The Best Ping Pong Robots on the Market – Practice Makes It Perfect

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When I say "practice makes it perfect," I really mean so - mastering ping pong is 20% about talent, and 80% about practice and dedication to this sport.

Of course, one way to go is to have regular training with your partner.

It feels great to find a practice partner who is on the same page as you regarding skills so that you can develop them together and practice.

But what when your partner, or recreational center, is not available?

What if you get stuck in the loop of practicing the same shots over and over again and feel that you're not advancing?

You cannot really order your partner to return the exact same ball to you hundreds of times.

Any player who would like to develop both his defense and attack technique to the maximum requires one machine: the best ping pong robot for his or her level.

These fireball machines shoot balls across the ping pong table to you in the way that you utilize them. Just like all robots, this one is extremely precise, too, which allows you to practice the exact same shot times and times again.

What is more: unlike humans, your robot won't get tired of practicing!


Overview – Best 3 Recommendations

But, if you don't have that much time on disposal, here are the top 3 picks I find the worthiest of your attention.

The 7 Best Ping Pong Robots in 2021

A table tennis training robot is not a machine that you buy every day, nor is it known to most people.

That's why I decided to review the seven best ping pong robots on the market and highlight their pros and cons along the way.

Later, you can check out the buying guide for any assistance you may need for the purchase.

Let's begin!

ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot Machine - Best Pick

Engineered with two serve modes, angle adjustment, and large capacity, the ping pong robot machine by Zxmoto stands out as the gold standard for ping pong machines for training.

It is easy to fill up the robot machine ball container. Around 110 ping pong balls can fit.

The machine uses the standard size (per the ITTF standard) with a diameter of 40mm, i.e., 1.57 inches. I tried it out with Butterfly Easy 40+, and they were completely compatible.

By the way, you need to put at least 15 so that you can use this machine. It won't work with less.

The rotating head of the robot allows you to adjust the angle so that you get the high drop, classic forehand, or even two-jump shots.

There is no fixed falling point of the balls. By adjusting the position of the machine, you alter the falling point, frequency, and speed of the ball according to your own preferences. All these functions are accessed by adjusting the controller with intuitive buttons.

I want to note that once you set up the speed and start the session, it cannot be changed until you finish. What you can do, though, is set up oscillation, and the robot can shoot from left to right.

This machine is excellent for practicing defense and return shots, as it can deliver 36 kinds of spins. Therefore, you can generate any combination of top, back, or sidespin, and master your return. Of course, you can also choose to generate balls without spin.

With the ball frequency of around 50 to 70 times per minute, it will fulfill the criteria of most of the players, though this might not be enough for every professional player.

  • Great for practicing speed and spin
  • Can hold more than 100 balls
  • Portable
  • Adjustable ball speed
  • Excellent value for the price
  • It might not be enough for professional players

CHAOFAN Ping Pong Ball Machine - Most Versatile

The next ping pong robot is very similar to the previous one, with some minor changes. It also has a large capacity, as it can accommodate more than 100 balls.

Moreover, it is very easy to install this robot on your table tennis table; no tools are required.

All the functions (spin, frequency, speed) of the balls can be adjusted by the wired remote control.

Some people claim that the downside of this robot is that the remote control is not wireless. But the cord is fairly long (12 inches) so that you can stand wherever you want to, and you'll still be able to use it.

Therefore, the lack of a wireless remote was not the major con to me.

Of course, you first need to make sure that the robot is loaded with the right amount of balls. For a solid practice, I recommend using at least 40. The balls that this table tennis robot uses are standard (14mm in diameter).

Thanks to the 7 angle settings, 2 wheels drive for spin direction, six levels of swing, and short and long ball switch, this ping pong robot can serve the player for many different practice drills.

The versatility that this ping pong robot delivers means that it is appropriate for all levels of players, from entry-level to pros.

It can also be installed on a mid-size tennis table, but the robot might need to be placed outside of the table so that you achieve the optimal results, as it is programmed for standard ping pong tables.

  • A great robot for spin practice
  • Versatile
  • Intuitive controls
  • Adjustable ball speed (4-40 m/s)
  • Some users might prefer a wireless remote control
  • I didn’t get instructions in English

ZXMOTO Automatic Table Tennis Robot - Best For Professionals

This is another pick by Zxmoto on my list today.

Wondering what the difference between these two robots is?

This one is more advanced and mainly aims at the development of a professional player.

Just like its predecessor, this robot can hold around 120 balls, which is pretty satisfactory.

For the optimal result, I again suggest filling it up with at least 40 balls. It also takes the regular ones (40mm in diameter).

Unlike the Zxmoto standard robot, this one collects the balls automatically after you're done practicing.

It is more precise, as it has a fixed point of the shots, and you can switch between the flop shot, "attack" ball, and the two-jump one.

Again, all these features are accessed via remote control.

The spin and speed frequency of this robot is fully adjustable according to your training needs. There are nine kinds of spins, and you can also set up the oscillation frequency for all angles due to the rotating head.

With this purchase, you will get the robot itself, a ball net, a control box (i.e., the remote), a ball ruler, a serving wheel, and the user manual.

  • Completely adjustable speed spin
  • Clear operating buttons
  • Great variety of spins
  • Free accessories
  • One-year warranty
  • The disassembly process of this robot can be a pain in the neck

 iPong V300 Table Tennis Robot - Best For Beginners

The iPong V300 is one of the best-selling table tennis robots, and naturally, I had to test it out and see whether it lived up to the expectations.

iPong equipped it with the newest software, which ensures the maximum consistency and accuracy of the shots. This makes it a valuable machine for your regular practice and skill-honing time.

However, some of the features are simplistic, so iPong V300 is the right choice for you if you find yourself to be a novice in the field of ping pong.

For instance, it does not offer an automatic collection of the balls, and the maximum capacity is around 100 balls, which is the lowest on my list.

It can shoot between 30 and 70 times per minute, which creates a low-pressure environment that allows you to take your time and practice at your own pace.

Unlike some professional table tennis robots, this one is quite easy to set up and use because it can be removed from the table in a couple of seconds (when you decide to play against an actual person, instead).

Overall, this is amongst the best cheap ping pong robots on the market, and though it has a few downsides, it's a good starting point.

  • Best for the entry-level players
  • Adjustable top and backspin
  • Good for practicing forehand & backhand
  • Convenient remote control
  • Adjustable angle
  • Not the best robot for the professional players

 Suz S201 Automatic Table Tennis Robot - The Best Speed Controls for Professionals

Looking for a game-changer, the best table tennis robot to bring your speed and spin to the next level?

Out of all table tennis robots today, S201 by Suz deserves to be proclaimed the best table tennis training robot for all the professionals out there.

The ability to set and toggle between different modes quickly and efficiently with the intuitive wireless remote control is a huge plus.

This robot can be programmed to do virtually anything that you want.

So, let's see precisely what this robot offers.

The left and right oscillation speed can be adjusted, as well as the speed of serving per minute (a.k.a. ball frequency). The buttons for topspin and backspin adjust the serving strength and the speed of the ball, thus affecting its landing spot.

Other modes that you can access from the remote control are the "OneKey backspin" and "OneKeybackspin" to quickly change the spins, as well as the "Direct service", which will send balls without spins.

You can also access the "unload ball". It is this program designed to provide automatic unload that makes a huge difference compared to some other models, where you have to do this manually.

The functionality of the S201 is even more impressive when the numbers are taken into account.

It can hold as many as 200 balls at once, the speed frequency is 4-40 m/s, and 35 to 80 balls per minute can be served.

Pretty amazing, huh?!

  • Excellent table tennis robot for pros
  • Wide range of speed controls
  • Quick switch between the spins
  • Largest capacity
  • A bit heavy

Newgy Robo-Pong 1040+ Table Tennis Robot - Best for Intermediate Players

The Newgy Robo-pong is another serious contender to the throne of professional table tennis robots.

Its advanced settings combined with intelligible features and a ton of ways to practice makes it one of the best table tennis robots on the market.

Which ones, precisely?

Well, for starters, this robot allows you to practice everything.

You can select from any of available spins (top, back, left, right, combination) and shots (push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop).

The analog controls with handy dials further enable you to customize the shots according to your preference.

You can change the ball speed, frequency, and oscillation. The speed per minute ratio is quite incredible - Newgy Robo-pong can send 26 to 94 balls per minute. This is also the highest speed that I've seen. It will take some serious skills to beat them!

Another practice that is not often seen is that you get free balls included in the purchase. With the Newgy Robo-pong, you get more than 40 for free.

I also wanted to mention that the manufacturers did not skimp on the quality of the accessories.

Its capacity remains the highlight, as it can hold around 200 balls in the ball bucket with the extender cage.

The net that surrounds the cage makes it easy to collect them and refill the robot.

  • A great robot for an intermediate player
  • Easy to set up
  • Can hold circa 200 balls
  • Good for developing your footwork
  • It collects the balls automatically
  • The oscillator felt a bit unreliable at times

GDAE10 Automatic Table Tennis Robot - The Lightest Tennis Robot

It's one of the lightest robots available and offers a quick and convenient setup mechanism.

The GDAE10 robot is a bit expensive for its price range, but the extra cash will get you a quality training robot that can handle 36 different kinds of spins.

It also offers a complete angle adjustment and holds around 110 balls at once. It works best if you load it with at least 40 balls.

Moreover, the robot was extremely easy to install, and it is compatible with the mid-size tables.

You alter the shots by adjusting the position of the robot. There are all kinds of spin (bottom, top, and side), and the oscillation performed very satisfactorily.

The only drawback is that the collecting channels are made of a sort of plastic, so it can happen that the balls bounce out of them sometimes when the shot gets long.

The wired remote control facilitates the operation and enables you to switch between the modes quickly.

If you find yourself to be worried about the storage space, I want to reassure you that the GDAE10 won't take up much space. It's quite easy to store, and it is completely portable.

  • Quite consistent
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced
  • Multiple frequencies are easily set up
  • Extremely functional
  • Rich with features
  • Some users reported that it got jammed, but I didn’t experience this!

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Ping Pong Robot

best ping pong robot for the money

Choosing the right ping pong robot for you can be a daunting task. If you strictly follow the few factors I'm going to mention, it shouldn't be a problem at all!

1. Capacity

This refers to the number of balls your robot can store.

For most purposes, a hundred should be enough. However, some of my most advanced picks can store up to 200 balls.

This feature is directly correlated to the amount of the times you will need to refill the robot (and you don't want to lose your precious time doing that).

2. Types of Spin It Can Generate

best ping pong robot review

Not all table tennis robots are created equal.

Having said that, some robots can't do backspin, which will prove to be useless in the field of honing your skills in the long run.

You want to look for robots that are able to generate all kinds of spin: top, back, and sidespin. All of the picks on my list can do that.

3. Wireless or Wired Remote

You may think that wireless technology is a must for today.

But most versions of ping pong robots come with corded remotes, and I don't consider a wireless remote the most important feature of a table tennis robot.

Simply put - you're going to use it right next to your tennis table when you're practicing, and this won't be too far from the actual robot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ping pong machine?

best budget ping pong robot

Ping pong machine is the same thing as a ping pong robot or table tennis robot. Another interchangeable term is "ball launcher".

They all refer to the same thing - the machine that you can program to throw balls in your direction repeatedly in the same manner and thus helps you improve your technique and footwork.

I also like to say that a ping pong robot is your perfect partner and the toughest opponent - robots don't make any mistakes, and are ready to play whenever you want to!

What is the best table tennis robot?

best ping pong training robot

The answer to this one is a bit cliché: It depends.

If you're a novice who's still learning the basic rules of table tennis, the best table tennis robot is not the same for you as a professional player who's already competing at tournaments.

Therefore, I decided to answer this for three categories: beginners, intermediates, and pros.

The best table tennis robot for beginners is the iPong V300. It is simple and will help you work on the basics concerning your forehand, backhand, and serve.

Once you're past the basics, and you have developed a particular playing style, the best ping pong table for intermediate is what will help you take your game to the next level. My choice is the Zxmoto automatic robot.

Finally, the most serious players among you, and those who are looking to make real progress in ping pong need a machine with advanced programmed training settings. The best one in this category is the Suz S201 robot.

How do you put a spin on a ping pong ball?

To hit the ball with the spin, you need to hit it so that you brush it through rather than hit it flat.

In that way, the rubber from your paddle does its work at changing the path of your ball. You really need a light stroke, and in order to perform it, you have to be completely relaxed. 

If you're stiff and hit it too heavy, there will be no brushing contact, and, consequently, no spin on the ball.

When you "brush" it from bottom to the top (in an upward motion), you put the topspin on the ping pong ball.

Another variety of the shot is the underspin when you cut the ball vertically on the bottom side, but with enough angle to send it forward.

Once you get the ropes of the basic motion, though, just like with everything in table tennis - you need to practice. There's where the best ping pong robot will come in handy. After you repeat the drill a couple of times, you'll do wonders with the ball.

My best pick for practicing spin is the Newgy Robo-pong.

Final Comments - Which Sparing Partner Should You Buy?

Good news: you don't have to have a professional player for a practice partner, as the best ping pong robot will be excellent for that matter.

Now that you know how useful this machine is for the whole process of developing you as a player, you need to decide which one to buy.

While all of my picks have proven to be excellent ping pong robots, the best overall is the Suz S201 automatic table tennis robot.

Although it is known for its professional status, it is also great for beginners and intermediate players who want to step up their game.

Your new opponent is waiting for you!

ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot Machine with 36 Different Spin Balls Table Tennis Robot Automatic Ball...*
  • ①Ping pong robot can deliver 36 kinds of spinning ball, easy installation, no equipment, small and convenient to carry. ☛※NOTE: ⑴Please use the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD balls with diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches). ⑵Please note that you must use more than 15 balls to use this machine. If there are less than 15 balls, the ball will not come out.
  • ②Set up easy.Fill the serving machine set ball container with table tennis and hold approximately 110 ping-pong balls.(ping-pong balls no included.)
  • ③Double-end serve (optional single serve), falling point is not fixed. You can generate top spin, backspin, as well as any combination of those and sidespin.
  • ④Different spinning gears can be used to create different spinning balls.
  • ⑤Adjust the position of the machine according to your own preferences. ※ONE-YEAR WARRANTY,starting from the purchase date of the order,if there is a product quality problem in the case of normal use within one year, we will help solve it.

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