Ultimate Fun With The Best Basketball Arcade Game (Top 9 Picks)

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Investing in a good-old arcade game is always a good idea! Every generation will love them, and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home. 

However, choosing the best basketball arcade game is not always the most straightforward task.

They come in various price points, designs and you need to provide a space reserved only for them.

Luckily, we have selected top picks you can choose from based on your budget, design preference, and space capacity.

Check out which ones we like the most below!


Top 3 Recommendations
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Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game - Blue (Blue)*
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Best Arcade Basketball Game
Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot Sport Arcade Basketball Game (Blue)*
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Runner Up
Best Selling
Hall of Games Indoor Arcade Basketball Games Multiple Styles, 2-Player Arcade Scoring Display with...*
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Best For Multi-Players

9 Best Basketball Arcade Games of 2021 - My Reviews

Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game - Best Arcade Basketball Game

Players of all ages love the Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot basketball arcade game! Why?

You are about to find out all there is to know of the most popular model.

If you need quality, sturdy design and trustworthy companions that will deliver hours of fun, look no further than Pop-A-Shot!

The indoor arcade game is fantastic at allowing players to shoot accurate shots! The very construction is impressive, but it's a topic we will touch upon soon.

Now, let's see what kind of features the Pop-A-Shot basketball arcade game has to offer.

The electronic basketball arcade game features 16 different games, which is more than you will get in any other model.

Along with the various games, the system provides six audio options! It will guarantee you play this interactive sport for several hours without feeling tired or bored!

It's a perfect option for all of your friends and family nights because the arcade basketball game does not know age or gender! All it matters is that it will surely make you a skilled player.

The Pop-A-Shot home dual shot basketball game is highly sturdy.

The game construction is delivered by 1.5-inch thick steel frame tubes that make sure you have a stable game at all times.

Furthermore, this powder-coated steel frame does not allow rust or decay. Hence, you are looking at a wise investment for home entertainment.

Not only that, but the extremely durable nylon ramp ensures nothing happens to the unit during rough games.

The scoring system, the Pop-A-Shot dual shot basketball arcade game, features smart infrared scoring sensors that offer impeccable accuracy and precision.

If you desire to be a better player, this is a mistake-free choice.

  • Features 16 different games
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Infrared scoring sensors for accuracy
  • Height adjustments
  • Tricky to install

Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot Electronic Game - Runner Up

Did you know that the Pop-A-Shot brand is the first one to create an electronic basketball game?

That's right; we have all the privileges of an indoor basketball game to thank them.

Hence, if you were ever to pick an electronic basketball game, what better way to do so than start from the creator of one?

The Pop-A-Shot home dual shot is our runner-up choice in terms of fantastic price point and the quality you get for it. So, how does this indoor basketball arcade game even work? Let's find out.

Firstly, the Pop-A-Shot home dual shot offers two power options- AC or battery-powered. The LED scoring system is fantastic if you use a power cord because, let's face it, it limits the chance of a lost score.

Now, for the construction, here is where Pop-a-Shot truly shines. The quality electronic basketball arcade game is made out of a 1.5" powder-coated steel frame, while the net is supported by the thick MDF backboard design.

Just like our best pick model, this one as well features six sound effects, including various music options along with crowd cheer, basket shots, and announcer picking. How amazing is that?

Plus, the arcade basketball game also features ten different games you can choose from! If you are stuck at home alone, you have the option to play solo and have the best fun ever. Who said basketball is for big crowds?

Moreover, the unit is extremely compact as well. When it's in its full size, it reaches 81," but when folded, it shrinks down to a whopping 29", making it suitable for smaller storage spaces.

The only "flaw" we found is that the basketball arcade game includes only four balls and has a paddle scoring system, which is less favorable than the infrared one. 

  • High-quality built
  • Up to 10 different game options
  • Compact size
  • Only four balls

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game - Best For Multi-Players

The ESPN EZ Fold indoor basketball is another popular pick for two players you will often see in the market's offer.

The design brings out all the necessary features every player wants and needs to upgrade their play level.

The basketball arcade game comes in a 6-piece set that includes the ESPN EZ Fold unit, four balls, and one air pump. What more could you need for a successful game? You have everything to get you started on your first match.

Let's talk about design and construction and see why the indoor basketball arcade game is so popular.

Firstly, the ESPN EZ Fold indoor basketball game features a 3.8" MDF backboard that supports all rigorous throws.

Moreover, it has a bright and accurate LED scoring system and a game clock. It offers several sound effects to give an authentic feel if you are playing for the first time.

With a total of eight different game options, you indeed will have the time of your life.

The arcade game offers an exciting choice of games such as Beat The Time Clock, Horse, Battle Back, One To One, Check To Point, and many more! No doubt you will have the best family nights ever!

The construction is made out of a heavy-duty steel frame that measures out in 81". However, due to the foldable design, the two-hoops model fits easily into any storage area.

Plus, it features multiple joints that make the unit flexible and easy to move around the game room.

The two hoops have a flexible side netting design that will allow you to work on accuracy and become a better player over time.

Along with the controller on the frame, you have the chance to switch between game options, check the score control, and change different audio options.

  • Great built 
  • Eight games included
  • Two players friendly
  • The score sensors are faulty

Rally and Roar Store Shootout Basketball Arcade Game - Best For Bigger Rooms

Next up is the Rally and Roar basketball game, a model that surprised everyone!

The double shot basketball arcade features everything a beginning player needs while incorporating a spacious design.

Before we say anything, we have to mention that this might not be the best choice for those who would like to stick to a low-budget.

As you can notice, the fold indoor basketball game is on the expensive side, although it features most of the features of cheaper models.

So, why exactly is it so popular?

The Rally and Roar pick is just the right pick for those with a lot of space in their game rooms. It's somewhat cumbersome compared to other models on the list by measuring out 51″ x 91″ x 90″ when in full size. Luckily, the folded version is much more compact and easy to store.

Furthermore, the dual shot game is constructed out of a 1.5" powder-coated steel frame that supports even the most rigorous games. A solid construction also features a 0.5" thick backboard that holds both baskets in place.

Some found the game design to be quite heavy by weighing around 50 pounds. It might not be much, but I would suggest you find the sport for its installation and let it rest there. If you need to move it, you will need a helping hand.

One more downside I found was that the arcade scoring system is powered only by batteries, meaning there is no power cord option. This again proposes some limitations in terms of location, and there is a high chance you will lose the score if you run out of batteries.

Lastly, the arcade unit offers eight different games you and your pals can enjoy.

  • Includes eight games
  • Durable construction
  • Multi-player friendly 
  • Costly
  • Battery-powered

Nova Microdermabrasion Basketball Arcade Game - Budget Pick

Have you ever looked past a budget model by thinking it couldn't possibly be high-quality and functional?

Well, you are in for quite the surprise when it comes to the Nova Microdermabrasion basketball arcade game. This one surprised many advanced players by offering outstanding performance for a low price.

For starters, I'd like to mention that the product offers four basketballs with the purchase and a highly-advanced LED scoring system to keep track of your progress.

Oh, and did you know the scoring system also features infrared scoring sensors that offer up to 99% accuracy?

That's right; this is one hell of a product if you are looking to upgrade your play performance. Additionally, the system produces different audio options to deliver authentic gameplay.

The indoor basketball game is made out of steel tubes that result in sturdy construction as for the built-quality.

The backboard is also made out of MDF, while the durable nylon ramp holds its structure.

However, unlike some of the models that offer a thick build, this one is on the thinner side. It has 0.86" tubes, but they come with a powder-coating finish to prevent rust or decay.

The unit is also relatively lightweight, so you won't have trouble moving it around. Then again, this makes us question its durability during hardcore game modes.

Along with all the nifty features, the arcade basketball game is foldable, making it perfect to fit into smaller storage areas or game rooms.

Overall, it's not all that bad for this kind of price. You are likely to get great use of it on a budget-deal and have hours of fun shooting hoops.

  • Infrared sensors
  • Multi-player-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Nylon ramp
  • Eight games included
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • It comes with four basketballs
  • Low-quality net
  • Thinner built construction

Saturnpower Shot Creator Indoor Basketball Arcade Game - Best For Smaller Rooms

The Saturnpower Shot Creator is another pick that proves you don't have to spend big bucks if you want a quality product. Just how much of it is worth it?

Well, let's find out. If you want something affordable for your game room that's designed for two players, then the Saturnpower is the right pick for you.

The popular game arcade version includes eight different player games you get to enjoy with your pal. It comes with four basketballs, an electronic scoreboard, and two hoops.

Along with that, the unit offers three different sound effects that provide an authentic feel and prolonged entertainment.

The electronic scoreboard provides up to 99% accuracy!

You can keep track of your shots and maintain a fair game all the way. Plus, the accuracy is bound to make you a better player through each throw.

The Saturnpowerd arcade game varies in one point. As some basketball games are made out of a 1.5" steel frame, this one incorporates a 0.86" design. However, it is still powder-coated for long-lasting use and sturdy built.

Also, the backboard is on the thinner side by measuring out 0.35" thickness. It means you are likely to bump one another when playing, but hey, considering the price, this is nothing to worry about.

We would also prefer if the game included a few more basketballs to keep the game flowing at a fast pace, but you can always purchase them separately.

Lastly, the whole game unit offers a compact design when folded so you can store it away and not worry if it takes too much space.

It features all the necessary components you would usually find inexpensive models, but they lack some quality.

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for two players
  • Lightweight
  • Eight games included
  • Thinner construction
  • Only four balls included

Giantex Foldable Basketball Arcade Game - Best Foldable Design

Our next pick is the Giantex Foldable master! This is just the right double shot pick if you have a smaller room or just trying to stick to a smaller budget.

This basketball game comes with eight-game options for you and your friends. The more games there are, the less is the chance you will get bored with it.

And, this one does not allow you to get fed up anytime soon! It's the perfect choice for rainy days or birthday parties with larger crowds.

Moreover, you can set whichever game you want via a controller. The detailed manual that comes with the purchase explains how the controller should be used.

This basketball game also comes with four basketballs. It may be a small amount for some, but the good news is you can always purchase more if you plan on inviting a bunch of friends.

The durable construction is made out of foldable and sturdy iron components that keep the unit in place. The backboard is also made out of MDF.

Also, the side netting prevents the balls from flying all across the room. It sure does save you time in picking them up.

The adjustable height is what makes this pick genuinely excellent. You can install it anywhere, and when it's time to store it away, folding the unit makes the job 10x easier.

The fun does not stop there.

The arcade basketball game also has an electronic scoreboard that allows you to track your score and turn off/on the machine.

Not only that, but the sensors make sure 99% of your scores are accurate and on point.

  • Foldable design
  • Four balls included
  • Double shot design
  • Adjustable height
  • Sound effects
  • Eight game options
  • Tricky to assemble

Pop-A-Shot Official Home Single Shot - Best Single Shot Game

Not a fan of the double shot basketball games? No problem! The Pop-A-Shot home single game is the perfect choice for you.

This is one of the best single shot picks on the market, presented by a trustworthy brand we all came to love.

You all know about the double shot offers from Pop-A-Shot, but this one will amaze all players who prefer to go solo. This one offers six player games, which are less than we are used to seeing but still worthy of checking out.

Like most of the Pop-A-Shot games, this one is built with a 1.5" steel frame along with the powder-coated tubes that prolong the unit's life.

The high-quality indoor game is made to last and offer you many years of home entertainment.

What amazes us is that the game is suitable for kids as well. Being sturdy allows for rougher throws, and you won't have to worry whether the unit will collapse.

I would recommend you purchase a few mini basketballs separately, and you are good to go.

As for the adult-use, the game comes with four basketballs, so you can start playing as soon as you install it.

Thanks to the infrared sensors, the game is accurate and will calculate your every throw along the way.

Plus, you can choose the power supply! The game has the AC or battery option, so you can conveniently select whatever works best for you.

Its innovative design incorporates wheels so you can quickly move the basketball game solo without asking someone to help you.

Oh, and did you know the game has an audio jack that allows you to listen to music as you play? Pretty cool, right?

  • Audio jack
  • Single-shot design
  • It can be powered via batteries or AC
  • Sound effects
  • Costly

INTEY Dual Shot Electronic Basketball Arcade Game - Best For Easy Installation

The new-release pick from INTEY truly amazed many players who prefer the indoor version of the popular game. It's incredibly convenient for those who dread tricky installation and desire to get the job done more efficiently.

So, let's find out what this new product has to offer.

For starters, the INTEY indoor basketball arcade game has an intricate design.

It has simplified the process of installation to the max by offering a pre-assembled frame installation. The mainframe comes already installed in four parts and makes your task so much easier!

All of the other parts are connected via spring lock or wing nuts, a new feature we didn't come across before. Hence, this is by far the easiest one to install, and it requires no tools!

As for the games, this basketball arcade unit offers eight game modes, so you don't get bored quickly. It will keep you entertained for many hours.

It also features sound effects, so it is an excellent choice for parties since it gives the audience a natural game feel.

The dual shot basketball game is made out of extremely durable material components that make it a great candidate for outdoor use!

We all know how shooting hoops can get rough sometimes, so it's good to see the unit can take such an amount of force.

As for the net, the half-round design prevents them from getting caught on the lever, thus blocking the balls and interrupting the entire game.

The durable and flexible nets allow for easy passage when you throw rapidly one ball after the other.

  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Features 8 games
  • Anti-slip foot pad
  • Sometimes arrives without necessary parts

What To Look For in Arcade Basketball Games?

If you want to make sure you end up with precisely what you wanted, make sure you check for these few features.

There is much more you need to consider besides price and design.

1. How Many Games Do You Need?

As you can see, only one pick on our list features a whopping 16 games, but does everyone need so much? The best decision is to figure out how many games you want, and could you compromise?

Some of them also feature an audio jack where you can connect your headphones and listen to music at the same time! Although this sounds amazing, not everyone wants those features to believe it or not.

You should also know that each unit could have a different scoring system than what you are used to, but more on that later.

Luckily, many basketball arcade games have sound effects every player enjoys!

I think Pop-A-Shot takes the win for the wide selection of sound effects, but there are other cheaper options as well.

2. Number of Hoops

top basketball arcade game

The number of basket hoops is one of the essential features to look out for!

Some basketball arcade games feature only one hoop, and we prefer this one for solo practice.

It's also great if you don't plan on spending too much money and want something only for yourself.

However, the ones with dual shot systems are all the fun! Just imagine your next birthday party or a hang-out. Everyone will be lining up to play your new arcade unit!

In my opinion, two hoops are more than enough. Anything more than that, and you create unnecessary crowding and take all the fun away.

3. Scoring System

Like I mentioned before, there are two types of basketball arcade game scoring systems: infrared and paddles.

The first one is way more popular nowadays because you can't expect it to break anytime soon.

Although both of them provide almost 100% accuracy, we prefer the infrared system.

The paddled system has plastic components beneath the rim, and they are prone to breakage each time you throw the ball.

4. Design

The design of the basketball arcade games will determine how long the game will be in your service.

That's why you should always aim for quality components if you are not looking for short-termed fun.

The backboard is usually made out of quality MDF, one of the most popular materials for shock-absorption. It can take so much abuse before you ever see a dent or a crack.

The rule of thumb is to choose a thicker MDF board because it's less likely to break over time. Preferably, go for a 0.5" thickness.

As for the frame, here is where it gets tricky.

The frame is the glue that holds the entire construction together, and you should look for a 1.5" steel one. Most of them are powder-coated, which prevents rust and decay.

Although a thicker frame is always better, logically, it will be challenging to move it around.

The best material is nylon for the net since it's durable and won't lose shape over time. It's also elastic and sturdy, so you won't have to purchase one constantly.

Lastly, I would recommend you go for a foldable design.

Many of these basketball arcade games are quite cumbersome, and not everyone has the luxury to fit them in their gaming rooms, let alone store them away.

By choosing a foldable design, you get the best of both worlds.

When they are folded, basketball arcade games practically don't take up too much space, so you can neatly store them away.


What is the basketball arcade game called?

Basketball arcade games are also known by the name "Arcade Hoops."

The term is mostly referred to as the video game version developed by Skyworks Interactive.

What is the best indoor basketball arcade game?

best dual basketball arcade game

The best indoor basketball arcade game is the Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game.

This incredible dual shot game includes up to 16 games you can choose from and have limitless fun!

It also features infrared sensors so you can be sure your throws are as accurate as it gets.

How do you play electronic basketball?

Electronic basketball could not be any easier to play!

The winner is the one who makes more throws calculated by the electronic scoreboard.

You can either get one with a paddled system or the one with infrared sensors, which tends to be more accurate.

Plus, they do not tend to break as easily as paddles.

How much is a basketball game?

If you want quality basketball arcade games, you should separate some money on the side.

There is no point in purchasing a low-quality and unstable frame when it's going to ruin everyone's fun at the end.

Basketball arcade games usually go from somewhere between $150 to an even $500.

Of course, price does not always determine quality, but it's still something to consider.

Final Words

The best basketball arcade game is a blast to have for indoor fun!

A lot of them come in convenient, space-saving designs with innovative features every generation will love.

Our top pick is the Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game with an impressive 16 games option!

It's modern, sturdy and does not take up too much space, what more could you want?

Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game - Blue (Blue)*
  • The fun of the arcade, the convenience of home. High scores, 2 players, announcers, and bonus time without staring at a screen or sitting on a couch.
  • We've been perfecting the game experience since 1981. Score tracking is nearly 100% accurate thanks to proprietary infrared sensors. 7 basketballs. 16 different game modes. A large 3 digit scoreboard, 6 audio options, AC or AA-battery powered, and the best announcer your side of the Mississippi.
  • Built for years of family fun. Made from sturdy 1.5" steel tubes with powder coating to eliminate rusting and chipping. A heavy-duty nylon ramp, and 1/2" thick commercial grade backboard.
  • Not as big as you think. Game dimensions of 45" wide x 88" deep x 82/88/94" adjustable height. On wheels and folds to 37" deep for easy storage.
  • Play worry free until 2024. All Pop-A-Shot games come with a best-in-class 12-month warranty.

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