The Best Electronic Dart Board Of 2021 For A Fresh Start!

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Is your dartboard looking a bit worn down? Have you considered replacing it?

It's a new year and what better way to kick it off than with some new gear.

An electronic dartboard could make a great addition to your home. You should definitely consider investing in one.

Take a look at our review of 12 of the best electronic dart boards of 2021! 


Top 3 Recommendations - Overview

Here is a short summary of the top 3 electronic dartboards.

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set,Black*
Best Selling
Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard Compact Size Over 35 Games with 167 Options Built-In Cabinet...*
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Best Multiplayer Electronic Dartboard
Budget-friendly Dartboard With a Cabinet
Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set,Black*
Amazon Prime
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Best Multiplayer Electronic Dartboard
Best Selling
Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard Compact Size Over 35 Games with 167 Options Built-In Cabinet...*
Amazon Prime
Customer Rating
Best Feature
Budget-friendly Dartboard With a Cabinet

Best Entry-Level Electronic Dart Board Reviews

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard - ​The Best Electronic Dartboard With a Cabinet

Everything you would expect out of a traditional electronic dartboard, the Fat Cat has it.

Starting with the design, I have to admit that Fat Cat offers a highly impressive look. Plus, the manufacturer made sure that this game stays in your service for a long time.

How so?

Well, due to the thermodynamic plastic components, you are bound to expect years and years of darts. If you thought that the price indicated low-quality, you better think again.

With an LCD screen, you will no longer have to choose a scorekeeper. There are 38 games with 167 options that support 16 players.

It also has five cyber play levels, allowing you to work on your game in every match!

Whenever I play darts, I know that bounce-outs are my worst enemy. No matter how high-quality the board is, they are inevitable. However, they are not impossible to prevent.

Fat Cat offers a large catch ring that surrounds the target center.

By creating the perfect surrounding, it also creates a 360-degree landing zone for all bounce-outs. Plus, you get to save on purchasing a backboard since the surrounding also protects your walls.

Speaking of bounce-outs, did you know that Fat Cat is composed out of ultra-thin spider design?

In the long run, it allows for tighter shot groupings and creates a large surface area by reducing the chance for bounce-outs.

Now, if you genuinely want to show off your new set, here is a cool feature. As you can notice, the Fat Cat dartboard comes in as a cabinet hybrid. Both doors of the cabinet are designed to hold four sets of darts with twelve in total.

In this way, you can keep them all at arm's reach and admire your new recreational dartboard set.

  • Durable
  • Five levels of solo play
  • Dual LCD screen
  • Low-quality darts

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard Set - The Dart Board With Many Features

The WIN.MAX is easily one of the top electronic dart boards in the entry-level range because, despite being a cost-effective option, it doesn't skimp out on features that players of all levels can appreciate.

The electronic dart board's beginner-friendly design promises tons of fun regardless of your skill level.

The ultra-thin design helps to reduce bounce-outs, while the wide catch ring comes in handy if your aim is a bit off, preventing missed shots from damaging the wall.

The dart board comes loaded with 21 games and a total of 65 variations, which is surprisingly versatile. You can play solo, or you can divide the players into two teams.

The board can keep score for up to 8 players, with a detailed match preview and automatic scoring shown on the LCD.

The best part, however, is that it also features automated voice announcements, which gives each game of darts a more organized, competition-like feel.

Also, the set includes six soft tip darts, 40 additional tips, and an AC adapter for the dart board. On that note, you can power it up by plugging it in or by using three AA batteries.

I do wish that the LCD screen was a tad bit bigger, but then again, it does have voice announcements, so this shouldn't be a deal-breaking issue.

  • A total of 21 games and 65 variations
  • Multiplayer and single-player games
  • Suitable for up to 8 players
  • Automatic scoring on the LCD with voice announcements
  • Wide catch ring and reduced bounce-outs
  • Includes six soft tip darts, 40 extra tips, and an AC adapter
  • Plug-in or battery-powered operation
  • A relatively small LCD screen
  • Doesn’t include batteries

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

The 3rd product on the list is Fat Cat's 727, an electronic board that will give you – and your family and friends – hours of fun.

It features single-player options, as well as multiplayer for up to eight players. But unfortunately, the board doesn't support online games. Because of this, it is a fantastic board for children.

You can choose between 18 games with 96 variations. This might not be the most extensive variety, but it will be enough to keep you busy.

The board was designed for use with soft plastic tip darts.

Luckily, it comes in a set that includes six darts. You don't have to worry too much about them wearing down because it also comes with twenty-four replacement tips.

Fat Cat made sure that the product has all the features that you would expect of a beginner electronic board, including automatic scoring.

However, it doesn't' come with many frills and extras. There isn't a place to store your darts, and it doesn't have a mobile application.

One additional feature that it does have is a catch-ring to stop any darts that miss.

Fat Cat 727 is a cheap board but of decent quality. The product is ideal if you are on a budget or are looking for an entry-level board. But it probably won't be as durable and long-lasting as other products.

  • Multiplayer and single player games
  • Standalone device
  • 19 games with 96 variations
  • 13-inch target
  • Comes with 6 darts and 24 extra tips
  • Board has a catch-ring
  • Needs 3 AA batteries to operate
  • No option for online play
  • Doesn’t have a mobile application
  • No place to store darts
  • Batteries are not included

Biange Electronic Dart Board - Best Outdoor Use

If you need the ultimate dartboard for home use, then Biage is your best pick.

This brilliant option comes with all the features a dart enthusiast needs and will offer you hours of enjoyment.

The Biange electronic dartboard made it on our list for several reasons.

It's fully equipped with the latest features, suitable for casual players, and budget-friendly! If you need a quality gift, you know what to look for.

The dartboard measures out as slightly smaller than regular ones. Exactly, it's smaller by 13.5" than the standard 15 1/2' dartboard.

Nonetheless, it's still an excellent option for recreational fun, and I bet you won't even be bothered by the smaller size.

As for the game pre-loads, the electronic dartboard is equipped with 27 games with 243 game variations, along with the 01 games and cricket.

There is no need to pick a scorekeeper. The board will automatically track the score while you focus on your landing shots.

Plus, up to 16 of your friends can join and play along while the four individual LED display calculates the result. But that's not all. You can connect to your computer and play solo!

Now, let's get to the design. If you worry about bounce-outs, the ultra-thin segment dividers are made to lower the chance of missed shots drastically.

You can find a nicely fitted storage space behind the board where you can store your darts and make sure you don't misplace them. 

One of the most impressive features that make this budget-pick 10x more extraordinary is the outdoor use.

You can use two AA batteries or the main supply to power this bad boy. Just imagine your next barbeque session with a few darts.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality darts
  • Outdoor use
  • Up to 16 players are allowed.
  • Solo game option
  • Darts can be tricky to assemble.

Best Mid-Level Electronic Dartboards

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 is a mid-level dartboard. You will see from the start that it has far more features than more basic models.

Bullshooter sells this one as a set.

The board is built into a cabinet with dark walnut finish doors. You can use them to conceal the target when it is not in use. It will also help you to protect the board and possibly extend its lifetime.

The beautiful cabinet doors and its traditional coloration means that it will look fantastic in any games room.

There are brackets on the inside of each door into which you can slot your soft tip darts. The set is sold with six darts, three in red, and three in black. This will again be useful when you are playing against another person or team.

You won't quickly be bored if you have this board. It is preset with 34 games, with 183 variations between them. You can play with up to eight players.

A unique aspect of the Bullshooter is its optional heckler feature.

You can turn it on to mock bad shots and to applaud good ones. You and your friends will roll around laughing by the end of a game.

  • Mounted with doors in a walnut finish
  • Includes six darts
  • 34 games, and 183 level variations
  • Optional Heckler Feature
  • 13.5-inch target area
  • Powered with an AC plug
  • Has four built-in scoring screens
  • No option for online play
  • Doesn’t have a mobile application

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard, Classic Cabinet Door Style

Have you always wanted a dartboard and cabinet set for home use?

If so, you should consider the Viper Neptune dartboard. The set will make a marvelous addition to your home.

The board is mounted in a wood cabinet with a red or rose like finish, which protects the board from the elements. There is quite a wide border around the target face, which will catch most stray darts.

Not only does it look appealing, but it is also great to play on.

The board is ideal for large groups as it can accommodate up to sixteen players. There will definitely be a game to suit everyone. It has an outstanding fifty-seven base games with three-hundred and seven variations.

You will be happy to know that the set includes six soft tip darts. There are also some replacement tips included in the package.

The Neptune is designed with an AC adaptor. This means that you can immediately plug it in and start playing. Another bonus is that the power cord is six feet long.

The product has a relatively broad target face. It is 15.5 inches, so there is more room to play on. This makes the board stand out as most electronic dartboards are 13 or 13.5 inches wide.

  • Mounted in a wood cabinet
  • 57 games with 307 variations
  • Has a wide dart catch-ring
  • The set comes with a power supply adapter.
  • Sold with six soft tip darts
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • 15.5 inches target face
  • Includes extra dart points
  • No option for online play
  • Doesn’t have a mobile application
  • Not very durable
  • Occasionally miscalculates the scores

Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-Quality Dartboard with Micro-Thin Segment Dividers and NylonTough Segments

Every player has a favorite darts game – and if you typically prefer cricket, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better mid-range dart board than the Arachnid Cricket Pro:

It's one of the best electronic dart boards in the game!

It's a well-made electronic dart board constructed out of long-lasting materials and equipped with highly accurate, reliable sensors.

The NylonTough segments improve the overall playing experience, while the micro-thin segment dividers work to reduce bounce-outs.

Since this is a tournament-quality dart board, the regulation size of the target area of 15.5 inches shouldn't come as a surprise.

It's loaded with a total of 24 darts games with 132 variations, five of which are your favorite cricket games!

What's more, it's super convenient to use – whether you're playing solo or with up to 8 players – as it comes with several handy options.

It includes a player handicap feature, an LED display that eliminates the guesswork out of manual scoring, as well as voice prompts that let you know which player is up next.

Best of all, the voice prompts volume is fully adjustable, and the board even comes with a power-saving sleep mode.

The volume is a bit too loud, though, even at the lowest setting, so make sure that you set up your board in a room where noise won't be an issue.

  • A regulation 15.5-inch target area
  • Supports up to eight players
  • Five of the 24 included darts games are cricket
  • Micro-thin segment dividers for reduced bounce-outs
  • Player handicap feature
  • LED display and voice prompts with volume controls
  • On-board darts storage
  • It’s way too loud
  • The control panel cover cracks easily
  • Limited to 24 games

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet - ​Best Old-school Arcade Design

Some would say that electronic dartboards only look good in a bar or hung up in the man cave. But, did you see the Win.Max dartboard with a cabinet?

I bet you this luxurious set will change your mind for the better.

The electronic dartboard from WIN.MAX follows a traditional cabinet. The design is just as important as the function here. You certainly don't want a cheap-looking dartboard in your interior.

This is one reason I was impressed by the back and wooden details that add a sleek and vintage look to the cabinet.

Quite frankly, who would not want to feel like they play an old arcade soft tip dartboard? This one is precisely the right candidate for a nostalgic feel.

However, not everything is in a sleek look.

One of the benefits of a cabinet dartboard is that it protects your walls from dents or damages of that sort. Due to some occasional errant throws, your walls will not get chipped. However, we would still recommend you be careful.

Even though this dartboard supports soft tip darts, they still can cause a bit of damage.

Now, the real star of the review is the variety that this electronic dartboard offers. Moreover, it contains 27 games, 196 scoring options, and supports up to 8 players.

To keep track of the score, the LCD screen on the dartboard is designed to follow your every move and memorize the progress. Plus, it has a vocal announcer that keeps you updated during the game.

Additionally, you can store all of the 12 darts behind the dartboard. You are no more losing them around the apartment.

  • Variety of games
  • Supports up to 8 players
  • Includes storage space
  • Sleek and vintage look
  • Angled darts might not stick due to the larger holes

Best Premium Electronic Dartboards

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Now we get to the big guns.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is, by all means, a premium product. It might be more expensive than other products, but it is a very high-quality item.

It is an ideal board for more experienced players.

First off, the Arachnid has a 15.5-inch target area. This size is up to tournament regulations. Therefore, it can help you to practice for competitive matches.

You can play solo games. But you can play games with up to eight other players.

Multiplayer games are made even better by the addition of four LED score displays. The type on them is big enough for you to read even from a distance.

You will be able to control and adapt almost all of the aspects of the board. There is a volume control on the board. It also has an optional three level heckler feature to take the fun to the next level.

On top of all this, it has voice prompts that you can set to call out each players turns. It is the ultimate board for some games with your friends.

With all this playing, you might worry about the board being worn down. But no fear!

Arachnid constructed the target with NylonTough Segments. This makes the board much sturdier and can allow you to enjoy it for much longer.

With all these features, it is worth the cost if you are a more dedicated player looking for an electronic dartboard.

  • 39 Games with 179 Variations
  • Constructed with NylonTough Segments
  • Accommodates up to 8 players
  • Comes with a 4-player score display
  • High-quality construction
  • 15.5″ Target Area
  • 3 Level Heckler Feature
  • Volume control
  • Throw prompts
  • Doesn’t come with a cabinet
  • No option for online play
  • Doesn’t have a mobile application
  • Expensive

Target Nexus Online Electronic Dartboard - The Most Advanced Electronic Dartboard

Target Nexus truly speaks quality right when you open it!

This is one of the most advanced electronic dartboards I had the chance to test out.

Here is what you should know:

The Nexus Target includes interactive online gameplay, meaning it has a built-in interactive touch-screen for ease of use. The system does it all for you!

With convenient instructions and service, you can easily keep your score and the score of your opponents.

Additionally, you don't have to set up your camera or mobile application; the Nexus Target does the job for you.

Now, you want to make sure there is always fair play. This electronic dartboard makes sure that the score is accurate with a live camera function, which allows you to keep track of the opponent.

A true marvel in the electronic dartboard community is the built-in mic that offers you the chance to talk to your partner during the game.

But that's not all!

It's equipped with multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, and Japanese. So, apart from online features, you can also play Nexus Target in local play tournaments.

It also includes most of the popular game variations such as Cricket, 501, 301, which allows you to play the game with as much diversity as you like.

Unlike some of the other dartboards on this list, this one allows for fewer gamers. It can support up to four players, which can kind of limit family fun.

However, we would honestly recommend this one for a serious crowd.

Nonetheless, Nexus Target can make all the difference if you are looking to improve your game professionally.

  • Allows for online tournaments worldwide
  • Ultra-thin spiders for reduced bounce-outs
  • All features are included in the board
  • Pricy
  • No warranty
  • Allows for only four players

Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard - Best Soft Tip Dartboard with Bluetooth

The Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth dart board is the newest addition to the already successful line of dart boards – and to be quite honest with you, we're not even sure where to start with this one.

To say that it has a ton of exciting features would be an understatement; it's easily the best soft tip dart board with enabled online play.

Tech-savvy players will thoroughly enjoy the Bluetooth connectivity and the fact that the controls and scoring are available through an app.

The best part, however, is that you can become a part of an active darts community, play with people from around the globe, and even participate in tournaments – all without leaving your home.

The 15.5-inch regulation size of the target area gives every darts game a "real feel," although the flashy LED lights around the dart board take away from that professional vibe. It does make for an excellent addition to any party atmosphere, though.

Construction quality is surprisingly good, too, and the foam insulation on each target segment contributes to overall noise reduction.

The trade-off of this app-operated board is that it doesn't come with an LED score display that's typically found in a powered dart board.

Also, the USB cable and charger weren't included in the offer, but then again, the dart board itself runs on AA batteries – the USB cable only powers the LED lights.

  • Electronic dart board with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Operated via iOS or Android apps
  • A regulated, 15.5-inch target area
  • Foam-insulated target segments reduce noise
  • Online playing is enabled
  • A ring of LED lights around the entire dart board
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Doesn’t come with USB cable and charger
  • It’s expensive
  • Doesn’t have an LCD screen

Fat Cat ElectronX Electronic Dartboard - Best Premium Board

ElectronX is probably one of Fat Cat's best offerings in the premium electronic dartboards category.

And other than the manufacturer, it has very little in common with the already mentioned entry-level Fat Cat electronic dart board.

The board itself is made of high-quality materials, featuring thermal resin segments that can withstand years of use – and abuse – without showing signs of deterioration.

The thin, concave segment holes will secure your shots and reduce soft tip dart bounce-outs.

The included cabined not only makes for an attractive addition to any game room but adds to the overall professional look of the dart board.

Open it up, and you'll find everything you need for a fun and competitive game of darts: Six soft tip darts sitting in the built-in dart holders, an automatic dual LCD scoreboard and indicator lights that keeps track of scores for four different players simultaneously, and a 15.5-inch target face, complete with a large catch ring.

Even more so, the dart board's control panel features 11 buttons for maximum control and convenience.

On that note, this darts board can hold up to eight players and features 38 games with 167 different scoring options total.

The included soft tip darts are of inferior quality, though, and most break – or at least bend – rather quickly.

So, make sure to purchase higher-quality darts separately. 

  • Cabinet with built-in dart holders
  • Thin and concave segment holes reduce dart bounce-outs
  • 38 darts games with 167 different scoring options
  • Control panel with dual LCD screen
  • 11 buttons for quick settings and game modifications
  • Suitable for up to eight players or single-player games
  • Comes with six soft tip darts and AC adapter
  • The included soft tip darts break easily
  • Somewhat noisy
  • The darts don’t always stick

Best Electronic Dart Board – Buyer's Guide

best electronic dartboard 2019

1. Dartboard Regulations

The traditional type of dart boards was bristle boards made from sisal fibers. Some players still love and prefer these products.

But now you do have more choices.

You can choose between several types like wood, cork, and magnetic. One that is very popular is electronic dartboards.

Different regulations apply to boards that are made from different materials.

The regulation size for boards that are used with steel tip darts is 17.25 inches in diameter; the playable zone of these dart boards is a 13.25-inch diameter.

Boards for soft tip darts should be 15.5 inches in diameter, with a 15-inch playable area.

There aren't generally accepted guidelines for electronic dartboards, but their size usually falls somewhere between these regulations.

2. Features of Electronic Dart Boards

So what makes electronic dartboards unique?

Electronic dart boards are the same shape and size of more traditional products. Their general appearance is also the same. The numbers should be laid out in the same way.

There are electronic sensors installed on the surface of the board to record where the dart lands. The equipment is typically connected to software or a display screen where you can view the score.

Either the software or the physical interface will have a feature where you can choose how many players will join the game. You can usually even select different game types.

You should note that these boards usually aren't used in tournaments. Competitive players like to use simple products. Judges also feel more confident if they calculate all the scores themselves.

If you want to know how they are made and how it works, take a look at this informative youtube video.

3. Electronic Dart Board vs. Traditional

Now that you know the basics let's compare these boards to more traditional ones. We will look at the pros and cons of electronic boards.

This comparison will help you to decide whether these modern products are right for you.

Pros of Electronic Dart Boards
  • One of the best features is that you don’t need a scorekeeper to write up and calculate scores yourself. Games can be more fun without the hassle.
  • Many of the best electronic dart boards come with fantastic and easy-to-use software. Some of these are compatible with several devices.
  • They are suitable for children.
  • Electronic dart boards are safer than traditional ones. The soft tip darts for them are made from plastic, so there is much less risk involved compared to steel tip darts.
  • The darts are less likely to damage the board, furniture, floor and so on.
  • Electronic boards often come with exciting features like sound effects and crazy lighting.
  • Because the boards and their software have an automatic scorer, it makes playing games more accessible.
Cons of Electronic Dart Boards
  • You need to use special soft tip darts that are made for electronic boards.
  • The electronic dart boards are typically more expensive than regular ones.
  • They don’t have the same feel as traditional boards. Many players miss the experience of playing with steel tip darts.
  • These boards aren’t ideal if you want to become a professional player because they aren’t used in pro tournaments.
  • Powered boards are often less durable than bristle boards. On top of this, you probably won’t be able to repair or troubleshoot them on your own if something goes wrong.

4. Attributes to Look for in the Best Electronic Dart Board

best electronic dartboard review

Before you buy your board, you should look carefully at its features.


A key attribute of electronic dartboards is the software that they use. It is essential that it works well. You need to trust that it will be accurate and reliable when calculating your score.

The software needs to be user-friendly.

With so many options out there, the market is quite competitive. Look out for a product with software that suits your taste and fulfills your needs.


The actual board can be connected to its application or display screen in several ways.

Older models typically worked through Bluetooth. But you also find models that connect via Wifi. You should make sure that the method is compatible with your devices.

Or whether it has any of these options at all.


The size of electronic dartboards isn't regulated as strictly as other types of boards. So you should be aware that their dimensions can vary widely.

You don't want to buy a product in which the playable area is too small. You probably also want to work out how it will fit into your home.


One of the features that make these products so unique is that they usually come preloaded with several dart games.

Research what games the board has to make sure that they are ones that you enjoy playing.


Don't forget about the physical part of the dartboard. You still want the board to be durable. It should be resistant to some wear and tear.

The appearance of the board also largely depends on the hardware.


Are electronic dart boards any good?

ABSOLUTELY! Electronic dartboards are all the hype these days. Although they are not suitable for professional tournaments, they are excellent for recreational dart enthusiasts.

Many of them are equipped with upgraded software that is suitable to use along with other devices. Plus, unlike traditional dartboards, these are less likely to damage your floors or wall.

What is the best cheap electronic dart board?

best electronic dart board brand

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard is the best cheap electronic dartboard on our list. If you are not looking to spend big bucks on this home recreational game, then this electronic dartboard is the ultimate choice for you.

With a budget-friendly price, this electronic board is quite impressive with its innovative features such as multiplayer options and numerous game variations.

Can you use steel tip darts on an electronic dartboard?

If your electronic dartboard has a bristle tech surface, then YES, you can use a steel tip dart. Otherwise, this is not possible, and you could end up ruining your new electronic dartboard.

With electronic boards, soft tip darts work best! They are lightweight and balance easily due to the flexible plastic components.

Choosing Your Board

The best premium electronic dartboard is the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard. This board contains everything you need and more.

Constructed out of rigid nylon materials, the durability and performance of this dartboard are outstanding.

If you are looking for a premium product designed for experienced dart players, then the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is your best pick!

What do you think of these electronic dartboards? Tell us in the comments and feel free to share the article.

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