How To Aim Darts Quickly And Accurately? – Interesting Tips To Know!

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"A dart game a day helps keep stress away" should really be made an official phrase because dart is, beyond all dispute, one of the best anti-boredom means of recreation you can ever get.

Feeling down after being tossed from here to there by your packed schedule? Grab your darts and find a good target, and your mood is uplifted in an instant. In addition, playing darts can help you relax and soothe the muscles in the shoulders, neck, eyes, back, or wrists.

Thus, you should know how to aim darts quickly and accurately because only by doing so can you maximize all the results in the best way possible and enjoy the game to the fullest.

In particular, some helpful tips to consider in this article below will take you from rock bottom to top when it comes to dart aiming.


How to Hold a Dart?

how to improve your aim at darts

Against many’s assumptions, dart holding is nowhere near simple and can take quite a long time to master. It’s like the foundation to your success, whether you manage to get the dart flying to where you want it to all depends on this first step.

So, is there any way to shorten the learning process and move toward the proficient phase space? Why what else but applying the right technique!

Keep reading, and we will reveal it to you.

A ‘Pen-Clutching’ Style

Now, there are plenty of gripping techniques in the dart world, but we will stay in the basic zone and talk about the common, easy-to-follow one.

The most common one is what is known to most players as the ‘pen-clutching’ style, as it bears a strong resemblance to the way you seize a pen.

The point is to keep the dart balance with three fingers: the index and the middle finger clamp down the shaft from the top, while the thumb supports it from the bottom.

Do not stiffen your muscle or anything. Just stay relaxed. Putting pressure on the dart will only make it harder when it comes to releasing it.

What’s wrong with too many fingers on the dart, you may ask?

Well, nothing actually. But holding the shaft with your whole hand will turn the difficulty level up a notch as letting go of all at a time is not as easy as doing so for just three.

Note: Curling your fingers will loosen the grasp you have on the shaft, keep them open all the time!

How to Aim Darts?

how to aim better at darts

Now that the holding and gripping part is over with, it is about time we head straight to today’s main topic - dart aiming tactic.

The proper instructions for the experienced can be pages after pages in length, but we have tried to make things more… condensed and straight to the point so that no newbie would find them a hard nut to crack.

  • Step 1: Stay in the right stance
    Stance plays a vital role in heightening your accuracy rate and winning possibility. For a dart game to be called successful, the player must keep their whole body straight and relaxed while putting their movements under control.
    Stay focused. An unnecessary bend of the back or a twitch of your elbow and the dart will go off track.
    Next, place your dominant foot in front, and do the opposite with the other foot. Do not position them too far away from each other, or your balance will crumble.
    Note: This is the basic only. You should try and develop a posture that you find most comforting and convenient for your aim out of it.
  • Step 2: Sight line
    A bit lost with the term? Simply put, a sight line is a straight line going from your eyes, past your hands and dart, and end at your target (the board). By aligning all elements involved using this method, you can give your accuracy rate a massive boost.
    How to create this handy line? Well, it is up to you! Sight lines vary from one to another, and the chances are that there are no two alike. To some, it is measured by the knuckle of the dart clutching hand, and to some, it is decided by nothing but the dart. It is a means to pin your eyes to the target and make sure they stay there, so you get to choose which way that works best.
  • Step 3: Keep your dart upward
    Not the entire dart, actually, just the pointy tip that will embed into the board. It should be kept slightly tilted to the ceiling, slightly, okay, repetition to stress the importance. This can increase the possibility of you hitting the right place. If you keep the tip downward, then you are in trouble as it will 90% go off track.
  • Step 4: Lock your target
    If you have done everything according to the guidelines and still fail, then perhaps it lies in the fact that you have aimed at the wrong thing. Was the tip always aligned with the Bullseye? Was it pushed a little bit to the left? Was your concentration swayed, and, thus, the dart swayed at the last moment as well?

Never aim your dart at anything, but your target, even a millimeter away, is a no-no. Directly aim there, and you will win the game in no time.

The Way to Calculate a Dart Game Score According to the 501 Standard Rule

The 501 standard rule is one of the most fundamental scoring principles in dart-throwing.

Of course, there are like tons of different rules out there, but just stick to the basic first, or else you might have your head blown for real.

1. Basic Rules

how to aim dart correctly
  • Each player will start with 501 points (you can see the reason for the name).
  • Each player get to make three throws for each turn.
  • The first team get the total score reduced to zero is the winner.

2. Scoring

Next up, we will show you how this scoring system works.

The calculation of points is as follows, and frankly speaking, you will not need that note. They are quite simple to memorize in one single turn:

  • Bullseye equals fifty points.
  • Bull's margin equals twenty-five points.
  • Double ring: Your score will be doubled.
  • Triple ring: Your score will be tripled.
  • The outer ring triples means that you get 0 points.

3. Other Things

Almost finished! You have got past the common rules and how to count the point, yes? So now let's get to know a few other things that matter when it comes to the 501 rules.

  • You can only throw to end the game when the remaining score after the 2nd-second hand is less than 170.
  • Special scores such as 159, 162, 163, 165, 166, 168, 169 cannot be used to enter the checkout.
  • If the last throw has a lower total score than the last remaining number, then you will have to make the next throw.

Notes When Playing Darts

how to aim darts properly

Before going out and commence practicing, here are a few simple things to note down when it comes to aiming darts in particular and dart games in general.

  • Darts can be dangerous despite their modest size - they have the pointy ends, after all. So, make sure that nobody gets between you and the target as you deliver the throw.
  • Darts can leave some nasty holes on your walls, so it is highly recommended to put cardboard or something like that behind the board as a protective layer when you place
  • The standard distance between the board and the toe-line will be around 7 feet. Standing outside this range can reduce your accuracy rate due to the loss of momentum as the dart travels from your fingers to the target.
  • Elbow is a factor contributing significantly to your performance as it, to a certain extent, determines how precise your throw will be. Prop it up and point directly at your target.
  • All the factors must be in keeping with one another. A good aim would never work if you stand in the wrong posture, and getting a flawless sight line would not make any difference if you keep twitching around.
  • And lastly, attitude decides everything. Do not forget to start your turn full with confidence and faith in your ability!
how to aim darts like a pro


Darts is really a game as well as a great sport to help you relax and entertain. The above article has shared with you the basic and necessary information to know about this interesting sport.

In particular, make sure you know how to aim darts quickly and accurately after reading this article. However, you should pay attention to the safety of you and those around you when playing darts, as it can lead to unwanted scenarios if you are not careful enough.

Anyhow, we hope you will have fun playing darts! Until next time.

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