Best Air Hockey Pucks For An Unbeatable Performance (11 Picks That Will Wow You)

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Are you ready to invest in the absolute best air hockey accessories?

Your favorite hobby deserves a quality pair of paddles, pucks, and pusher pads, and we are here to help you choose the ultimate deal!

Below, you will find a comprehensive review of four categories: best air hockey pucks and paddles set, air hockey pucks, paddles, and pusher pads.

I just know you will find what you are looking for since the deals below are budget-friendly, quality, and, most of all, suitable for all air hockey enthusiasts!

Without further ado, let's jump straight into the review.


Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and 2 Size Pucks, Small Size for Kids, Large Size for Adult,...*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Ultimate Air Hockey Pucks And Paddles Set
2-1/2" Dynamo Green Air Hockey Puck Set of 2*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Pucks
Best Selling
Hathaway Pro-Series Air Hockey Striker and Puck Set, Red*
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Best Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles Set: My Top 3 Choices

Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and Pucks - The Ultimate Air Hockey Pucks And Paddles Set

As a big name brand in the air hockey industry, Qtimal is known for its trustworthy and extensive air hockey accessories line.

So, if you are looking for an air hockey tabletop pucks or just want to pick up a spare set, listen up! You are going to be impressed by Qtimal!

Can't make your mind on the puck size?

Don't worry, Qtimal offers a versatile air hockey puck set that contains two size pucks. The pack of smaller ones contains four 7 g pucks, which measure out only 2,5''. The bigger pack contains two big pucks, which weigh around 20 g each.

As you can see, the air hockey pucks set also includes an air hockey paddle. The paddles are just under 4 inches in diameter and are made of high-quality ABS plastic material.

For a comfortable match and long-lasting durability, the strikers feature an ergonomic shape that enhances gameplay.

The bottom of these paddles is covered by the thin felt material that promotes smooth gliding action while making sure it protects your air hockey table all along.

Finally, you will get a drawstring bag in which you can safely keep the air hockey set.

  • Felt covered bottom
  • Smooth gliding action
  • Smaller pucks are not suitable for a full-size table

URATOT Air Hockey Pushers and Air Hockey Pucks - Best Lightweight Set

The URATOT presents the perfect air hockey replacement set you can gift yourself or your favorite playing buddy!

The pack contains four air hockey pushers in two colors, eight green bottom pads, and eight air hockey pucks + a drawstring back for safekeeping.

Both the pushers and the pucks are made out of high-quality materials with high-impact resistance.

You would expect them to be heavy due to the materials, but this puck set is lightweight and sturdy!

It will allow for longer gameplay since the ergonomic shape of the pushers is exceptionally comfortable to hold.

The green bottom pad is quite thick but perfectly sized for optimal gliding on the home air hockey table.

The reason I appreciate these air hockey pushers and pucks so much is their ability to replace pretty much any set you already have!

They can replace broken flannelette pads and provide an upgraded playing experience for the entire gang!

Check them out for yourself and see what's all the hype about!

  • Affordable
  • Made out of high-quality plastic
  • Quality felt bottom covers
  • Includes a drawstring bag
  • Great as a replacement set
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • It can sometimes fly off the table

MUZOCT Great Goal Handles Pushers - Best Kids Air Hockey Pucks Set

Surprise your nephew, brother, or son with these unique replacement hockey pucks and paddles at a fantastic price deal!

So, why exactly did I choose these MUZOCT pucks and paddles for kids?

Because they are the perfect mini size! They might not favor adult air hockey lovers, but they are absolutely the best for a younger audience.

The pack contains four red air hockey pucks and 2 air hockey pushers. You will find the quality of the pack to be quite impressive. I did not expect this well-built design, considering it's meant for kiddos.

The bottom of the air hockey pusher is covered with the green felt material that supports effortless gliding over the air hockey table.

Unlike some of the store-bought air hockey games set, this one does not lack quality at all! It's made of high-quality ABS material that delivers a sturdy and long-lasting design.

One more unique design feature is that this set fits most of the full-sized tables! Therefore, it does not only have to be reserved for kids, but it can also serve as a replacement puck set.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Firs full-sized tables
  • Mini-size pucks
  • Too small for some

Best Air Hockey Pucks - My Top 3 Choices

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set - Best Pucks

If you own a full-size air hockey table, consider the Dynamo air hockey pucks to set a perfect pick!

This rare find is suitable for 5 or 6 feet air hockey tables and allows advanced players to take on full enjoyment during gameplay.

A set of two pucks measures out 2.5 inches and are around 18 grams heavy. You noticed that many air hockey pucks are relatively lightweight and can fly off the table quickly, but this is not the case with Dynamo pucks!

Since they have an added weight to them, they are relatively stable and sturdy during the game. They are suitable both for standard home air hockey tables or for commercial use.

The variety included in the purchase is fantastic!

You can choose between the thicker 3. 25-inch puck or the 2.5 inch one. I also advise you to be careful when ordering since there is a huge difference between the green and white pucks.

While the green ones are faster and louder on their hockey table, the white ones are significantly slower and quieter. Therefore, depending on your likings, you can choose the set to live up to your expectations.

  • Great for advanced players
  • Heavier
  • It cannot fly off the table
  • Too heavy for some

Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey - Great For Beginners

The Super Z Outlet is here to deliver the absolute best selection when it comes to air hockey replacement pucks! For only a few bucks, they offer a high-quality air hockey deal you cannot miss.

Firstly, this Super Z Outlet will have your back when you lose your favorite air hockey puck. Since they are inexpensive, I would recommend you buy them in bulk since I experience losing bits and pieces of air hockey equipment.

This air hockey puck set measures 2,5 inches in diameter and is suitable for most mini-sized home air hockey tables.

They are also made out of durable quality material that allows them to stay in your collection longer and offer hours of home entertainment!

The Super Z Outlet home air hockey puck weight is only around 13 grams! This can be a big plus or a huge drawback for some.

It's great for beginners that are still learning to control the pucks, but they are also notorious for flying off the table.

This is one reason I recommend you get them as a replacement pucks set, not as your main one.

  • Quality material built
  • Durable
  • Great for mini-sized air hockey table
  • Too light
  • Known for flying off the table

Coopay Home Air Hockey Pucks - Amazing Color Options

Another budget-friendly deal you do not want to miss is the Coopay Home air hockey pucks!

They come in four different color sets and two mixed colored ones so you can mix and match your favorite combo.

We had the chance to review many air hockey pucks, but they always seem to offer only a few pieces in the set. However, with Coopay, you will be getting 12 air hockey pucks, enough to start your beginner collection. Or you can purchase them and keep them as a back-up set, your choice.

Nonetheless, the entire set is made out of high-quality, durable plastic material.

They do not break easily and have proven to be quite impressed in the live-action. This puck sets glides with absolute ease!

The Coopay air hockey pucks are 2, 5 inches in diameter and around 13 grams heavy for the measurements. However, due to their lightweight, they can sometimes fly across the table and not offer so much control as some would like.

This package deal is an excellent choice for anyone looking to impress a fellow air hockey enthusiast or treat themselves with a new pack of pucks.

  • Variety of colors
  • Thick
  • Considered as ‘too light’ by some

Best Air Hockey Paddles (Pushers) - My Top 3 Choices

Hathaway Pro-Series - Best Pick

If you need something that can take a real beating, then you need to take a look at this best pick Hathaway Pro-Series air hockey deal.

There is no pack quite like this, so if you want to find out what makes this our best pick, stick around.

The Hathaway Pro Series air hockey striker is unique in its ability to withstand hardcore crashes. You won't see a dent or crack in this one soon since its design is "bulletproof" against vigorous players.

Out of a wide mallets selection made for casual players, these ones are suitable for professional enthusiasts.

Plus, the air hockey pucks and paddles set comes with a 6-month guarantee, so you can rest sure knowing the manufacturer has your back.

Moreover, this set features an ergonomic design designed for every player's comfort. Since the puck set includes four-inch strikers and 3-inch ones, they are perfectly suitable for a standard air hockey table.

Both the paddle and the puck is made out of durable ABS plastic that prevents any crack development and keeps the overall quality intact.

  • Affordable
  • ABS plastic material
  • It fits a standard air hockey table
  • Felt bottom
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Not suitable for a mini-size air hockey table

Dynamo Air Hockey - Best For Commercial Use

If you are an air hockey fanatic like myself, you would know that Dynamo offers one of the best quality deals for an affordable price. Those who already own a Dynamo air hockey table will appreciate these mallets.

For starters, this Dynamo paddle is made for more oversized air hockey tables. Sure, you may use it on your home table, but there is nothing like experiencing the real-deal that these paddles offer.

Unlike some other paddles, the Dynamo air hockey pucks paddles are designed explicitly for pro-use. You will notice that a bunch of manufacturers recommend their paddles for arcade-style tables only. But, Dynamo takes a step forward.

They offer the perfect design, weight, and shape that will upgrade your gameplay to the very top!

The Dynamo paddles are significantly heavier than others we had the chance to try out. They are also made out of plastic components that are slightly larger than some of the other commercial paddles.

Overall, you will enjoy this set of paddles. They are designed for commercial use and can be used on any full-size air hockey table surface.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality design
  • Commercial use
  • It can be ‘too heavy’ for some

EastPoint Sports Hover Hockey Pushers - Great For Standard Use

The last pusher on our list of best hoover hockey paddles is the East Point Sports.

If you don't want to spend a large amount of money on replacement paddles or just want to treat yourself with some new follow-up equipment, then these are the best for you.

The East Point Sports paddles offer a standard design that many players are already familiar with. The so-called "sombrero-style" provides a comfortable hold during a long air hockey game. It's easy to move and control even during the most aggressive matches.

Moreover, these paddles arrive in the pack of two; one for you and one for your hockey buddy. They are pretty cheap, so even if you buy them just to try it out, there is nothing to regret.

On the bottom, the paddles are covered with green felt material that offers the best glide on the standard air hockey table.

Plus, they will not fly off the table as some of the paddles will.

As you can see, they are available only in bright red coloring that is easy to spot during high-speed matches. The attention-grabbing color will not leave any player indifferent.

  • Felt bottom
  • Suitable for high-speed games
  • Easy to control and hold
  • /

Best Pusher Pads - My Top 2 Choices

Kasteco Air Hockey Mallet Felt Pads - Best Pusher Pads

The Kasteco air hockey pads are our best pick when it comes to pushers protection. They are incredibly cheap and come in a six-pack pack, which is enough for your beginner collection.

You will notice that Kasteco pads and Gejoy ones are quite similar. They have practically the same dimensions and material used, but what is the difference?

The main feature that sets them apart is Kasteco's ability to glide effortlessly across the table.

Both have an outstanding glide, but I would personally give the Katerco pads an upper hand if you want a perfect air hockey game match.

These pads are 94 mm in diameter and 2 inches thick, which are the perfect dimensions if you want to keep your pushers in control and protected all the time.

Moreover, the pads are made out of fiberboard material responsible for the best glide action during the match.

The material will not damage the surface of your paddles, but it will instead offer them a protective lining for those aggressive air hockey games.

  • Affordable
  • Made out of fiberboard material
  • Smooth gliding across the table
  • Suitable for aggressive air hockey games
  • Two inches thick
  • /

Gejoy Air Hockey Mallet Felt Pads - Ultimate Protection Pads

The last pick in our article is the Gejoy air hockey pusher pads. They are the ones you should go for if you want to upgrade your playing experience and equip your air hockey pucks with only the best!

These pads are extremely easy to use!

They can be applied either to your new pair of air paddles or as a replacement for your damaged ones. Whatever it is, now you can continue playing with one of the best gliding feels these pads offer.

Just take off the yellow sticker covering the tacky bottom and stick the pad to the pusher. Make sure you have a proper fitting and not leave any space uncovered.

The Gejoy felt pads are made out of fiberboard material that protects the pusher's top surface but offers impeccable glide over the air hockey tables. They can withstand multiple frictions without developing a weak spot.

The dimensions, the felt pads are 94mm or 3.7 inches in diameter, while the thickness is only around 2 mm, which provides the absolute best protection to your new paddles.

  • Affordable
  • Fiberboard material
  • Might need some alterations

Buyer's Guide

This article focused on presenting you with quality air hockey pucks, paddles, and pusher pads.

Whether they are sold separately or together, there are a few other characteristics you should know.

1. Puck Weight

top air hockey pucks

First things first, you should know whether you need pucks for a full-sized table or a tabletop air hockey game.

Pucks designed for regular-sized tables are significantly larger than the ones for tabletop versions.

That being said, an air hockey puck comes between 6 to up to 45 g of weight. The weight, logically, depends on the air hockey puck's size, so choose carefully when you first purchase.

If you choose a lighter version, you can expect some flying off the table for sure, whereas heavier pucks stay in your control.

2. Material of the Puck

The majority of pucks are made out of a well-known material - polycarbonate resin. These ones will often have plastic tape on the top that differentiates the bottom from the top side.

Also, the material used can indicate whether the puck will be flying off the table or not.

3. Gliding

table top air hockey pucks

We own smooth gliding to the air hockey pushers pads. These are responsible for establishing a smoothly gliding connection between the paddle and the puck.

Usually, the pucks and paddles you get with the air hockey tables are the ones that glide with hesitation.

If you want to experience what pros use, you should purchase a separate set and instantly feel the difference.

4. What About Certification?

Some air hockey pucks have USAA Certification, declaring that they are made from upgraded materials most pros use.

The United States Air Hockey Association will determine best if the air hockey puck you had in mind is good or not.

Professional air hockey games use mostly these colors: Lexan yellow, Dynamic green, and Lexan red.

While air hockey fanatics at home are free to use whatever color they prefer, the advanced air hockey puck has different colors that signify professional use stages.

Overall, it does not mean that non-certified pucks are off the table. But, if you want to be one with the pros, you have to pay attention to the certification.


What size are air hockey pucks?

Air hockey pucks' size will often indicate whether the air puck is for commercial or casual use.

A larger puck that follows the regulation size measurements is around three ¼ inches. The larger the puck is, the faster is the movement pace.

A smaller puck, designed for casual use, is around 2 or 2,5 inches in diameter. These ones are significantly slower, so pay attention to their size.

How do you maintain your air hockey pucks?

The only maintenance air hockey pucks need an occasional wipe down to get rid of dust and built-up.

When you notice your air hockey pucks create dents and cracks, it's time to get a new pair.

What are the best air hockey pucks to buy?

The best air hockey pucks are the Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set.

These ones are significantly larger and heavier than the hockey pucks designed for recreational use.

If you are an advanced player, you will benefit the most out of Dynamo pucks.

What are the best air hockey pucks and paddles set?

The best air hockey pucks and paddles set is the Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and Pucks.

This set contains two sizes of air hockey pucks, as well as ABS plastic-made paddles.

It's a deal you cannot miss, especially when you take into consideration a budget-friendly price point.

What are the best air hockey paddles to buy?

The best air hockey paddles are the Hathaway Pro-Series.

The highly recognizable deal fits full-sized air hockey tables and is extremely durable! They can take a hit like a pro without developing a weak spot.

Final Words

In the end, choosing a quality air hockey puck set or paddles can be challenging. But, I hope you had it easy with our detailed guide, offering you the very best air hockey pucks and paddles.

Lastly, I would like to take another look at our best pick that offers the whole package (paddles and pucks included).

The Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and Pucks delivers only the best quality for advanced or beginner players.

With the variety of sizes, you can play on whatever table you desire!

Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and 2 Size Pucks, Small Size for Kids, Large Size for Adult,...*
  • Many people say that the pucks they bought are too small or too large. We provide 2 size pucks for most people at an unbeatable price. The 4 small pucks (approx 7 grams) measure at 2.5 inches in diameter and the 2 big pucks (approx 20 grams) measure at 2.95 inches in diameter. The paddles measure at 3.78" in diameter and stand 2.5" tall. Fits most standard air hockey tables. Take your air hockey game to the next level
  • Made from high quality ABS. Hard and not brittle at all. The striker green felt bottom is very thick. Not like some cheap one on the market, thin and tear up easily. Our striker felt bottom is provides a fast easy gliding action while protecting the table top surface. Sure to bring that fast action new table feel to your competitive games
  • Ergonomical design paddles provide a comfortable feel and enhance the overall game experience even during vigorous table play. This pack of pucks & sliders are perfect for replacing any old worn out or lost air hockey equipment!
  • A quick and easy solution to all those lost pucks that keep you from playing the game you love. Included in this package are 2 red pusher paddles and 6 red pucks. A must for leisure sports in any game room, These replacements will sure make competitive matches a thrill
  • Bonus 1 drawstring bag for storing air hockey pucks! If you find that your table is not suitable for our replacement air hockey paddles and pucks, please just contact us and we will take good care of you

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