. This small pool table is only 47" long and 25" wide, so it's perfect for small game room owners!

Without further ado, let's see if this is the best small pool table for you!

The Costzon foldable pool table offers a fantastic deal if you want to surprise your kiddo.

The dimensions are simply perfect for kids, and it comes with all the necessary equipment. The mini pool table includes 15 resin pool balls and one cue ball that follow the standard measurements.

This equipment set is supposed to offer a realistic feel to both kids and older ones!

The resin balls included are made to be durable and fadeless, so you can rest sure knowing they will support your every game.

The billiards table also includes a racking triangle, two cues chalk, one brush, and glue. All you need is included in this smart purchase!

Moreover, the high-quality built will surprise you the most!

Most of the foldable pool gaming tables do not sparkle with quality, but this astonished many customers. The pool table is made with durable MDF and a smooth felt playing surface, ensuring you use it for a very long time.

The Costzon folding pool table also includes four adjustable pads that will protect your floor and make sure there are no uneven areas! How amazing is that?

Since space-saving is in everyone's interest, you will be surprised to know that this billiards table is foldable and allows you to save precious space in your game room.

When you are not using the small pool table, simply fold it and store it away for your next get-together.

  • Affordable
  • Great for kids
  • Includes equipment
  • Low-quality pockets

RACK Crux Folding 55 in Billiard - Best Affordable Pool Table

The Rack Crux is slightly larger in dimensions than our previous pick, but it's still a perfect item for those who lack space in their game room!

This folding space-saver pool table follows excellent average dimensions if you want to have the ultimate fun on a smooth playing surface.

Firstly, let's discuss if the dimensions will fit your room standards.

The Rack Crux folding pool table is 55" inches long, 29" wide, and 31.5" high. That being said, it's great for a younger audience as well, so you can surprise your kiddo with a new indoor game.

The RACK Crux portable pool table is also a fantastic choice for beginners!

It can surely help you boost your confidence when you are playing for the first time. Plus, what better way to spend family time than with a good old game of pool.

Moreover, the RACK Crux foldable pool table comes with a set of durable and high-quality billiard balls, two cues chalk, a racking triangle, a table brush, and two billiard cue balls.

If you want to surprise your favorite pool fanatic, then this is the set you should go for!

As soon as you assemble the pool table, you are ready to play with the accessories that come with the purchase.

For a sound mind, the space-saving pool table offers a lifetime warranty that guarantees satisfying purchases.

The billiard table is made to last!

Surprisingly, the pool table is both sturdy and lightweight for transportation. Therefore, you easily fold the legs and take them anywhere you'd like.

You will be astounded at how you can improve your skill on this mini pool table.

  • Affordable
  • Convenient dimensions
  • Smooth felt playing surface
  • Great for kids
  • Solid built
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with necessary accessories
  • Often damaged in delivery

Rack Leo Pool Table - Best For Smaller Rooms

Like the Costzon portable pool table, the Rack Leo takes the win when it comes to small billiards tables. The impressive unit is only 47" inches long and a generous offer for those who prefer shorter surfaces.

You absolutely MUST pay attention to this one if you want to surprise a young billiard fan in your household.

This small-size pool table is super easy to assemble when you open it. All you need to do is straighten the legs that fold underneath, and you are ready to play pool.

This Rack Leo pool billiard table's folding design is perfect for those who lack space in their storage area. You can just as easily pack it up in your car and take it to your next party on occasion.

What amazed me the most about this folding pool table was that there are leg levelers included. So, no matter where you assemble the folding table, you can rest sure, knowing everything will be appropriately aligned and everyone has a fair game.

Also, the purchase includes several accessories that will amaze any pool enthusiast! You get two cue balls, a set of pool balls, a racking triangle, a table brush, and chalk in the deal.

However, you should be aware that these are not full-size pool balls. They are slightly smaller in diameter, but they are perfect for beginners as they give a realistic feel.

Plus, they are durable and solid. Most likely, they will help you work on your accuracy until you can purchase a full-size set.

Lastly, the Rack Leo game table offers you a lifetime warranty so you can have a sound mind when it comes to safe purchases. Your family game nights are going to get a whole lot better!

  • Suitable for small game rooms
  • Sturdy
  • Includes pool equipment
  • Easy assembly
  • Low-quality cue ball

HOMCOM 55" Portable Folding Billiards Table - Best Quality Built

Out of all eight items on our list that followed more significant dimensions, the Homcom takes the win for authentic design.

This impressive portable pool table is designed to give a natural, vintage feel to all pool enthusiasts who can't afford a bigger model. It will fit perfectly in any room decor and improve your gaming skills as we speak!

The portable pool table's manufacturers carefully chose all the materials in the construction process.

Since it's supposed to give you an overall enjoyable feel, the portable pool table includes fleece for the playing surface. The smooth polyester fleece will ultimately offer you a better bounce and accurate, swift shots.

Moreover, HOMCOM portable pool table includes sturdy materials such as MDF construction that keep the table stable during the game.

Not only that, but you will as well be amazed at the bumper cushions. They completely line the surface and allow the billiard balls to bounce back quickly.

If you are impatient to start the game, you will be pleased to know that this portable pool table comes with all the needed accessories. Those include a set of billiard balls, cue balls, table brushes, and chalk.

When the portable table is not in use, you can simply fold the legs and neatly store it away without taking too much storage space.

Plus, it's convenient for transport since it's not so heavy-duty like most of the pool tables.

Overall, this HOMCOM portable pool table will serve you well if you want an authentic, sleek-looking table with brilliant manufacture and accessories. You can start playing right after you open it and enjoy a quality game of pool.

  • Great dimension
  • Includes billiard set
  • Quality MDF built
  • Space-saving design
  • Poor quality cues

GoSports 6ft or 7ft Billiards Table - Best Heavy-Duty Built

A small pool table does not satisfy your needs? How about you check this 6-foot long one from Go Sports? I bet this one will do you justice and offer an excellent pool session.

The impressive portable pool table allows you to have all the fun indoors with its incredible built and full-set included! Let's see what else it offers.

The GoSports portable pool table introduces a significantly larger design than what we are used to seeing in portable pool tables.

It is 6-feet long, 43" wide, and 31" inches high which are the perfect dimensions if you are looking for an average-sized pool table.

It's a fantastic companion for all the competitive matches, but it still folds to a convenient size so you can safely store it away. It can fit practically anywhere, and it does not take up too much space in your game room.

Moreover, the GoSports portable pool table is a dream-come-true to any beginner pool player. How so?

Well, mainly because it means you won't have to purchase separate pool equipment since everything you need is included in this deal!

The portable pool table includes 15 regulation billiard balls, a cue ball, cue sticks, a felt brush, and a rack. It's enough to get you started on your first few games!

Now, you know what the absolute best feature of this GoSports portable pool table is? It's already fully assembled, and you don't have to go through the trouble of installing it! All you should do is unfold the legs underneath the billiard table and voila.

The heavy-duty steel frame is what makes this one special. It holds the entire construction together and keeps the pool table stable during fast paced-games.

  • Affordable price
  • Heavy-duty built
  • Smooth felt playing surface
  • Includes pool equipment
  • /

Rack Crucis Foldable Pool Table - Best Smooth Surface

You've already seen a few Rack portable pool tables on our list, but this one is yet to amaze you.

By having medium-sized dimensions, the portable pool table satisfies the needs of both sides of the audience-those who want a smaller table and those who prefer a larger playing surface.

Hence, let's go over some of the main characteristics of this trendy pool table so you could figure out whether it's your best pick.

The Rack Crusis follows convenient dimensions of 66" (5.5ft) in length, 35" wide, and 31" in height. That being said, this portable pool table will do best both for kids and adults alike. It has the perfect average size so everyone can enjoy a good match of pool.

Moreover, the Rack Crucis pool table weighs only 82 lbs, so it won't cause you trouble when it's time for transportation. Speaking of transport, the pool table features foldable legs which help you store it away or pack it for a party.

What wowed us the most was the overall quality of the game table.

This pool table is made out of high-quality MDF, and the green velvet felt material lining the playing surface. Not only does the felt material deliver an authentic feel, but it will ultimately offer a quick bounce and smooth playing action.

This impressive, fully assembled pool table comes with every accessory you need to start the game! The pool table includes a set of billiard balls, brush, chalk, and two cue balls. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty! It can't get any better than this.

For all those uneven areas in your game room, the Rack Crucis table includes 1" leg levelers that will help even the surface.

  • Amazing price
  • Quality built
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Comes with accessories
  • Smooth felt surface material
  • Often arrives damaged in delivery

Buyer's Guide: What You Should Know Before Your Purchase?

In our buyer's guide section, we will discuss a few features you should know if you want to make a mistake-free purchase.

Those who are buying a foldable pool table for the first time, listen up carefully; here is where you need to pay attention.

1. Setting The Budget

best folding pool table reviews

Let's face it, purchasing any type of game table, whether it be air hockey or table tennis, is a significant investment!

Setting the budget will be the number one thing you will do before you make your final call.

Luckily, portable pool tables are a lot cheaper than regular-sized ones.

However, here is the trick.

Although they are more affordable, they can lack quality sometimes. But, this rule does not apply to all of them.

Therefore, I would advise you to set an average budget with a bit of extra savings besides, just in case you come across a seriously quality deal!

With a bit of luck, you will only buy the portable pool table once, so you should invest a good amount of money if you plan on using it for a long time.

2. Accessories

As you can notice, a lot of these portable pool tables include pool equipment.

Although it does come in handy for beginners, really consider doing you need it? If you already own a quality kit at home, why waste your money purchasing an extra set?

Often, items that do include these accessories have a higher price because of them. So, if this is something you can't benefit from, I advise you to stay away from these deals.

However, if you are a beginner or plan on gifting a portable pool table to one, accessories must be!

They are often just as quality as a separate expensive set, and you can play pool right after you assemble the table.

3. Folding System

best folding pool table 6ft

Next up is the folding system. This is something you should consider for your own sake.

Portable tables often include a foldable design that will allow you to take the table anywhere you want or store it without taking unnecessary space in the closet.

Most of the portable tables have foldable legs made from steel. Although they make the table weight a bit more, it adds to the unit's overall stability.

These legs can be tucked underneath the table when you are not using them.

It would be best if you could find a portable pool table that has lockable legs, meaning you can lock them in when you assemble the table and make sure it's stable. Such a model is the Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table.

Other portable pool tables require you to disassemble them before they are ready for storage entirely. I would stay clear from these.

Often they are quite heavy, and no one needs the trouble of dissembling the entire pool table when there are such things as foldable ones.

4. Drop Pockets

We see more and more plastic or net drop pocket designs on portable pool tables than regular ones.

Although this tends to be one of the low-quality features on these tables, they do not affect the overall result.

However, if you want the best quality on portable pool tables, you should pick a table with metal railings and leather pouches that are much sturdier.

5. Size of the Table

Logically, portable pool tables are smaller than the full-size regulation table, so don't expect them to be all high and mighty when they arrive.

Always check the dimensions of the pool table beforehand and measure out where you plan on installing it.

Luckily, portable pool tables can fit practically anywhere since they follow convenient sizes.

Tips & Tricks for a Long Lasting Pool Table

People often neglect the maintenance of a pool table, but that does not mean you should be one of them! Taking care of your pool table is just as important as maintaining any other gaming unit.

So, let's see how you can offer your table a long-lasting service.

Tip #1: Use The Brush!

Do you know that table brush that comes with the deal?

Yeah, I think it's time you give it a go and not only leave it in the storage area. Table brushes are specifically designed to clean the playing surface of the table. And if you are wondering, no, you can't use just any brush.

The ones designed for the pool have soft bristles that gently clean the felt material without fraying it or damaging it.

Another bonus tip is to always brush in straight motions.

If you circle or back-and-forth moves, you risk ripping the felt.

Tip #2: Vacuum

Did you know that you should vacuum your pool table once in a while?

After you brush the entire table, make sure you gently clean all the areas, corners, and surfaces of the table to collect the remaining dust and debris.

Be careful and use a vacuum that has a low-sucking power.

Tip #3: Your Distance

the best folding pool table

If you genuinely want to prolong the life of the felt surface, this will do the trick.

Always make sure you are chalking the cue stick away from the table. In this way, you avoid any chalk debris ending up on the felt and running it!

Tip #4: Cover It Up

Have you ever heard of pool table covers?

We have a separate article on that topic that may interest you after telling you how important it is to cover pool tables.

Although many people neglect to protect their pool table, it's essential to do so if you want to maintain a brand-new look.

Using a pool table cover, you are initially protecting your table from any spills, dust, pet claw marks, or outside weather impact.

Thus, it saves you the trouble of brushing and vacuuming the pool table often.

Tip #5: Cleaning The Billiard Balls

Our last practical tip of the day is to clean your billiard balls once in a while. If you do not protect them, the chances are that there will be a lot of dust accumulation.

All you need to do to clean pool balls is soak them in warm water and mild detergent.

After around 5 minutes or so, wipe them over with a microfiber cloth and make sure they are dry before displaying them!


Are foldable pool tables good?

Foldable pool tables are just as good as regular ones. The main benefit of them, besides convenient storage and transport, is the price.

If you can't afford the full-sized pool table, foldable ones are right up the alley with the quality but almost twice as cheaper!

The only feature you should aim for is quality built, so it won't hurt if you added a few more bucks to your budget.

What is the best way to transport a pool table?

Regular pool tables are not meant to be moved around.

If you are going to do so, the only solution is to disassemble it part by part and carefully pack everything.

Luckily, portable tables have foldable legs that fold underneath, and they are super lightweight as well!

If you plan on moving the pool table often, we suggest you opt for a foldable one.

What is the smallest size pool table?

The smallest size pool table is the Costzon 47" Folding Billiard Table.

The pool table is only 47" inches long and perfect for anyone who needs a decent replacement of a full-size table.

This is an excellent pick for kids since it offers them a realistic feel on a smaller playing surface.

How much does a small pool table cost?

The real advantage of small pool tables is their affordable price point. Usually, small pool tables range from $150 to $500.

Of course, you could find some cheaper models on the market, but you shouldn't saddle for low-quality if you are already picking a foldable pool table.

What is the best portable pool table?

The best portable pool table is the Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table.

The incredible 6-foot long pool table is a favorite of many who want a convenient size for storage and their room.

This table is built with quality materials that will support your every pool game session.

Final Words

Purchasing the best portable billiard tables can genuinely make your time at home a whole lot better.

You won't have to spend too much of your budget, and you will get a long-lasting unit that won't use up too much space.

For our best pick, we choose the Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table.

This best foldable pool table offers the ultimate compromise between price and size.

You get to play on the bigger surface and when it's time to store it, just fold the legs underneath!

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool & Billiard Table for Family Recreation Game Rooms and Basements...*
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT – This gorgeous table includes durable, steel legs that easily fold for transportation and storage. The included nylon carry bag is rip-resistant, keeping your table safe and secure while it’s on the go.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY – The Fairmont’s compact 6-foot frame is perfect for kids learning the game. Adults will appreciate its high-quality construction and simple space-saving design A perfect addition to any game room gym or office.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Every table ships fully assembled and ready to play. Simply unfold the legs and get the fun rolling.
  • DIMENSIONS - Table dimensions: 76" L x 43.25" W x 32" H - Playing surface: 66" L x 33" W
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Nylon carry bag, 2.25-in standard billiard balls, (2) 48-in two-piece pool cues, 2 pieces of chalk, table brush, and racking triangle.

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