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There's no denying you've had a situation like this.

You go to a family vacation in nature, you pack up the food, drinks, spare clothes, and all the essentials, and once you get there, you realize that there's not much to do.

It's not uncommon, and it shouldn't bother you that much, but maybe this article will help you the next time you're out there. How, you might ask? The answer is quite simple.

Down below, we'll offer you an extensive review of the best outdoor dartboard, seven of them! It's always fun to play it with your friends, and it's not that much of a hassle to bring.

Just find a desirable place to hang the set, and you're good to go!

Let's not bother you anymore and go straight into the article!


Top 3 Picks

Just quick info before we start with the article. Here are our recommendations for the best picks out there.

The Ultimate Best Outdoor Dartboard - Top 7 List

Viper Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set - The Best Seller

If you're in a hurry, don't want to read and you just want to get the best, here's your stop. Take a look at the fantastic Viper Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set.

Every game can get a bit competitive.

If things start to heat up, you'll be glad to have a tournament-size board that successfully replicates real competition conditions - from the size and material to the immersive experience you'll get.

Since this is a bristle dartboard, you'll be able to use soft-tip darts and steel-tip darts, although steel ones are recommended for this type of dartboard.

You'll receive two sets of six darts in total and complete hardware to help you mount this dartboard.

The bullseye is staple-free, meaning that you'll hit that center with less effort as this type of board reduces the chance for bounce-outs.

Also, the spider web has galvanized wires that efficiently direct the darts inwards and help them land in the area.

For a product that is quite cheap and features removable number rings, you'll be glad to invest your money in. You probably won't find a better dartboard for a lower price than this one.

  • Tournament-size dartboard
  • Bristle build
  • Staple-free bullseye
  • Galvanized wires
  • /

Hey! Play! Bristle Dartboard - Quality Build

Moving on, we have a real treat for you.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional dart player, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this set. Take a look at the Hey! Play! Bristle Dartboard.

The main reason customers go for this dartboard set is the durability.

Since you'll probably be using it outdoors, weather conditions can affect not only your play style but also the equipment.

That's why you'll be glad to have a set with self-healing bristle construction that is way more superior than cork combined with steel darts.

Like the previous product, this one also has a staple-free bullseye and frame, while also featuring dividers on the web that deflect the dart and help it continue with its trajectory inwards.

It's excellent for a fun family game, but even for more competitive sessions.

The dimensions imitate tournament conditions, as the board is 18 inches long in diameter and has a 1.75 inches frame.

What's surprising is that this is one of the most affordable outdoor dartboards on the market. Of course, you can find some that are lower in price, but not for this type of build.

Still, you should be wary of the fact that the price does reflect the quality in contrast to some more expensive products.

It's a fantastic dartboard, but it won't last you a lifetime.

  • Self-healing bristle construction
  • Staple-free bullseye and frame
  • Tournament-size dartboard
  • Affordable
  • Price-to-quality ratio

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard - Premium Quality

For our third product, we give you a scoop into one of the customer favorites, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard.

It may not seem like much based on the design as it's rather plain and straightforward, but you'll undoubtedly appreciate its build.

The construction is entirely staple-free, meaning that all your throws will land at the desired area without any bounce-outs, even at the bullseye.

The segmentation system that separates each area is ultra-slim and thin, and it will consequently enable you to improve your accuracy and your overall score.

When you combine this with the lack of staples, you get one user-friendly dartboard.

You'll probably notice this manufacturer's name in some competitions as they are frequent sponsors for both championships and players. They offer various designs that match real-life conditions, in dimensions and quality.

However, you should know that the bristle does not seem to be that well-built in some cases, so if you see frequent indentations at the tips of your darts, make sure to contact the manufacturer.

Other than that, it's a perfect dartboard for this amount of money.

  • Staple-free design
  • Ultra-thin segmentation system 
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • The build of the bristle

Yuham Magnetic Dart Board - Best Outdoor Dartboard for Kids

The Yuham magnetic dartboard presents the perfect alternative to the standard dartboard, offering hours of tremendous fun for adults and kids!

Okay, so you noticed that this is not your typical dartboard.

You're right! It puts a fun little twist by including a dual-sided tapestry board.

One side of the board is a regular dartboard, preferable by adults. However, when you turn it around, voila! A kid-friendly dartboard style!

No matter which side you prefer most, I bet this will make every game night or birthday party 10x better. It's a smaller size than the standard dartboard, but that's a good thing.

If you plan on taking your family on a picnic, bringing this dartboard set won't cause a crowded space. It's compact and light enough to carry wherever you go.

What's even better is that you can opt for two dart setups. If you go with the black set, you get 12 darts split into three color groups.

If your eye is set on the blue set, you get eight dart splits into two-color designs and eight dart balls!

  • Versatile design choice
  • Easy to set up
  • Kid-friendly
  • The tapestry style is not suitable for everybody

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard - Dual-Core Technology

Professionals use it, beginners want it, and it's here. Say hello to the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard.

Winmau is one of the most influential manufacturers when it comes to producing darts and dartboards, and this product undoubtedly meets the expectations.

The technology and endorsements behind it make it perfect for everyone.

What makes this dartboard authentic is the dual-core technology that proves to be a game-changer.

The board consists of two layers, the outer one achieves lower compression and increases penetration and thus prevents lost darts.

Meanwhile, the inner layer provides higher compression, which improves resistance by absorbing all the kinetic energy from the impact. This way, the dartboard maximizes its durability, but also its playability.

In comparison to Winmau Blade 4, this model has a 14% thinner wire and segmentation system that maximizes accuracy and scoring potential.

The lock-and-level system also secures the device to any surface, whether you put it inside or outdoors.

The only real flaw that puts this product in the fourth place is the price. If you're buying a dartboard to use outdoors, you probably don't need a product this advanced.

Still, if you're competitive and love investing, this is the product for you!

  • Dual-core technology
  • Resistance and playability
  • Thin wiring system
  • Lock-and-level system
  • Price

Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard - Full Set

Next, we have a product that is intended for indoor use, but you can always use it outdoors due to its quick and easy installation. This is the Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard.

The first noticeable thing about this dartboard is the entire set. It comes with full equipment - from a hideaway cabinet to additional darts and extensions.

The cabinet itself has a black matte finish and shines with elegance, plus, it matches any wall or background.

The board itself is paper, so you might want to choose soft-tip darts instead of the traditional steel-tips. They'll work, but they might cause significant damage, so choose wisely.

The cabinet has magnetic doors that close on proximity so you won't have to worry about accidentally damaging the board or hitting the doors as you pass by.

You'll get all the needed hardware to mount the cabinet in the package, and if you follow the instructions, you'll be done in no time.

The only real flaw is that you probably won't get a chance to bring this set into nature or occasional one-day vacations. In other cases, it'll work just fine.

It's a fantastic product money-wise that you should consider for the best outdoor fun on your vacation!

  • Elegant, black matte finish set
  • Magnetic doors
  • Additional equipment and hardware
  • Price
  • Paper dartboard
  • Not preferred for shorter vacations

CX L SUM Magnetic Dart Board - Best Magnet Dartboard

The CX L Sum magnetic dartboard is just what you need! Why is that? Let's start by saying it contains everything for your outdoor darting adventures.

This dartboard is made out of high-quality material along with strong magnets. You will often hear that magnetic dartboards are not for professional use, and they are probably right. But, hear me out.

With this kind of sturdy build, this is one of the few magnetic boards that work! The magnets stick to the board without falling or sliding over to the next section.

It's relatively safe for children of all ages since the magnetic darts won't cause any accidents. Plus, you can always carry on a family vacay and install it outdoors.

With the compact size and lightweight, the outdoor magnet can be a part of your everyday activities.

Whether you are headed to the neighbors' barbeque or a few beers with the guys, taking it along will always be a good idea. I mean, come on; who does not like a good old game of darts?

Additionally, the set comes with 12 magnet darts, enough for the whole crowd to get a turn.

  • Affordable
  • Includes 12 darts
  • Easy to install
  • Low-quality darts

How to Recognize The Best Outdoor Dartboard - Buyer's Guide

Even though generic dartboards will always do the trick for you and enable you to have a fun weekend with friends, you shouldn't ever settle for just any product.

After you've purchased it, you'll use it more than one time, and when it comes to dartboards, bad ones will give out after a couple of uses.

The best ones can be quite expensive, which is why we're here to help.

We'll offer you insight into some of the characteristics that you should look to fit best into your dartboard's budget and find the best one for the money.

1. Staple-Free Dartboards

Boards with staples are often quite easier to produce, which is why manufacturers often choose this direction.

However, staple-free boards are much more user-friendly and efficient in improving your game and overall score. The segmentation between the areas is much thinner and allows the darts to continue with their trajectory inwards.

Moreover, staple-free dartboards have an elegant design and look more beautiful.

outdoor dartboard stand

2. Type of Dartboards

In general, you'll find two types of boards - soft-tip (electronic) and bristle

The latter is more suitable for steel-tip darts and is usually much more durable than soft-tip or paper boards.

They tend to cost more, but it's an investment that you'll appreciate as it will significantly prolong your dartboard's lifespan.

3. Outdoor Use

All of the products listed in this article can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Boards like these are preferable considering that indoor boards require a lot of maintenance, especially if they come in a cabinet or made from a customized material.

If you plan on playing for fun, you should undoubtedly go for one of the boards on this list.

4. Price

Even though it might look like an obvious factor to consider, you should bear in mind that some boards will cost more and still offer the same capabilities as some mid - or low-tier ones.

Investing in a product is good, but if you're not a professional, you'll do just fine with a dartboard under 100 dollars.

5. Setup and Mounting

outdoor dartboard amazon

If your salient goal is to get a dartboard for outdoor use, you should factor in a couple of things.

First, your dartboard needs to be lightweight and compact so you can carry it with you and install it on various surfaces and environments.

Second, the mounting process shouldn't be too complicated - you'll do fine with a board that you can hang on a nail or one that does not require bolts and screws to tighten in position.

If it takes you a bit more than a couple of minutes to set, that is not the dartboard for you.

Also, try to look for a location that is not directly exposed to sunlight as it will damage your dartboard if it's left out for too long.


Can you put a dart board outside?

Yes, but there is a catch. Not every dartboard is suitable for outdoor installations.

Luckily, we have selected models designed for both outdoor and indoor purposes, so you can easily install them wherever.

The reason why you can't just purchase a random dartboard and install it outside is the material.

Not all of them are water-resistant, and you are risking damaging your new board if you expose it to water.

How to make an outdoor dartboard stand?

Boy, you can get creative here. Building an outdoor dartboard stand can be a great idea to show your new purchase in the backyards proudly.

You can build an outdoor stand of some wood, glue, and screws.

Plus, you can make it any way you want! If you're going to add wheels on the bottom and make it mobile, go ahead!

outdoor dartboard cover

What is the best outdoor dartboard?

The best outdoor dartboard is the ViperShot King Dartboard. It's no wonder why this is our best pick.

Have you seen this gem? With the trendy bristle board, you can use both soft and steel tip darts and hit a bullseye when you need it the most.

The dartboard is also quite budget-friendly and packed with innovative features you won't find in some pricer models.

What is the best outdoor dartboard cabinet?

The best outdoor dartboard cabinet is the Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard.

As much as we appreciated the outdoor purpose, installing it inside will be a big hit! The performance of this one is something else.

With limited chances of bounce-outs, your scores will keep getting better and better.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

If you've already made detailed plans for your vacations and thought about every single thing you'll need, why not go for the best entertainment as well?

The best will undoubtedly be the Viper Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set.

Aside from being a customer favorite, this dartboard has all the characteristics you'll need - a quality build, championship traits, and an incredibly low price.

There's no regretting your purchase with this product.

Of course, this one's just not your cup of tea, Hey! Play! Bristle Dartboard and Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard will do a fantastic job as replacements.

They offer similar characteristics for a low price and an abundance of fun!

In conclusion, all the dartboards from this list will do you good and make you forget about all the troubles at home.

Install your outdoor dartboard, play with style, and dominate your opponents!

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