Top 5 Best Tabletop Air Hockey Picks You Need to Check Out in 2021

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Did your last get-together not go as planned because you couldn't agree on which game to play?

Get ready to wow all of your friends with this best tabletop air hockey game. You don't need to spend a fortune on it, and you can take it pretty much anywhere you would like.

We have reviewed the top 5 picks we think you'd like based on the size, budget, and design.

Check out and see for yourself why the trendy game becomes more prevalent as we speak!


Top 3 Recommendations

5 Best Tabletop Air Hockey on the Market in 2021

Sport Squad HX40 Tabletop Air Hockey Table - Best Pick

The Sport Squad HX40 is the absolute best air hockey tabletop you will ever come across! Not only does it include supreme features every air hockey fan will adore, but it's also so easy to assemble.

Honestly, who has the time to make the game for two hours when you are anxious to play it?!

This 40-inch table top air hockey game comes with two-goal boxes, so it means you can start playing as soon as you take it out of the box.

Additionally, the tabletop air hockey table includes two pushers and pucks, so you can invite your buddy to start the early match.

This is a rare model on our list that has this kind of easy assembly.

Unlike some of the other mini air hockey tables, it does not have specific legs, so the only thing to attach is the goals.

The Sport Squad HX40 tabletop air hockey table also includes a highly-popular manual sliding abacus scorer so you can effortlessly play the fast-paced game.

An AC-12V motor powers the high-quality game, and it includes an adapter. What's even more spectacular about it is that it's not all that noisy.

The motor fan offers a forceful yet muted air flow that delivers a frictionless playing surface.

You can take the 40-inches long hockey table top practically anywhere! It's super lightweight at weighing only 14 lbs! Can you believe that? Now you have a practical solution on what to play on your next game night!

The compact packaging of the mini table top air hockey includes felt pads on the bottom that will protect your choice's surface.

Overall, the Sport Squad HX40 40-inch table top air hockey is an excellent pick if you want a lightweight and affordable model.

  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Not so sturdy

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table - Runner-Up

The best pick is followed by the impressive Rally And Roar tabletop air hockey table!

The arcade-style follows the standard 40 inches long size, so you can easily pack this one up and bring it on your next get-together.

I have to admit, the Rally And Roar mini air hockey game did not disappoint in the assembly section.

It's not as effortless as Sport Squad one, but this one will not take more than 15 minutes for assembly.

The assembly requires you to attach the goals and the padded legs. After that, you are free to play your favorite game.

Since you are probably purchasing this air hockey game for kids, you will be pleased to know that it comes with all the necessary equipment.

The Rally and Roar air hockey include 2 pucks and two pushers along with the scoreboard to keep track of your progress.

Much like the best pick model, this tabletop air hockey is packed with power! It's unbelievable to know that such fantastic power is cramped in the 40-inch tabletop air hockey unit!

Air hockey is powered by an AC 12V motor that promotes optimal airflow and allows the puck to glide with ease. All you should do is find a nearby socket and plug in this bad boy.

As for its construction, it is quite sturdy and durable.

The mini air hockey table is made out of fiber wood, whereas the legs are made to hold the unit in place.

The air hockey tabletop legs even have protective foam underneath, so they don't scratch your playing surface.

Lastly, the scoring system can go two ways. Either you can do it by supplying two AA batteries or manually.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient size
  • Sturdy built
  • Legs are not foldable

Best Choice Products Portable Tabletop Air Hockey - Best Portable Mini Air Hockey

Are you a big fanatic of the classic arcade-style games but don't have space in your game room for a full-sized air hockey table? I got you covered.

The Best Choice Products represents a premium choice for all arcade games fans. Plus, you can take it and install it anywhere you like! Yes, it's THAT convenient.

Now you have the chance to enjoy matches anytime you like.

The Best Choice Products tabletop table features everything you might need for a start-up match. With the purchase, you will be getting 2 pucks and pushers so you can start playing as soon as you assemble the unit.

Speak of the assembly. Did I mention it's effortless? That's right. You will have your new table top table ready in no time!

As for the dimensions, this is probably my favorite model when it comes to designs and portability.

The tabletop measures 40 x 20 inches, and it's super easy to transport! You can use it on the coffee table or table or any flat surface you come across.

If you prefer your air hockey table top in classic design rather than the modern one, then this is the one you should get.

The Best Choice Products comes in a black wooden-look frame along with intricate black details. Honestly, who doesn't like a clean, sleek look?

The mini air hockey table is powered by a powerful 100V fan motor that promotes even airflow.

The air-powered mini air hockey delivers a smooth action every player needs in a fast-paced air hockey match. It allows the pucks to glide smoothly over the surface and creates an enjoyable playing session.

  • Great for kids
  • Low height
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 100V fan motor
  • The scorer is manual 

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey - Best Arcade-Style Game

Next up, we have the well-known Playcraft Sport! This time they deliver a genuinely marvelous unit in the form of tabletop air hockey, suitable for both kids and adults!

This mini air hockey table will impress all ages and genders with its innovative features packed in a travel-friendly size.

The Playcraft Sport 40 inch tabletop is both sturdy and durable, which, honestly, surprised me. Generally, you can't expect much from a mini table for kids, but this one steps it up!

Starting with the size, the Playcraft follows the standard 20 x 40" inch tabletop size for air hockey games, so you can safely install it on a coffee table and give your kids hours of entertainment!

The tabletop air hockey table is made out of high-quality MDF materials that make sure there are no breakages anytime soon.

Since most tabletop air hockey tables are made out of plastic, it's good to know that this one includes high-quality material, especially if you are purchasing for kids.

The game includes 2 pucks and pushers for those who want to play the game as soon as they assemble it. The quick-return system allows for faster rounds and easy puck slide over the playing surface.

Since it comes in a convenient size, it's easy to store as you won't have to remove or fold the table's legs.

Additionally, the tabletop air hockey table is powered by a 100 CFM air-powered motor. Although it may not be the most potent version for adults, it's a great pick for kids since it offers just the right amount of airflow.

This model is on the cost-effective side, so you won't have to go over your budget if you search for the best birthday gift. 

  • Affordable
  • Easy to store
  • High-quality built
  • Non-electric fan

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table By Hey! Play! - Best Mini Air Hockey Table

Could you ever imagine that air hockey could fit in such a small unit? The Hey! Play! Air hockey tabletop is an excellent pick for those who want portable mini-sized air hockey.

At just 22" long, this is the smallest air hockey tabletop we have come across, but it still amazed us with various features.

The tabletop air hockey game table is powered by 8AA batteries which are not included in the purchase. To insert them, you will need a Phillips screwdriver which also can be bought separately, so pay attention to that.

This assembly feature may be a problem to some, as it means you can't play the game right upon opening it if you don't have the right tools.

However, the game table is made out of quality materials, and it comes in a wooden-looking frame and plastic components. That being said, it's not the world's most durable unit,' but it can still serve your little ones limitless entertainment in their game room.

With this arcade-style tabletop, you can easily keep track of the score, thanks to the scorekeeper located on each goal side.

Plus, you never again have to stop the game for puck search. The tabletop air hockey table includes a nifty puck-return system.

This Hey! Play! has real airflow motor powers the tabletop air hockey table. It makes pucks glide with ease across the playing surface and offers maximum enjoyment.

Since it doesn't have an electric fan motor, it's an excellent choice for younger kids playing as it does not present a hazard.

Finally, you should not expect over-the-top quality with this one as it's reserved for kid's use.

The airflow is not strong enough for adult use, so you should let your kiddo have a turn with this Hey! Play! tabletop air hockey. 

  • Affordable
  • Small size
  • Kid-friendly
  • Not the best quality
  • Weak airflow

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Tabletop Air Hockey

1. Power Source

the best table top air hockey

A lot of the audience question whether mini air hockey tables need electricity or not. Well, some of them do, and some don't. You will make your final choice based on your needs.

First, consider if you will bring the tabletop air hockey table somewhere where there is no power outlet.

A few models run solely on batteries, but a few of them require a socket. Luckily, most of them only use airflow as a power-source, so pucks are floating with no electricity.

2. Portability

Tabletop air hockey tables are among the most trendy games for trips, birthday parties, or game nights. You can quickly bring them along due to their convenient size and weight. 

But, here is the trick.

Even though air hockey tables are portable, they are not always easy-to-transport. Some of the air hockey tables have leg levelers that are a part of the construction, so you can't fold them or hide them underneath.

The only solution is to disassemble the whole unit when you play on bringing it along. Hence, this feature may seem irrelevant, but it's super crucial for easy transport!

Always do the "portability check" before purchase.

3. Stability

Tabletop air hockey tables are not as sturdy as the "real-deal" tables, but they do have some stability thanks to the leg-levelers and heavy-duty construction.

Of course, this is a one in a million chance to come across a high-quality tabletop air hockey table since they are mostly made for kids and incorporate plastic components.

Some of the air hockey tables are designed to be stable enough to withstand a tougher force so you can fully enjoy a match.

If you are not impressed with the overall stability, most manufacturers offer a 90-day warranty where you can file your complaints.

4. Air Flow

best table air hockey

The air flow is of extreme importance in tabletop air hockey tables. It will determine how well the puck will float on the playing surface.

Most of the tabletop air hockey tables have a pretty weak airflow since a 12V motor powers them.

But, considering the size and the weight of these mini air hockey tables, this kind of power is perfectly suitable for you to have an enjoyable game.

5. Accessories

Getting free accessories with your purchase is always a big plus!

They might not always be the best quality, but they will serve you well until you purchase your own.

Usually, tabletop air hockey tables include two pucks along with pushers, so you can start playing the tabletop game as soon as you open it. 

6. Price

Tabletop air hockey tables do not cost a fortune!

They usually range from $50 to $150, which makes them fit into most budgets.

Purchasing the best air hockey tables is an excellent idea if you want a full-sized one but don't have the budget or any space in your room for one.

I would advise you to avoid the extremely cheap ones because you will be getting just that - a cheap, low-quality item.


How big is a mini air hockey table?

The size of the mini air hockey table depends on the model.

However, they mostly follow the standard size of 40", but some models like Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table By Hey! Play! which is only 22" inches long.

Which hockey is played on a table?

what is the best table top air hockey game

The original game of ice hockey has developed in various "table" air hockey forms.

A table air hockey game is also called "bubble hockey," "stick hockey," and "board hockey."

You can either play this trendy game on a full-sized air hockey table or enjoy a mini version in the form of a tabletop air hockey table.

What is the best tabletop air hockey to buy?

The best tabletop air hockey is the Sport Squad HX40 Table Top Air Hockey Table.

It's durable, easy to assemble in under 5 minutes, and powered by an AC-12V motor.

The convenient dimensions allow you to install it on any flat surface or bring it along to a game night.

How do you play mini air hockey?

Let's cover some of the basic rules of mini air hockey:

The winner is the player who scores 7 points first. To do so, a player must score the puck in the opponent's goal. After a player scores, the other player is the one who serves the next puck.

It would help if you did not touch a puck with anything other than a pusher, and each player has only 10 seconds per round.

Final Words

We are wrapping it up with a summary of your favorite best tabletop air hockey.

The Sport Squad Table Top Air Hockey Table is the highest rated tabletop on Amazon, and it's for a reason as well!

This well-functioning item follows convenient dimensions, so you can install it on your coffee table and start playing as soon as you install it.

The Sport Squad pick is an excellent solution for all the days you are obliged to stay indoors.

It will supply neverending joy with fast-paced matches both you and your buddy can enjoy.

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan -...*
  • HIGH OUTPUT FAN CREATES A REALISTIC ARCADE-STYLE GAME PLAY: Powered by AC-12V motor and included adapter, the electric fan provides powerful, yet quiet and even airflow for a smooth and frictionless playing surface.
  • 5 MINUTE EASY ASSEMBLY: Simply attach the 2 goal boxes and you’re ready to play! Comes with 2 air hockey strikers and 2 pucks. The manual sliding abacus scorers help keep track of total goals and the goal boxes offer convenient hockey puck return.
  • PORTABLE, COMPACT DESIGN: Fun and competitive, the HX40 slide hockey table is made of durable MDF. DIMS: 40"L x 20"W x 5"H and weighs 14 lbs. The compact air hockey table features non-marking rubber pads to protect all your table surfaces.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Sport Squad listens and learns from your feedback to create quality gameroom equipment for kids & adults. If you're not 100% satisfied or have product suggestions our customer service team is available to help.
  • SPORT SQUAD - BRINGING FAMILY AND FRIENDS TOGETHER: As an American based company, Sport Squad brings new innovation to playing indoors and outdoors by introducing affordable, quality sports, lawn, tailgate, carnival, and game room games to market.

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