Smooth Gameplay With the Best Shuffleboard Pucks (Top 5 Picks)

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How many times did your favorite set of shuffleboard weights bring you wins at the tournament, but now it's time to switch to something new?

Since the market is filled with various replacement picks, finding a reliable set of the best shuffleboard pucks can be challenging.

Therefore, we have collected five of the most popular ones and divided them into categories!

If you are a beginner and don't want to spend too much on a shuffleboard puck, we got you!

But, if you want a quality, tournament-suitable set of shuffleboard weights, we also have a special pick for you!


Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
American Shuffleboard Pucks - 2-5/16"- Set of 8*
Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with Case (Set of 8), Dark Cherry Finish*
Best Selling
GoSports Driveway Shuffleboard Game Set*
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Pick
Best For Recreational Players
Best Affordable Set
Editor's Choices
American Shuffleboard Pucks - 2-5/16"- Set of 8*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Pick
Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with Case (Set of 8), Dark Cherry Finish*
Amazon Prime
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best For Recreational Players
Best Selling
GoSports Driveway Shuffleboard Game Set*
Amazon Prime
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Affordable Set

Top 5 Best Shuffleboard Pucks on the Market in 2022

American Shuffleboard Pucks - Best Pick

The American Shuffleboard Puck set is the best pick for any player looking to play on a tournament-size shuffleboard table.

These pucks are the best ones if you want to play on a 14 to 22-foot long-sized shuffleboard table.

Plus, they run smoothly as butter without creating wax build-up.

One of this puck set's best features is that it follows regulation size by including 2-5/16 inches measurements.

Each of the pucks weighs 12 ounces which is a significant weight if you want to get reasonable control and flow on the table.

The large set of pucks offers just the right amount of balance with the chrome-plated feet construction.

Plus, the design makes each puck resistant to dents, chipping, or any other kind of related damage.

The caps are plastic, so they are convenient and easy to remove when they need replacement.

The American shuffleboard set of pucks includes eight pucks, four in blue color and four pucks in red.

Even though the table shuffleboard pucks are not on the cheaper side, they still are an excellent investment if you are looking for quality pucks made in the USA.

  • Suitable for long tables
  • 2-5/16 inches regulation size
  • Chrome plated
  • Plastic cap
  • Made in the USA
  • Pricy

Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with Case - Best For Recreational Players

If you are a recreational shuffleboard player or just starting to enjoy your new shuffleboard table, then our pick will amaze you!

The Hathaway shuffleboard pucks come in a fancy wooden case so you can keep track of each puck and secure them from environmental impacts.

Or, gift them to a dear friend! They will love the sleek case and what's inside of it!

The wooden box inside contains medium-sized puck sets that measure out 2-1/8 inches in diameter.

Although the manufacturer claims that these are the regulation size shuffleboard pucks, that is not the case.

These are much smaller but super convenient for beginners.

Moreover, each shuffleboard puck weighs around 9.5 ounces, making them not too heavy and light enough to stay within the shuffleboard table range.

That being said, these kinds of shuffleboard pucks are suitable for smaller shuffleboard tables, let's say a 7-foot one or even 9-foot ones.

Even though these are not a deluxe pick for professional players, they will be suitable for beginners as they offer excellent measurements, weight, and design.

  • Come in a wooden case
  • Smaller-sized pucks
  • Great value
  • Dimpled cap surface for easier grip
  • Not for larger shuffleboard tables

GoSports Driveway Shuffleboard Game Set - Best Affordable Set

For all of you searching for a great value-pick, this is the set you should get.

When you want to surprise your fellow shuffleboard fan by getting them a complete game set, the GoSports Driveway can be there to support you.

Firstly, let's discuss what this shuffleboard set includes.

You will get two quality shuffleboard cue sticks that measure out 47" in length in the game set.

Next, you have four red pucks and four blue pucks along with two washable chalk pieces.

With the chalk, you can get as creative as you'd like!

Draw your shuffleboard field when you are out camping and create the best outdoor court!

Imagination can take you places you cannot even imagine, and it gets better when you have a quality shuffleboard set by your side!

Since the shuffleboard pucks hold well on the rough driveway, you can only imagine what they would do on a shuffleboard table!

The plastic pucks float with ease and allow for smooth gameplay.

Get your own set and experience the joy of playing shuffleboard outdoors!

  • Affordable set
  • Eight pucks included
  • Includes two cue sticks
  • Two pieces of chalk
  • Great for outdoor fun
  • Sometimes arrives with missing pieces

GAO Shuffleboard Pucks - Best For Long Shuffleboard Tables

The Gao Shuffleboard is the perfect pick for any player who plays on a professional shuffleboard table.

The durable shuffleboard weights set will amaze you with its sturdy built and even better performance. Let's check it out.

These shuffleboard pucks are made out of durable stainless steel material that allows for fast-paced games.

The unique design even has beveled edges which makes the shuffleboard pucks easy to clean and plow.

As for the measurements, the Gao shuffleboard weights measure the regulation size is 2-5/16 inches in diameter, which equals out at 58 mm.

If you are not familiar with the official regulations, these pucks follow the standard regulation size suitable for a large shuffleboard table.

One of the puck sets' best features is that they are available in several color options, so pick your favorite one that matches your game room.

Since the shuffleboard pucks' design is made out of stainless steel bottom, it allows them to slide smoothly across the shuffleboard table.

Not only that, but they can travel quickly further down the end of the table.

  • Suitable for long shuffleboard tables
  • Professional-level pucks
  • Regulation size
  • Stainless steel bottom
  • Solid feel
  • Great speed
  • ABS plastic on the edge
  • Pricy

TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks - Best Budget-Friendly Shuffleboard Puck Set

The Torpsports table shuffleboard pucks are one of the best budget-friendly options we have come across!

They will last you for a really long time, and you won't regret spending even a penny on the purchase!

These pucks are made out of durable materials that offer outstanding performance to recreational players.

The Torpsports pucks come in a set of eight pucks for starters, including four blue pucks and four red pucks.

Each of the table shuffleboard pucks is 2-1/8 inches in diameter and has 9.5 ounces which is a pretty decent weight for recreational use.

Moreover, the shuffleboard pucks are designed out of ABS plastic caps, making them super durable and resistant to any chipping or damage.

Plus, the pucks have a chrome-plated bottom which makes them travel fast on the shuffleboard table.

Overall, these smaller-size shuffleboard pucks have surprised many customers whose appearance, design, and performance but most of the price!

The budget-friendly option makes them 10x more attractive. Plus, they are suitable for 12-foot shuffleboard tables!

How neat is that?

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for a 12-foot size shuffleboard table.
  • Weights 9.5 ounces
  • Solid feel
  • ABS caps
  • Chrome-plated feet
  • Great for recreational players
  • Not suitable for a shuffleboard table over 16-feet

Buyer's Guide

We briefly discussed the weight and the pucks' measurements, but there are a few other features you need to consider before your purchase.

1. Color

Some players would think that the color of the puck is not that important, but I am here to tell you otherwise.

If you play the game in teams, and I believe you do, you need different colored pucks.

Otherwise, how on earth will you distinguish your puck from the opponents? Pretty impossible, eh?

Well, luckily, most of the brands offer eight pucks in their sets, and you can usually get four blue ones and four red ones.

Plus, different colored pucks with vibrant colors will help you focus more on your game and improve visibility.

2. Weight of the Pucks

best rated shuffleboard pucks

In our FAQ section, we briefly brushed upon this topic, but let's see how exactly the puck's weight impacts your game.

So, as you know, the regulation weight of the puck should be around 346 grams.

The weight can significantly impact the control you have over the puck, how fast it will slide, and it will be as accurate as you want it to be.

If you choose a too-light puck, you can expect it to fly off the end of the table at any time! Your opponent will knock you right out, and that is something you don't want.

If you are playing shuffleboard casually, then you don't have to use heavy pucks. Therefore you can go for the 15-ounce weight.

3. The Cap

The caps on the puck are usually made out of ABS plastic.

Their function is to protect the upper part of the puck from chipping or breaking.

They are made out of plastic and not steel like pucks, so they can glide on the table with speed but not damage it along the way.

If your puck is not heavy enough, you can get aluminum caps that will add extra weight and make the puck easier to control.

There are also replaceable caps that allow you to switch the color of the puck or to renew its look.

Choosing good-quality caps and picking the right design can also be crucial for control.

If caps are designed with the right groove, they allow the player to better grip and control the puck.


What are the best shuffleboard pucks?

The best shuffleboard pucks are the American Shuffleboard Pucks.

This shuffleboard set of pucks contains high-quality purchases that check off all the essential aspects if you want durable tournament pucks.

The bottom on them is chrome-plated, which makes them travel faster and slide easily on the surface.

Plus, they follow regulation size measurements so that you can use them at tournaments.

What is the official size of a shuffleboard puck?

the best shuffleboard pucks

There are two sizes of a shuffleboard puck, and they both depend on the size of the table you are playing on.

If you are playing on bigger table size, then the best option for you are pucks that are 2-5/16 inches in diameter.

If you play on a smaller table, you should choose pucks that are 2-⅛ inches in diameter.

What pucks does diameter suit a 12-foot shuffleboard table?

When you are playing on a 12-foot shuffleboard table, the best pucks to use are 2-1/8 inches in diameter.

These pucks are a tad smaller and lighter than the regulation size ones, but they still move quickly on the 12-foot size shuffleboard table.

Is it better to opt for a heavier set of pucks?

Generally, the puck's weight will dictate its speed, control, and how easily the puck can glide around.

A heavy puck is not always the best option, but you should aim for the ones that have about 346 grams.

This kind of weight is regulation weight, and it includes the cap of the puck.

the best shuffleboard pucks

How much does a shuffleboard table weigh?

More extended tables of 14-feet, usually weigh somewhere between 400lbs to 600lbs.

Of course, the weight is individual since not all shuffleboard tables use the same materials.

What are shuffleboard pucks called?

Shuffleboard pucks also go by the name of "Weights." This is a common name, but nowadays, most of the players refer to them as pucks.

Final Words

Choosing shuffleboard weights can make or break your game!

Therefore, it's essential to choose the right set of pucks that will allow you to play tournament games or enjoy shuffleboard in the comfort of your home.

It's also crucial to pay attention to shuffleboard weights size, weight, and design.

Therefore, if your goal is to play tournament games, our best choice would be American Shuffleboard Pucks.

They are durable, made out of chrome-plated steel, and follow the regulation size requirements.

American Shuffleboard Pucks - 2-5/16"- Set of 8*
  • American Table Shuffleboard Pucks - 8 Pucks Red/Blue. Large Size 2 5/16 at middle
  • American brand pucks have been around for over 75+ years and is the trusted table shuffleboard puck weight in the industry.

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