The Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin: 7 Picks to Master the Skill

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Do you want to be among the best players but can't seem to master the spin? It's time to switch the paddles and find the best ping pong paddle for spin designed for a unique spin!

Check out the helpful list of top seven picks with high-performance ratings designed to offer only the best results. Below you will find the full criteria features that make the best table tennis paddle for a spin.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your best paddle for a spin!


Top 3 Recommendations

7 Ping Pong Paddle for Spin of 2021 - My Reviews

STIGA Pro Carbon - Best Pick

Another racket from STIGA is the STIGA Pro Carbon paddle, a perfect choice for professional table tennis players looking for speed. Why is that?

Well, if you didn't know, the STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket has the highest speed rating out of all table tennis paddles.

The performance rating of this table tennis racket is unbelievable! With a speed of 99, spin 100, and control of 80, it's guaranteed this STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket will amaze you with its performance.

The combined high power of spin and speed work together in offering you the upgraded technique you always desired.

Now, let's talk about design. The STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis paddle comprises five layers of balsa wood located at the racket's very center.

Additionally, the wood is ultra-lightweight, allowing you to increase the speed even more. Plus, the carbon layering is what makes the ping pong racket sturdy.

The table tennis paddle also has a 2mm sponge, which is ideal for pro-level players. However, this, too, can be one of its weak points. Although it incorporates excellent spin and speed, it might be a little challenging to get control of.

The S5 rubber on the table tennis racket is ITTF approved and works as a perfect companion to all competitions.

Due to its sturdiness, this is one of the best rubbers that offers consistent movement and a significant amount of spin.

  • 7 ply extra light blade
  • Impressive spin
  • Highest speed rate
  • Not the best control

STIGA Evolution - Runner Up

The STIGA Evolution paddle is one of our personal favorites for advanced players' spin and speed. However, don't let it fool you. Due to the strong control, this is an excellent paddle for beginners as well.

What makes this STIGA Evolution table tennis racket is its innovative technology.

With the power to convert the ball's energy into sound energy, this is one of the highly developed paddles on the market.

The Shock Dispersion Technology is not the only impressive feature of this ping pong paddle. If you want great speed, you will need to hear about the following technique.

The STIGA Evolution structure introduces a high-tech rod in the blade and the handle, which further develops outstanding speed.

Moreover, this kind of system is excellent if you need control over the ball. It can help you work on your accuracy while hitting the ball in the direction of your choice.

The STIGA Evolution ping paddle is constructed out of six layers of plywood for the entire construction.

What's even more interesting about it is that the handle has a hollow design. Therefore, if you need some improvement on your stroke technique, this is the feature to keep an eye out for.

Lastly, I would like to mention that this ping pong paddle has ITTF approved rubber and suitable for all your upcoming tournaments.

  • ITTF approved
  • Hollow handle for better control
  • A great choice for advanced table tennis players
  • 94 spin
  • 2 mm sponge
  • Falls apart easily

Killerspin JET200 - Best Basic Features

One of the best sellers pong paddles for the spin pick is the Killerspin JET200. This table tennis racket offers you an incredible speed and spin that lacks your playing style.

It promises to take any beginner to an advanced level with its innovative design and intricate details.

This Killerspin JET200 paddle is designed out of 1.8mm performance rubber.

Since the rubber comes in black and blue coloring instead of the traditional red and black, it's not ITTF approved.

Sadly, this means you cannot use this table tennis paddle in a professional tournament play, but it won't stop you from having friendly matches with your pals.

It's recommended that you stick with the 1.5-1.8mm sponge for beginner players so you can work on your technique better. However, if you go for the thicker one, you can expect more speed.

This Killerspin JET200 ping pong paddle is most designed for recreational players, having the 5 ply extra light blade lacking quality for professional matches. However, it's an exceptional paddle for a spin.

It features a spin rating of 7.0, which is just right for beginner players. But, I would advise you to purchase something with a tackier rubber when you upgrade your technique later.

Moreover, the tennis paddle has a comfortable, shake hand grip handle.

However, some customers were not amazed by its quality, saying it falls apart quickly after a few aggressive throws.

  • 5 plywood blade
  • 30-day warranty
  • Great for beginners
  • Non-approved rubber for tournament play
  • Weak handle

Sportout Sriver-He Rubber Table Tennis Paddle - Best For Professional Players

For that extra security and sturdiness, you need to check out the SportOut Sriver-He table tennis paddle. It's one of the highly-advanced performance level table tennis paddle that will deliver the best results!

We talked about the different construction in ping pong paddles for a spin, but have you heard of the 9 PLYW00D and carbon-fiber layer blade design?

Well, that's precisely what SportOur paddle represents. It's not like your typical everyday paddle.

It offers extra stability that makes sure your attacks are always on point.

While professional players will enjoy this paddle, I would not recommend it to beginners. It requires practice since it generates increased speed and spin.

All of the competitors will love the fact that this ping pong paddle employs approved ITTF rubber. It's constructed out of a high-electricity rubber that results in robust control and spin.

Just like most of the high-quality ping pong paddles, this one has a shake handle design.

It may not suit everyone, but I can tell you that many customers have only words of praise. It offers a comfortable feel without causing fatigue in the long run.

Plus, the handle incorporates a no-sweat system that is crucial if you don't want any accidents during the match.

The entire paddle design is held by glue that ensures you have a long-lasting professional level table tennis racket.

  • High-quality
  • ITTF approved
  • Increased speed spin technology
  • Affordable price
  • It can be heavy to some

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set - Best For Beginners

The Butterfly 401 ping pong paddle is another excellent pick designed to fit all beginner or intermediate players.

The very 5 plywood paddle is followed by the Yuki tacky rubber, while the 2.1mm sponge is there to keep the stable construction. When you think about it, this type of sponge is quite thick for a paddle. However, there is a reason for that.

The sponge's thickness is there to offer power over the paddle, while the tacky rubber will generate more spin. It's done wonders for offensive players but not so much for those who need control.

Now that I mentioned rubber, let's give it a comprehensive view.

The Butterfly Yuki rubber is featured on both sides of the blade and is ITTF approved. The tackiness on them will allow you to get a better grip of the ball and hit that sweet spot each time.

It features an 8.0 spin rating, which may not seem as high to some, but this is perfectly suitable for beginners.

Plus, the rubber features pimples on both sides, meaning you will get the same effect whether you are playing with the red or black side.

The 401 model features a shake hand paddle and a comfortable grip handle. Though the hand is relatively smaller than the other paddles, it can sit comfortably for smaller hands.

  • 5 plywood blade
  • Tacky rubber
  • 30-day warranty
  • It comes in a carrying case
  • Thicker sponge
  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Not the best control
  • Small handle
  • Hard to maintain

JOOLA Infinity Overdrive - Best Paddle Design

Are you looking for a professional performance level table tennis paddle? Then we recommend you take a look at JOOLA Infinity Overdrive. It did not leave many players indifferent, and I bet you will be pretty amazed.

The high-quality JOOLA ping pong paddle is reserved for advanced players. Of course, beginners use it, but it's not recommended, not until you get the hang of the basic moves.

However, professionals will love it! Mainly if you employed an offensive playing style and you need something with great control and impressive spin.

The Infinity ping pong paddle consists of 5 plywood and a carbon fiber layering. This carbon fiber combination is responsible for allowing the blade to hit the sweet spot, giving you an advantage in the strike.

The rubber used in ping pong paddle for a spin is the JOOLA Micron 48, an outstanding performer that offers the best spin.

Both of the sides are black, giving it a sleek look in your next match. This rubber specializes in spin and control for high-level players.

Combine all these materials, and what do you get? A durable and sturdy companion that has your back in the next professional match.

Lastly, this paddle offers a flared handle type. JOOLA often uses flared handle designs in their paddles since you need a comfortable grip when giving your best shots.

  • Amazing speed and control
  • Impressive spin
  • An excellent choice for advanced players
  • Budget-friendly
  • The flared handle may not suit every player

Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket - Best Speed And Control Balance

Now here is a great pick that does not choose its audience.

It's suitable for both advanced and beginner players because it offers an outstanding balance between speed and control.

If you wonder whether the spin is as good as speed, well, it wouldn't be on our list if that was not the case.

Due to the ping pong paddles, sticky rubber, and soft sponge, you will feel the spin generation when you hit the ball.

Usually, when ping pong paddles include a high speed and spin, they lack control. But this is not the situation with the Palio Expert 3.0. It creates a perfect balance and offers a chance to upgrade your performance.

Moreover, the rubber included in the Palio Expert is approved by ITTF, so you can safely use it in all matches and competitions.

What truly impressed me was the high-quality blade.

It's designed to be efficient and high-performing when you need it the most. Along with the flared handle, it will deliver accuracy and speed when you hit the ball.

Another advantage you need to know is that you can purchase the rubber separately. This allows you to switch the rubber later off when it wears off.

When you want to take the paddle to the match, you can do so in a sleek carrying case, and it comes along with the purchase. It ensures your paddle's rubber is always clean and dust-free.

  • Affordable
  • Great balance
  • Impressive spin
  • The quality of the handle is not the best

What to Know When Buying a Ping Pong Paddles for Spin?

Still in the blue when it comes to best features for a spin?

Here are a few features you must know to pick the best level table tennis racket for a spin.

1. Blade Construction

Let's start with the blade construction.

The best ping pong paddles for spin are made out of wood.

Our best pick STIGA Pro Carbon is made out of 7 plywood BUT with an added carbon technology.

Generally, wood is more elastic, offering you better control over the ball.

Carbon, on the other hand, is more rigid and does not allow for control so much.

However, the combination of the two is fantastic! They complement each other in the best way possible and deliver an outstanding finished product.

2. Number of Plys

best ping pong paddle rubber for spin

Did you notice that every ping pong paddle has several plies added to them? What does that even mean, and does it matter?

It does matter! Think of it this way: the higher the number of ply-the better the spin.

It's not determined how many plies should be in a paddle, but the more, the merrier. Search for something with a 5 of 7 number rating if you are a beginner.

3. Rubber

The rubber of the paddle is one of the fundamental aspects of spin!

Not only that, but the combination of the rubber and sponge can determine whether you generate an excellent spin or not.

The following combination is what you need to keep an eye on:

Thin rubber + thin sponge = weak spin

Thick rubber + thicker sponge = stronger spin.

For example, offensive players mostly use a 2mm sponge, while defensive ones use 1mm or 1.5 to add more control rather than spin.

Another feature of the rubber is whether it's tacky or not. A tacky rubber will attract the ball and hold it longer on the surface.

However, it would be best if you learned how to take care of sticky rubbers.

After each game, the rubber can lose the stickiness and collect dust, so it's best to change them frequently.

4. Pimples on the Rubber

What's it going to be? Pimples in or out?

Paddles that have inward pimples allow you to reach more spin. As simple as that. If you are a defensive player, you will choose a paddle with outward pimples to defend it.

5. Handle Type

A handle type of paddle is one of the neglected areas but essential if you want a comfortable grip.

There are 3 basic types: Anatomic, Flared, and Straight

  • The anatomic handle is of a wider construction in the middle. This type of style suits most players since it offers stability and control over the paddle.
  • Flared handles are one of the most popular types in nowadays ping pong paddles for a spin. They have a wide end that prevents slipping accidents when you are giving your best during the match.
  • A straight handle has a pretty much basic design. 

It's a consistent linear design from the bottom to the top. This one allows for diversity and custom gip. It does not dictate your technique but instead allows you to be in control. You can hold it whichever way you like and change it up when you figure out what works out best.

I would recommend you start with a flared handle and figure out later what suits your style.


What is spin in table tennis?

A spin in table tennis occurs when you hit the ball and affect its bounce and trajectory.

Furthermore, spin parts in three ways: topspin, backspin, and sidespin.

How does a table tennis paddle affect spin?

best ping pong paddles for spin

A table tennis paddle affects spin mostly in how it's constructed if you get a ping pong paddle with all the right components for spin generation, BINGO!

You are one step closer to mastering the art of spin.

How is the best ping-pong paddle for spin different from any other paddle?

The entire construction of the ping pong paddles will determine whether it generates good spin or not.

For example, if you choose a ping pong paddle made out of wood instead of carbon, you can expect more spin.

Other components, such as ply, rubber, and pimple construction, will make a significant difference.

What is the top ping pong paddle for spin?

The best ping pong paddle for a spin is the STIGA Pro Carbon.

This highly impressive ping pong paddle contains a 7-ply blade and the highest speed technology! Not only that, but the spin generation is absolutely out of this world.

Check it out yourself and see why this is our best pick.

Final Words

How is the search for the best ping pong paddle for spin going? Did I help you find the best one? If so, let us know below what's your favorite pick.

Let's remind ourselves of our best pick. The STIGA Pro Carbon carries the ultimate win when it comes to spin for winners.

It's no wonder that the STIGA Pro Carbon racket is a favorite of many professional players. See for yourself why the ping pong paddle is a secret weapon of many spin masters.

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with Carbon Technology for Tournament Play -...*
  • STIGA – Since 1944, STIGA has been the innovative leader in table tennis equipment. STIGA combines superior craftsmanship with exceptional performance in every product. The highest quality equipment for all, from amateur to pro. That’s the STIGA heritage
  • BUILT FOR COMPETITION – Nano Composite and ACS Technologies form stronger and tighter bonds in the ITTF approved smooth inverted S5 rubber for high speed and spin with maximum elasticity and outstanding control—the perfect racket for tournament play
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY – This racket unites STIGA's Crystal and WRB Technologies for a hardened, light blade with faster returns, more power, and extra sensitivity of touch
  • PRECISION BLADE – The 7-ply blade boasts 5 layers of light-weight balsa wood and 2 layers of high-performance, integrated carbon fiber that combine with a 2mm sponge for a larger sweet spot and cleaner hits
  • PERFORMANCE RATINGS – Speed: 99, Spin: 100, Control: 80

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