Why Do You Need the Best Pool Table Cover? (Top 8 Picks)

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Protecting your expensive pool table is an absolute must. Just imagine a trivial thing like dust damaging the felt? Don't want that happening?

Then check out our helpful guide, and we will help you pick the best pool table cover for the cheap buck and exquisite quality.

Yes, that kind of combo is real.

See what we have selected and pick your favorite one!


Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pool Table Covers Money Can Buy: My Top 8 Favorites

Kohree Heavy Duty Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover - Best Pool Table Cover

We are starting the review with one of the top-selling pool tables covers you can find!

The Kohree has impressed many pool players with its incredible thickness and exquisite design! So, let's see what else our best pick has to offer.

Firstly, let's talk about the material.

You are going to make your mind based on the components used in the pool cover. This one uses high-quality leatherette. Furthermore, it makes the pool table cover thick and overall heavy-duty.

The pool table cloth uses environment-friendly material to protect your pool table from scratches, dents, dust, or any other harmful components.

Oh, and did you know it's wrinkle-free?

That's right; your new leatherette pool table cover will always be in perfect shape no matter how you fold it.

What surprised me was that this cover incorporates weighted corners, which give a proper fit to any playing surface.

If you want the ultimate protection, this is your best pick. The previously mentioned fitted style is perfect for covering the table felt from each side, leaving no area uncovered.

At last, I would like to mention that if you are considering purchasing this cover, you should know it's only suitable for 7-foot tables. Those with larger playing surfaces will not get the best coverage and ultimate protection.

Luckily, Kohree has a few other available dimensions in their selection.

  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Heavy-duty leatherette material
  • Weighted corners
  • Unpleasant plastic odor

GSE Games & Sports Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover - Runner Up

Another heavy-duty leatherette pool table cover is our runner-up pick; The GSE GAMES & Sports Expert cover.

If you are a pro player, you would know the real value of such a high-quality product. The GSE cover brings out all the best qualities that will protect your pool table to the max.

Just like our best pick, this cover is made out of heavy-duty fitted leatherette. What's even better about it is that the cover is wrinkle-free.

You no longer have to worry about if you stored it right, fold it neatly; the cover will not lose shape at all!

What makes leatherette covers so popular these days is their ability to withstand practically everything! They are much more durable than vinyl covers and will optimally protect your table.

One of the most impressive features is the cover's ability to save the pool table from daily ruins. It's especially great to look for something that can protect it against spills, pet claw marks, or dust spills.

The GSE offers several available colors in their selection, making your choice easier! All you should o do is measure out your pool table and order the appropriate size.

The leatherette pool cover includes weighted corners that deliver a heavy-duty fitted look to all pool tables. It will make sure all four corners are lined up, and the cover sits tight on the pool table.

  • Fitted heavy-duty style
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • /

Boshen Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool Table Cover - Best Waterproof Cover

Next up is the Boshen leatherette cover!

A cover that amazed plenty of pool players by its ability to withstand daily wears and tear! If you are looking for a genuinely unbeatable fitted cover, you have found yourself a match.

The Boshen table cover is designed from leatherette, a trustworthy and extremely durable material. You will be intrigued to know just how thick this table cover is.

It's even waterproof! Can you believe it?! It will serve incredibly well if you need to cover your outdoor patio or any other piece of equipment.

By now, you know that leatherette is usually made to be wrinkle-free material. Such is the case with the Boshen pool table cover. When you unfold it, you won't have to deal with those pesky wrinkle lines.

The 8-foot pool table cover has a cotton backing underneath, which will deliver a longer-lasting use!

What I value the most about it is that the machine-sewed weighted corners province the ultimate fitted look! Everything covers nicely without leaving corners to exposure.

The pool table cover is available in different colors and various shades of black and dark brown color variations. In this way, you can decorate your game room with style and make sure it matches the color palette!

For an added sound mind, the Boshen pool table cover offers a warranty or money back if you aren't satisfied with the item.

  • Wrinkle-free
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Cotton backing
  • Some customers complain about measurements

Iszy Billiards Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool Table Cover - Budget-Pick

The Iszy billiards table cover is one of the most popular picks among pool enthusiasts.

It has managed to wow many players with its ability to protect 8-foot tables fully. Let's see what the Iszy billiards pool table cover has to offer.

If you need a thick, durable, and heavy-duty vinyl pool table cover, the Iszy has something for you.

This pool table cover is made of the heavy-duty vinyl material that will be in your service for a long time! It helps to protect your favorite billiard table by making sure it covers all the spots.

The billiard table cover also uses cotton backing, making sure the pool table's felt is not damaged.

Plus, you can match it to your game room style since the pool table cover comes in different color variations.

The vinyl material comes in brown, black, burgundy, and green so that you can choose the best one for your 8 feet long pool table.

You will see that this is the perfect pick for an 8-foot table. It covers all the sides and protects the pool table from dust, spills, or other damages.

However, I do have to mention that the material is not as durable as leatherette. It cannot withstand harsh conditions such as direct sunlight or pet marks.

Nonetheless, it's a perfect pool table cover if you need the extra coverage to protect the playing surface when you are not using it.

  • Best for an 8-foot table
  • Vinyl material
  • Affordable
  • Not as durable

GEMITTO Pool Table Cover - Best Outdoor Use

Don't have enough bucks to spend on a leatherette or Naugahyde material based pool table cover? I got your back.

The Gemitto pool table cover is an inexpensive but highly durable and long-lasting cover that will offer the best protection possible.

This pool table cover covered absolutely everything!

You are used to seeing pool table covers that cover only the top part, leaving the bottom part wholly exposed.

However, Gemitto steps it up by offering a high-quality, full-length cover that protects your table from the bottom to the top.

This is an excellent model for looking for a pool table cover sufficient for your 7, 8, or 9-foot tables. The offer made three choices available in different sizes that are suitable for any player's table.

You don't even have to be "too gentle" with it. The billiard table cover is rip-resistant, so you don't have to worry about accidental tears during unpacking or fitting.

The billiard pool table cover comprises 420D polyester material that offers the ultimate protection against spills, tears, or dust. Also, it's entirely safe for use outdoors!

The outdoor use comes from the pool table covers' ability to resist direct sunlight damage and can withstand outdoor abuse.

The other beneficial feature is that the cover is attacked with a buckle. Therefore you can rest sure knowing the pool table cover will stay in place in windy conditions.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Made out of durable polyester material
  • Available in different sizes
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Tricky measurements

Collapsar Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Canvas Billiard Pool Table Cover - Best Color Selection

If you are amazed by the beautiful polyester material in our previous pick, then we have got another breathtaking model for you. The Collapsar store offers a fantastic deal for a cost-effective price that will wow you!

The Collapsar billiard table cover is slightly more heavy-duty than the previous pick. It's made out of 600D polyester material that is made to last!

Since the material is highly-durable, you won't have to worry about repurchasing another one anytime soon.

Oh, and did I mention this billiard pool table cover is rip-resistant?

That's right, you have come across a heavy-duty billiard cover that can take as much abuse as possible.

Furthermore, the pool table cover incorporates machine-sewed corners that give off a perfect look to your game room.

The offer is available at three different size options, so depending on your needs, you can choose between a 7, 8-foot pool table cover or a 9-foot table cover.

As you can notice, this offer is available in seven different billiard table covers, all designed to match your interior. Just pick the right complementing color to match your bar or game room, and you are good to go.

However, a few customers complained about the oddly shaped measurements, so keep an eye out for that. Make sure you carefully measure out your pool table and don't end up disappointed.

  • Affordable
  • It comes in seven color variations
  • Three size options
  • Made of heavy-duty polyester
  • Oddly shaped measurements
  • Strange plastic odor

Imperial Billiard Naugahyde Cover - Best Naugahyde Cover

The Imperial is the best heavy-duty Naugahyde billiard table pool cover you can find!

Although the price range may be out of reach for some, I'm going to show you just why you need this cover in your collection.

This table cover has one very distinct feature: it's made out of Naugahyde material, one of the most respectful materials if you want durability.

The selection of this high-quality Naugahyde material pool cover is available in three colors: brown, black, and mahogany.

As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't add any other color variation. These ones are perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of style to their game room.

Now, you may ask why I mentioned that Naughyde material is crucial for durability.

It's because, unlike vinyl, this pool table cover can take anything that comes in its way. From liquids to pet marks, the cover will protect your pool table to the fullest!

Moreover, the quality Naugahyde cover offers double-edged polyester stitching. This nifty feature helps retain the proper shape of the cover without forming loose ends.

The firmness is incredible as well! It's not as stiff as some other heavy-duty covers, so it's flexible enough if you need alterations.

However, the Imperial cover is quite heavy, but this is a good thing. It means it will stay in place once you open it, so it's suitable for outdoor use as well.

  • Heavy-duty Naugahyde
  • Fitted corners
  • Several sizes available
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Creases up quickly

Shieldo Heavy Duty Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover - Best Wrinkle-Free

Lastly, we have the Shieldo leatherette pool cover. This pick comes with all the right elements that any table pool owner will need!

Let's start with some of the basics to see if this is a suitable choice for you.

Firstly, the Shieldo cover is made of heavy-duty leatherette that delivers the utmost protection to your playing surface. It comes in two primary color variations: black and brown.

Both of the covers are available for 7 or 8 feet tables so you can make sure you get a proper fit in style.

And, who does not love a heavy-duty pool table cover?

It's not at all heavy by that means, but it's relatively thick, offering you ultimate protection against tears, liquid spills, or food stains.

We all know how things can get in the game room, so it's best to protect your pool table from the bottom to the top.

Furthermore, those who hate a wrinkly top will be pleased to know that this 7-foot heavy-duty cover is wrinkle-free! It does not create any creases when you unfold it, and it stays in perfect condition.

Plus, the leatherette cover is environment-friendly! Not only that, but it implies cotton backing, which makes sure your pool table feels has a long life service!

For a fitter look, the pool table cover incorporates weighted, machine-sewed corners that will protect all the spots of your pool table.

  • It comes in two size variations
  • Sleek look
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Tricky size measurements

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Pool Table Cover

1. Material Check

Besides measuring the pool table cover, checking the materials is crucial!

Just like any other piece of follow-up equipment, there are high-quality ones and low-quality.

As you can notice, a lot of the pool table covers are made out of leatherette, heavy-duty vinyl, or Naugahyde.

So, why does it matter if you pick a more expensive one or a cheap one when it's going to do the same job?

If you want to protect your table to the fullest and make sure nothing happens to it, you have to aim for quality, especially if you're going to protect outdoor tables.

2. Match Your Game Room Design

best billiard table cover

Get yourself a color that coordinates with your game room!

A lot of the sellers offer different sizes and colors, so you shouldn't settle for less.

Most of them are made in black so they would match the aesthetic easily.

But, luckily several other complementing colors are bound to make your space stylish and sleek.

3. Dimension Check

We already discussed in the FAQs section how you should measure out the pool table for the cover. You should take measuring tasks seriously; I can't stress this enough!

There have been multiple cases where people order extraordinary pool table covers but mark them as unfit because they didn't take the measures right.

Remember, an 8 feet table does not require 8 feet long cover. Sometimes dimensions can vary from the standard.

4. Why Do You Need a Pool Table Cover?

Are you aware of how much dust spills can affect your pool table?

This is the number one containment that can ruin the felt and cause tearing and deterioration.

You will also need a cover for all those drink spills during game night. We all know how they can get, so you should protect your table to the fullest.


Is a 7 foot pool table worth it?

You can usually find 7-foot pool tables in a bar since they are known by the name "bar box." They are great for beginners but take a lot of practice as well.

Having a smaller pool table means you have to break the cluster of balls more often than you usually would with a 9-foot table.

A 7-foot pool table is worth it if you don't have enough space in your condo or bar.

What size table do professional pool players use?

best way to cover a pool table

Most professionals use the 9-feet tables that measure out 50" x 100" in the playfield. If you want to play with the big boys, this is the one you should get.

However, since they are larger, it means you have to shoot longer shoots and work up a sweat.

Are 12 feet wide enough for a pool table?

YES, 12 feet are enough for a pool table.

However, you need to install it in a bigger room so you can have free movement.

How to cover a pool table?

Covering a pool table is an easy task but a necessary one!

All you need to do is spread the cover across the pool table and make sure all the spots and corners are covered.

As you can see, some of the pool table covers have weighted corners, so you can be sure you have a proper fit for your pool table.

What is the best pool table cover?

best pool table covers

The best pool table cover is the Kohree Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover.

This pool table cover measures out in several sizes so you can accommodate it to your existing pool table.

It features weighted corners to provide a snug fit to all areas of the table.

How do you measure for a pool table cover?

Firstly, you will need a tape measure so you can start measuring inches between the table pool's cushion noses.

Never begin the measuring beneath the cushion.

If it will make the job easier, here are the typical pool table sizes you should know:

  • 7-foot tables — 39″ x 78″ or 40″ x 80″
  • 8-foot tables — 44″ x 88″
  • 9-feet tables— 50″ x 100″

Final Words

Protecting your pool table should be your priority when you purchase one.

Our favorite pick and the best pool table cover out of these attractive models is the Kohree Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover.

It will offer the necessary protective layer against any daily wear and tear.

It's available in several color variations so you can decorate your room or bar with style.

Kohree 7 FT Pool Table Cover, Heavy Duty Luxurious Leatherette Billiard Table Cover, Waterproof &...*
  • 【HEAVY DUTY POOL TABLE COVER】Made of quality Leatherette, this waterproof billiard table cover is durable, strong, and environmental-friendly to protect your pool table from animal scratches, tears, dust, spills, and other possible external damages.
  • 【EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP】Designed with weighted corners and sewn seams, this outdoor pool table cover provides extended protection and extra durability for longer use
  • 【7FT COVER】This 92" X 52" X 8“ (L x W x H) cover fits most 7ft tables such as pool tables and air hockey tables, suitable for private use such as bars, your own house.
  • 【PRACTICAL & CONVENIENT】Wrinkle-free cover, easy to clean. Helps effectively protect your table from humidity and damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION】If you have any questions about the pool table protector, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service.

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