How To Be The Best Player By Following Baseball Darts Rules

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You may already know this, but let's repeat: darts is a game that requires much patience, concentration, and focus. However, it can be funny and exciting with multiple players, especially if you're playing with your friends.

But, you might get tired of 301/501 Darts or Cricket darts game since you master the rules and strategies. What can you do next?

It's easy - change the game! It might be challenging since you need to follow other rules and strategies, but if you want to succeed, it shouldn't be a problem. 

That's why I'm here - I can show you another popular game that will blow your mind. Stay with me, and learn all you can about baseball darts rules and strategies

Baseball darts are another excellent darts game for beginners, but professional players, as well as they, can practice their skills more.

Therefore, let's not waste our time and focus on baseball darts rules!


About the Baseball Darts

baseball darts rules bullseye

As you could read, baseball darts is a perfect game for newbies and amateurs since they can focus on tricky and unimproved fields on the board. The game keeps you moving all around the dartboard and helps you learn the numbers during the playing session.

However, as you might have noticed, it doesn't only help the beginners but also professionals since they can practice and improve their accuracy, speed, and throwing skills. It also allows them to practice winning triples.

Since you can play it in a single-player or multiplayer mood, it can also break the monotony of hitting 19s and 20s triples. It will offer you various possibilities and improve your skills.

It might sound the same, but the baseball darts have nothing with the actual baseball game. The only thing in common these two contain is that it lasts for nine rounds, known as "innings."

Moreover, every point refers to a "run," and that's where the story ends. For the game, you can use numbers from one to nine unless you get one extra point/inning.

All You'll Need for the Game

baseball darts rules special board

First of all, let's see what you'll need. You're going to need a simple dartboard and a proper set of darts to play. Consequently, if you have all these at home, consider yourself lucky since you can play it freely. 

Furthermore, you're going to need a scoreboard, but a single sheet of paper or your phone will accomplish the equipment parts. Therefore, you don't need to bother about where you'll get the scores written.

Although you can basically play baseball darts alone, it's much better to play it with friends, compete in teams or one-on-one competitions. The next part is to determine who will throw the darts or bat first.

As each team or pair will have its representatives, they will step out on the throw line and shoot. The player who gets the bull's-eye or gets closer to it starts first.

Once you and friends start the game, the players from each pair or team take turns to throw their darts and score the points. Whichever team or pair scores the most points at the end of nine rounds, famous as "innings" wins the whole game. 

So, the basics seem pretty straightforward, but what this does have to do with baseball, and how do you score so many points? That's what we're going to do next.

We're going to go through the fundamental rules of the game and teach everything step-by-step.

Simple Baseball Darts Rules

baseball dart board rules

I mentioned that baseball darts contain nine rounds, or, more likely, innings. For each inning, players take different turns and throw three darts, attempting to reach the number corresponding to that inning or spin.

Therefore, in the first round, for instance, the players will try to hit the number one segment on the board; in the second session, they will attempt to reach number two, later three, etc.

Hence, if you hit the right sections with your darts, you'll get points famous as "runs', which is another thing in common with baseball.

The runs provide various points, and they are the following:

  • A single section - one run
  • Double rings - two runs
  • Triple rings - three runs

Thus, there are nine potential points that you can achieve if you're lucky or skilled enough to hit the triple rings!

However, if your darts hit other fields or other dartboard parts during the particular sessions, the points won't count since you'll consider them "out," just like in baseball.

1. Keeping the Score

Whether you have an electronic dartboard, you should check your points to avoid missing something since mistakes happen. You can also see whether the board counts the points for baseball and the traditional darts games.

However, if you like doing things more traditionally, you can draw the score chart and enter the data and scores of your opponents and teammates.

As the game progresses and you progress, you can simultaneously add further scores in the table chart and put the final score for each of the players.

Moreover, once you finish the game and check which person or team has the highest score, the winners should do the victory dance, or the defeated ones should buy pizza and Coca Cola to the winners.

What an excellent idea!

2. The Tied Result - Now What?

Even though it's not so frequent to have a tied result after all nine rounds, it can happen occasionally. What do you do in that situation?

Well, if you don't want to finish the game that way, you can always play an extra-inning or session.

This way, you add an extra-inning, called the tenth inning, and the players should strive to hit the number ten on the board. But if that doesn't work as well, you can play an extra-inning - the eleventh, and move on with the twelfth, etc. until you decide who's the winner.

But if it happens that you have twenty sessions and you still can't decide who's the final winner, you have two options to do so:

  1. 1
    Terminate the game there, and celebrate that you have played the best baseball darts game in history, or
  2. 2
    Add an extra-inning where you'll attempt to achieve the number twenty-one on the board, and hope that the session will decide who's the winner.

3. The Seventh-inning Stretch Variant

When you get bored with or tired of the easy scores and sessions, you can always switch to a slightly different way of playing. This way of playing is known as the seventh-inning stretch variant

Even though the names originate from the pause for baseball fans to move around and stretch out between the two halves of the seventh inning, the darts players should bear in mind that they cannot just waste away as the game won't finish there.

Instead, this round represents the turning point of the game. Namely, it indicates that the players must hit one at least one run during that throwing session; otherwise, if they fail to do so, their result and their scores will be reduced to a half.

I know that it can be slightly harsh for participants to cut their scores; however, I find it interesting because it keeps their spirits up, and they strive to hit more points, win and be the best!

Therefore, hurry up, gather your friends, and see who's going to be the best! On the other hand, you'll unconsciously improve your skill. Trust me!

Baseball Darts - A Game for Everybody

baseball darts game rules

As you could observe, the baseball darts is a game for all players with all skill levels

Not only does it help the newbies to get familiar with the world of darts and their charms, but it will also help the professional players improve their skills and hit doubles and triples as much as possible.

Although they are professionals, they find it challenging to hit those parts as well. Also, they say that these parts are of great importance as they play a crucial role when it comes to winning and losing.

So, the game is an ideal choice for you if you decide to become a professional player!

Final Thoughts - Summary

Suppose you ask me, the main reason why I love baseball darts because it's a game that everyone can enjoy.

Therefore, if you're looking for a fun and amusing way to introduce the newcomers to the baseball darts game, or you're just looking for an entertaining way to amuse yourself and your darts teammates, why don't you hit the board and see how many points you can score?

Let me know if you master the game; I'd love to hear that! I will also do my best to score as many points as possible and beat my friends; hence, I’ll let you know!

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