Best Dart Flight – 7 Flights for the Instant Bullseye!

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You know how people always say that darts are easy to learn and hard to master? They’re right, you know.

Every Joe can learn to throw. The true pros use all the advantage they can get to raise their game to another level. Becoming a champ means knowing the anatomy of your dart like the back of your pocket.

Because of that, if you want to become the top player in the room, you have to use the best dart flights on the market.

Today we’re finding the best one together, so you get that advantage on your next session.

Let’s dive in!


Top 3 Flights: The Comparison

Before we dwell into details, here’s a short comparison table that should give you the most important info about the top 3 models we’ll discuss later in more depth.

Best Choice
5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim*
Cosmo Darts Fit Flight - 6 Pack Standard Dart Flight (Black)*
Best Selling
5 x Mixed Sets of Harrows Carbon Dart Flights Standard Shape by PerfectDarts*
Flights per package
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Great Design & Excellent Performance
Sturdy Build & Easy Installation
Best as Replacement Set
Best Choice
5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim*
Flights per package
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Great Design & Excellent Performance
Cosmo Darts Fit Flight - 6 Pack Standard Dart Flight (Black)*
Flights per package
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Sturdy Build & Easy Installation
Best Selling
5 x Mixed Sets of Harrows Carbon Dart Flights Standard Shape by PerfectDarts*
Flights per package
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Best as Replacement Set
Why Are Flights So Important?
best dart flight brand

So, what makes flights so important to professional players? Here are the top 3 reasons:

1. The Symmetry

The main purpose of flights is to stabilize the dart on its horizontal axis while it’s flying. If it didn’t exist, the dart would quickly lean forward and start whirling.

Because of that, flights have to have a perfect symmetry and good spread. If they would become flat, the symmetry would be disrupted and the dart would lose its course.

2. Air Resistance

Yeah, you might be wondering: How something as small as a piece of plastic can affect the air resistance of the dart?

Well, aside from providing the balance, the flights also have a huge impact on how your dart breezes through the air so they can make or break your distinct playing style.

Generally speaking, smaller and smoother flights will help the dart cut through the air more effortlessly. However, this option is also less forgiving and not that suitable for angle attacks.

Bigger and more textured flights will make the dart fly slower, but the additional "drag" will make variations with angles much easier.

3. The Weight of the Dart

Although the flight makes a proportionally small part of the dart’s overall weight, the variations are there, and they make all the difference in the world for experienced players.

Larger and heavier flights are better suited for longer shafts, steel tip darts and softer lobes (flying slower and gaining momentum while descending to the board).

Accordingly, smaller and lighter flights are meant for shorter shafts, soft tips, and harder, straight shots.

The Best Flights Currently on the Market: Top 7 Recommendations

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at the top 7 flight packages on the market and see which one of them packs the most value.


Harrow’s is a company with a pretty respectful history and Retina series does a great job maintaining its high reputation amongst the players.

First, the body of the flights is built out of two parts. The outer 100 micron thick part is designed for strength and durability and features slight honeycomb texture which gives darts additional drag.

Some may find this enjoyable, others not. I certainly felt more in control during the slower shots with professional tungsten shafts.

The flight’s central display is softer and compensates for rigid fins by inducing much needed flexibility in the backside. The blend of the two is reasonably heavy but it never goes overboard.

Bud, do you know what I liked the most? The look.

Even though they are very reasonably priced, the flights you’ll find in the package are sleek and wouldn’t look out of place on any professional tournament.

A perfect marriage of design and performance.

  • A very good looking piece of equipment.
  • Affordable price.
  • The flights’ build combines strength and flexibility
  • Not everyone will appreciate the added drag.
  • Modular design comes at the expense of durability.

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight - 6 Pack Standard Dart Flight - The Runner Up

Although they’re definitely not going to impress anyone with their design, the flights you’ll find in the package are pretty solid and well built.

The molded plastic design has its share of pros and cons. No matter how much you abuse them the flights will maintain the perfect 90 degree angle between the fins.

Now, this increased durability always goes hand in hand with increased weight but the flights’ overall mass is nicely counterbalanced by the smooth surface which allows them to fly through the air more smoothly.

However, the main selling point of this package is the innovative flight and shaft system which allows for effortless "push-in" installation.

Yes, I didn’t had to use any other parts to assemble the dart.

The complete darts held on pretty well and didn’t show any sign of wriggle while flying.

  • The package offers six sets of flights at the price point where you can usually find five.
  • The flights are sturdy and well-built.
  • Smooth surface somewhat compensates for the weight of the flights.
  • No matter how you put it, the flights are still pretty heavy.
  • The “push-in” systems works well, but not on all shaft models.

IgnatGames Dart Flights - Best Long-Lasting Kit

Now, this is an offer you absolutely cannot refuse.

The IgnatGames presents the perfect solution to all of your dart needs. When you are looking to get a good bundle deal that also shows impeccable performance, this one's for you.

The Ignat dart flights come in 10 different sets (30pieces) of a unique design. The flights are designed with thick and durable PET material that offers excellent balance when you need it the most.

What the innovative material does is increase the speed in throw and reduce any drag. With these, it’s easy for every player to practice accuracy and consistent flight paths.

As far as I had the opportunity to evaluate, the Ignat flight darts will last you a long time compared to other models.

With the kit, you will get two sets of dart protectors to prolong the dart flights’ service. Ultimately, they will protect the back of the flight and prevent further damage and split.

Plus, the protectors make sure the flights reach an incredible speed at 90 degrees angle, which will surely improve your performance.

  • Includes ten sets of flights
  • It fits easily onto dart shaft
  • Includes dart protectors for better service
  • They can tear easily sometimes.

5 x Mixed Sets of Harrows Carbon Dart Flights - Best as Replacement Set

If you need a back-up set of dart flights always by your side, then this is the one for you.

The 5x mixed sets of Harrows carbon dart flights will make a perfect present for a dartboard enthusiast. Here is why:

The set comes in a standard shape and forms at a fairly reasonable price. You can notice that some of the dart flights own a pretty steep price and offer average performance.

For this reason, it seems like a good idea to own the Harrows set just in case something happens to your signature dart flights.

Compared to other dart flights, I had the chance to try them out; these feel quite sturdier and thicker. But don’t get me wrong. They fit just as well on any shaft with no problem whatsoever.

Also, you will be getting the same-colored flight darts; no mix and matches. That’s why I mentioned it would be great to have them if you need to replace the old set.

Nonetheless, I trust you will be surprised by the sturdiness and performance of the carbon dart flights, even if you are a beginner.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and thick design
  • Easily fit in the dart shaft.
  • Not for pro players

30 x RUTHLESS Darts Flights R4X Black Xtra Strong Standard (10 sets) by PerfectDarts

Some players like to call these flights as generic is it gets, and, honestly, they are right.

For me, tough, as long as something is doing its job well, it can be generic as much as it likes. And, for what they worth, RUTHLESS flights over-perform.

Let’s start with the design – just a plain simple plastic unibody.

But, unlike other similar entries, these flights are considerably lighter, and devoid of any texture which makes them a perfect fit for players preferring speed-shots.

Even better, the build quality is pretty solid, and though they are not as sturdy as some other options, the flights won’t break or deform that easily.

As for the downsides – I never really felt the flights affected the dart balance for better or for worse. They were there to keep the dart straight, which, I guess, is ok at that price point.

  • Affordable purchase for novice and intermediate players.
  • Light weight allows faster shots.
  • Solid build quality.
  • The flights won’t improve your technique.
  • The design could be more inspired.

L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights

Much like the first mention on this list, L-style L3d flights are pre-molded, very sturdy and hard to break or deform.

They are much more business oriented and less willing to make unnecessary experiments.

This time, there are no fancy locking mechanisms. The darts are assembled in a standard manner, and as a result, they tend to fall apart from time to time.

No big deal, that’s something that happens fairly often at the tournaments.

The area where these flights do try to make a difference is their reinforced bottom edges and dotted texture which provides great resistance.

This, in combination with a pretty solid build, makes a flight that will keep even the longest and heaviest shafts on the market flying straight.

The downside – all these qualities come at the expense of speed. Also, using the L3d’s on lighter shafts won’t result in a pretty marriage.

  • Extremely well-built.
  • The shallow center does a solid job reducing the flight’s weight.
  • Works like a magic with heavier darts.
  • With only one set in the package the flights fall more on the expensive side
  • Not intended for versatile players.

Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights (3 Sets of 3-9 Flights)

Finally, here’s the product that sounds great on the paper, but doesn’t quite manage to live up to the expectation.

The product that calls itself "Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick" should really lead the pack when it comes to thickness and durability, right? Well, not exactly.

The flights I’ve got in the package varied in the quality, and while some proved to be rather sturdy other bended much easier than I would like to.

Putting the false marketing aside Winmau Rhino flights are still a solid and very reasonably priced product.

The fins are large enough to keep the bigger shafts stable and the lack of texture allows for faster shots which is a pretty nice middle ground.

Also, the flights come in a number of interesting prints, so if you like customization, this might just be your kind of product.

  • Affordable for what it has to offer
  • A lot of interesting prints
  • Nice balance between speed and sturdiness.
  • The build quality doesn’t live up to the expectations the name sets.
  • You can find better alternatives at this price point.

The Things You Should Pay Attention to While Choosing the Flights

best dart flights and shafts

After reading all of this, you might be wondering: Which one of them should I buy?

Here are a couple of considerations that should help you find the flight that suits your style the best.

1. Size

The added drag you get with the larger flight can counterbalance the weight of the longer shafts and prevent the darts from nose-diving when you throw them.

So, you may feel that huge flight on top of the even bigger shaft would turn your dart into flying stone, but you’re wrong.

As long as shaft and flight are in balance, the dart will fly like a bullet.

2. Weight/Durability

As I’ve already mentioned, the weight of the flight has an impact on the overall weight of the dart, and allows for fine-tuning.

Heavier flights also feature an improved durability, and their spread doesn’t become as compromised as the time goes by.

Here’s how the four major types are sorted from lightest to heaviest:

  • 75 micron – Great for starters and social use.
  • 100 micron – The most widely used variety on the market.
  • 150 micron – Featuring improved strength and durability, 150 micron flights are mostly used for lobe attacks.
  • Plastic molded – The heaviest, but the most durable variety.

3. Shape

best dart flights 2018

Although the offer of the flight shapes you can find of the market is incredibly varied, as the time goes by, you will probably settle with some of these 5 most common types.

  • Standard – Great choice for players who don’t like too much experimentation.
  • Kite – Excellent option for anyone in need of improved control.
  • Teardrop – The teardrop shape provides maximum lift from a smaller area.
  • Lantern – This aerodynamic shape is designed to improve the stability of the dart while keeping the tail down.
  • The no. 6 shape – A very forgiving option for all players (professional and novice) who seek maximum lift and stability.

4. Price

Flights can be found in all sorts of price ranges and bundles, some of which feature dozens of pieces in the package. These "wholesale" options are usually of lower quality and made for social occasions.

On the other side of the spectrum are professional packages where you’re asked to spend up to $30 per set.

Casual and semi-pro players should be able to find good-looking and even better performing five-set (15 flights) packages for no more than $10-$15.


Do dart flights make a difference?

Technically, YES. Dart flights can make all the difference upon throwing the dart.

Think of a dart flight as an integral part of dart anatomy. Ultimately, it will impact the air resistance and increase the necessary speed.

With different styles of dart flights, you can expect your performance to alter.

Lighter and narrow ones will better cut through the air, while sturdier ones will drag and allow for angle variations.

What are the best dart flights?

The best dart flights are Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights. This is our number one pick for accuracy, sleek look, and affordable price range. All you need for an outstanding throw is right here in one dart flight.

This dart flight will make you feel like you’re the boss. With an added drag, all of your throws are controlled and accurate.

For another set, we would opt for Cosmo Darts Fit Flight. The reliable and well-built design will suit both beginners and advanced players.

However, the set is quite heavy for some, so we would suggest you get used to it a bit before calling it a day.

How can I fix my dart flight?

The good news is that dart flights are disposable. If you are dealing with a broken dart flight, replacing one is quite simple.

You pop the old one off and open a new one. Locate the slot of the dart and push it back to secure it.

How do I attach my flight to darts?

Take the new flight and open it four-sided. Slide the flight on to the dart shaft and firmly press it down. Voila, you are done.

Check out this helpful video demonstrating how to change dart flights.

And The Best Dart Flight Is...

Although all of the products I mentioned offer a very good performance, you should settle with nothing less than the best dart flight available.

And the best among the best is, without any doubt, Harrow’s Retina Black Dart Flights.

Featuring slim flexible and, at the same time, solid body coupled with the innovative honeycomb texture that slows dart enough to fit any style of throw, these flights should be a part of every player’s collection.

Would you agree with my choice or do you have a personal favorite, too? Let me know in the comments below!

5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim*
  • DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE; The unique design has two features; The outer display is laminated for strength and toughness while the central translucent display helps achieve a more accurate and consistent throw
  • Extra Strong
  • Harrows Slim Shape Flight

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