Best Shuffleboard Wax You Need to Know About (Top 5 Picks)

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Did you recently purchase a new shuffleboard table and look for ways to upgrade your gameplay? How about the best shuffleboard wax?

Did you know that it can make all the difference to your performance as it affects the speed and determine how fast or slow the shuffleboard pucks will glide?

Get ready to hear everything you ever wanted to know about the shuffleboard wax. The article will cover usage, purpose, and different types of shuffleboard wax on the market.

I can help you get the ultimate shuffleboard wax by reviewing the top five products you can find below.



Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
3 Pack Sun-Glo #2 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax*
Shuffleboard Powder Wax-16oz Container*
Best Selling
Sun-Glo #1 Shuffleboard Powder Wax (16 oz.) (Pack of 2)*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Tournament Shuffleboard Wax
Best Slow-Speed Shuffleboard Wax
Fastest Shuffleboard Powder Wax
Editor's Choices
3 Pack Sun-Glo #2 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Tournament Shuffleboard Wax
Shuffleboard Powder Wax-16oz Container*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Slow-Speed Shuffleboard Wax
Best Selling
Sun-Glo #1 Shuffleboard Powder Wax (16 oz.) (Pack of 2)*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Fastest Shuffleboard Powder Wax

5 Best Shuffleboard Waxes on the Market in 2021

Sun-Glo 3 Pack 2 Speed Tournament Gold - Best Tournament Shuffleboard Wax

Designed to fit a pro player's needs, the Speed 2 Sun-Glo wax is a true wonder! If you want a super-fast glide suitable for 9 to 12-foot tables, you have found your top pick!

The number 2 speed is a fast powder known for its ability to offer smooth glide across the table.

The tournament gold pick is used in most competitions, so you can rest sure knowing that this is a trustworthy product worth your time and money!

The Sun-Glo table shuffleboard wax is silicon-made, which allows for better gliding action. Its unique formula prevents any clumping or undesired effects that can further damage the shuffleboard or interlude its performance.

It contains walnut-shells that can affect the pace of the game.

The more walnut shells in the formula-the slower the glide of the puck will be. In this case, you can expect an impressive speed of number 2 Sun-Glo wax powder.

The shuffleboard wax comes in 16 oz. container, and you can even bundle it with a shuffleboard sweep. How convenient is that?

  • Suitable for longer tables
  • Fast game speed
  • It comes in a 16 oz container
  • Used in most tournament matches
  • /

Sun-Glo 3 Pack 7 Speed Shuffleboard Powder - Best Slow-Speed Shuffleboard Wax

If you are on a quest to get the best shuffleboard wax, you will see many Sun-Glo names in this article.

One of the top brands for waxes, sprays, and powders, the Sun-Glo offers a wide selection of different speed glues designed to fit every player's needs.

As far as we're concerned, choosing the right shuffleboard wax is easy! Especially when you have a brand like Sun-Glo that offers you a deal you cannot miss.

Right now, we are tackling the number 7 speed glue, which has amazed many players!

If you were looking for something with more incredible speed, you might want to pass this shuffleboard wax.

The number 7 is best used if you want a slower wax. I would recommend you get this one if you own a 9-foot table and an experienced player.

You want to get wax powder wax with a faster glide for beginners, whereas pros will enjoy this slower wax offer.

Lastly, I would like to mention that this Sun-Glo shuffleboard wax is moisture-proof and comes in a 16 oz container, which is enough for several uses.

  • Best for smaller tables
  • Suitable for pros or elderly shufflers
  • Not for players who want a fast glide

Sun-Glo #1 Shuffleboard Powder Wax - Fastest Shuffleboard Powder Wax

If you need the fastest shuffleboard wax you can find on the market; then the Sun-Glo Speed 1 is there to fulfill all your needs.

The shuffleboard powder wax is regarded as the world's fastest wax that all advanced players will appreciate! Let's see what else makes this fast speed powder special.

The Sun-Glo 1-speed shuffleboard powder wax is formally known as Super Glide, so don't be afraid if you used it already and can't find it by that name.

Like the number 5, it comes in a pack of two 16 oz cans, suitable for a long play experience.

What makes this shuffleboard 1-speed power special is that it's made out of pure silicone ball bearings.

Plus, you will have no trouble dispersing the products over shuffleboard tables. It has a shaker-style dispenser at the top, which allows for even application.

Since the Sun Glo 1 is a fast wax, it affects the pucks' speed on the shuffleboard table. I would recommend this one for more experienced shuffleboard players as well as for longer shuffleboard tables.

  • Made for silicone beads
  • It comes in a two packs
  • Great for a 22-foot table
  • Fastest speed ratings
  • Allows pucks to glide fast
  • Not suitable for beginners

Twin Pack of Sun-Glo #5 Speed - Best Medium Speed Shuffleboard Wax

Do you want a shuffleboard powder wax that is not too fast but not too slow either?

Listen up; the Twin Pack Sun-Glo speed 5 is the perfect pick for you.

It will offer the ultimate glide across the table for beginners as well as advanced players. Honestly, what's not to like about this shuffleboard wax?

For starters, this fast wax comes in a pack of two 16 oz cans. If you were looking for an affordable bundle deal, you just got lucky. This kind of amount will last you for a long time and deliver a smooth glide for pucks.

The Sun-Glo shuffleboard powder wax is made out of silicone. I already mentioned this, but the silicon formula is crucial if you want a spotless playing experience. It will not clump or develop damage to the playing surface.

Since this shuffleboard powder wax offers a medium-fast glide, it's best to use it on the 14 to 22 feet shuffleboard table.

The very own medium speed wax is a favorite of many players, offering a controlled and trustworthy experience for longer tables.

  • Affordable
  • It comes in two-pack cans
  • Medium speed
  • Great for beginner players
  • Suitable for longer tables
  • /

TORPSPORTS Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax - Best For Medium-Sized Shuffleboard Tables

The Torpsports offers a fantastic deal that all beginners will enjoy!

Along with the purchase of the exceptional shuffleboard powder, you will be getting a dustpan and a mini-broom set so you can apply the wax with ease!

This shuffleboard powder offers a slightly less amount of wax inside the container. To be exact, it contained 12 oz cans rather than the 16 ones from Sun-Glo.

What I like the most about the kit because it allows for easy residue wax clean-up for the next application.

This shuffleboard powder is best used on shorter tables, which range between 9-foot tables to 12-foot tables.

Players who want different speeds will enjoy this wax. It will allow for some control, but at the same time, it offers medium speed.

If you're going to practice your throws and still get the best use out of the shuffleboard powder, then this is the right one for you.

The shuffleboard wax container comes in a shaker dispenser top, which is the best if you want an even application on the playing surface.

  • Suitable for smaller tables
  • Includes a shuffleboard sweep
  • Medium speed
  • Made from silicone beads
  • It can be too fast for some

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Shuffleboard Wax

1. Wax Speed

The wax's speed is crucial if you want a slow or a fast glide of the puck.

Number 1 speed rating is the fastest on the market, while number 7 will offer a slow and controlled glide (best for beginners).

2. Table Length

Here is another factor you need to consider before the purchase.

If you want to find the right shuffleboard wax, you first need to determine your table's length.

Since shuffleboard tables come in various sizes, finding the suitable wax can be challenging.

However, here is what you should know:

Fast waxes are best used on long tables, while slower ones are suitable for smaller tables.

A more rapid wax will reduce friction and allow the puck to glide effortlessly across the playing surface.

You can notice the added amount of friction with slower waxes as the puck glides across the surface.

All in all, if you are playing on a more significant and long table, you will need a faster wax if you want to achieve the perfect score.

best shuffleboard table wax

3. Skill Level

I cannot stress this enough, but when you are purchasing the wax for the shuffleboard, you need to consider the level of skill you possess.

If you pick the wrong one, you can only imagine how negatively it will affect your gameplay.

If you are starting out, I advise you to start with a slower wax and slowly work your way up. In this way, you can learn the basic moves and tricks while having control over the puck.

Usually, new players use unnecessary force upon their first throws, and this is why you need a slower wax when playing.

Those with more experience will take much appreciation from a faster wax during the game. Although they can practically play on any surface, whether slow or fast, the game will be top-notch if you are using the right shuffleboard wax.

Some of the professional matches mostly use 22-foot tables and faster waxes that determine your shot's distance. Therefore, if you want to be one with the pro shuffleboard players, you better start now and learn how to play with a fast wax.


Why do you need the best shuffleboard wax?

Before we get started on the features you need to know, let's talk about the wax shuffleboard's importance.

So, the number one use of the shuffleboard wax is to reduce any friction of the table.

If you didn't know, friction will often determine the speed of the pucks and the glide and dictate the way you play.

If the friction is low, your playing performance is so much better!

This is where the application of the shuffleboard wax comes in and saves the day. It makes all the difference if you want a smooth puck glide across the table.

What kind of sand do you use for shuffleboard?

best speed wax for shuffleboard

The best type of "shuffleboard sand" is the one made from silicone beads.

They are tiny components and resemble a dry-powder texture.

They ultimately affect the speed of shuffleboard pucks and will determine if the glide is smooth or not.

What is the difference between shuffleboard wax and sand?

There is no difference between shuffleboard sand and wax.

These products use different names, but in the end, they perform precisely the same.

How do you wax shuffleboard?

Before you proceed with anything else, make sure you remove the existing wax on the shuffleboard table. You can do so with a wet towel or a shuffleboard brush.

You can then apply the silicone spray in sweeping motions and buff it in with a towel.

When the silicone spray has dried, sprinkle the shuffleboard wax evenly on the playing surface.

Can you reuse shuffleboard wax?

best wax for shuffleboard table

Technically, YES. You can reuse shuffleboard wax.

However, this is not advisable for multiple usages.

Because some shuffleboard wax is made out of silicone beads and ground corn, they can damage the playing surface if reused several times.

If you're going to reuse the wax, make sure it's not more than 2-3 times.

What is the best shuffleboard wax?

The best shuffleboard wax is the Sun-Glo 3 Pack 2 Speed Tournament Gold.

This shuffleboard wax offers the perfect balance between a "fast" and "medium" speed slide for all players!

It's made out of silicone beads and designed to upgrade your shuffleboard performance.

Final Words

I hope you learned something new today about shuffleboard waxes and found your best pick. For me, the ultimate choice would have to be the Sun-Glo 3 Pack 2 Speed Tournament Gold.

It's an extremely fast shuffleboard wax designed to fit the needs of a pro player.

It truly is the best shuffleboard wax I have come across, and I bet it won't disappoint your expectations as well.

3 Pack Sun-Glo #2 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax*
  • 3 pack of #2 Speed Tournament Gold Shuffleboard Powder wax with an option to bundle it with a Shuffleboard Sweep. Used in most tournament play and preferred by professionals.
  • Our newest powder, formulated for the serious player. Three 16 oz cans.
  • Sun-Glo Shuffleboard Sweep Gets rid of the dirt, grime, and excess powder
  • Use the #2 Speed Powder with the Sun-Glo cleaner and silicone spray to keep your game consistent and competitive, and your table clean.

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